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    The signs as nature sounds

    Aries: the burning and crackling of a fire

    Taurus: pouring rain rhythmically hitting a tin roof

    Gemini: the pleasant chirping of birds in the morning

    Cancer: the whish of tall grass when you run through it

    Leo: the crack of lightning that hits before thunder

    Virgo: the quiet creaking of trees when the wind is strong

    Libra: an owl hooting in a forest at night

    Scorpio: the howl of a fierce winter wind

    Sagittarius: stepping on crunchy leaves on a dirt path

    Capricorn: crickets chirping in the middle of the night

    Aquarius: the sound of ocean waves hitting the shore

    Pisces: the trickle of water from a nearby stream

    the signs as weather

    aries: the rain with the wind howling loudly, messing up your hair as you take a step outside

    taurus: a winter day where the sun is shining but it's 0 degrees; cold and hot at the same time

    gemini: the first rain of the fall; the kind of weather that you drink coffee by the window in

    cancer: huge fluffy clouds covering the sky so that you can't see the blue; warm enough for shorts

    leo: partly cloudy as well as sunny, a chance of scattered showers just as likely as the clouds clearing up

    virgo: a cloudless day, sunshine beating down on you and warming your skin

    libra: when it's so misty outside you can't see in front of you; warm and cosy

    scorpio: the rainbow that appears after a huge storm with the smell of the rain still lingering in the air

    sagittarius: thunder and lightning without a single drop of water falling from the clouds

    capricorn: the hottest day of the summer, the kind of day that makes you want to go to the beach

    aquarius: the hurricane that passes over your town in five minutes, intense but quick

    pisces: an unexpected snowstorm; piles and piles of frosty white falling on the ground in a matter of minutes