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    I once said to my therapist after a particularly hard week, “I wish I could just fix all of my problems and move on to live a normal life” And he looked at me and said, “There is no finish line”.

    Those words felt like a stab in my heart, but they were words that I desperately needed to hear. There is no finish line to my problems. It’s not possible to get through a certain point in life and have my problems simply disappear. And it’s unhealthy to think that way. Up to that point in my life, that’s what I though recovery was. I thought it was like working your way forward until it seems like your problems never existed in the first place.

    The finish line does not exist. Instead, everyone has a capacity for recovery. You may never completely rid yourself of whatever causes you pain, but you will move miles from where you started. Don’t set your expectations too high and create that theoretical finish line in your life, or you will only end up chasing it. Instead, focus on your own capacity for recovery, and be proud of yourself for every step you take.


    Just saw Eighth Grade and reblogging the heck out of this bc wow it gets so much better if you just take it one step at a time


    Okay but I cant help but hear “there is no finish line” and immediately respond with “then why am i running the race?” What is the point*? Where is the benefit of putting in the effort if its not going to ever end? If i am always going to battle I would rather just give up the fight.

    *(Im not saying recovery is bad or whatever ppl wanna reach for, this is my personal view)


    That’s the thing, though: it’s not a race. It’s a garden.

    No matter what your garden looks like in the beginning, you have to weed it before it can grow into what you want it to be. And when your flowers are planted and growing, you still have to keep up with the weeding. You have to keep up with the weeding even after your flowers are tall. A garden can’t survive on its own. There will always be weeds.

    But there will be flowers, too, if you give them space to grow. Give them room, give them time, and keep checking in to make sure the weeds don’t get too tall. You will always have weeds, but you will also have flowers.

    And maybe your garden doesn’t look exactly like you imagined it would. Maybe you aren’t sure how to get rid of that one big thistle in the corner. Maybe you’ve got bindweed and nutgrass (which will always, always come back). Either way, you’ve got flowers now, and it’s a nice place to sit and look around, and it looks nicer than it did before, and it’s yours. Keep going with it. If you miss a few days, or months, or years, that’s okay. Pull up the weeds when you’re ready, uncover your old flowers and plant some new ones, and keep going.

    Gardening is a process, not a project or a problem that can be solved. The same is true for your mental health. Weeds will grow, but you’ll get better and better at pulling them, and you’ll grow flowers, too.


    This thought process is (about why bother if it’s never going to end) is what I’ve been struggling with the most.

    This garden analogy is EXACTLY what I needed.

    THIS makes total sense.

    Because we all need to hear this sometimes.

    I’ve been having a bad couple of weeks and I just really needed to hear these:

  • You are NOT a burden
  • You are valued 
  • You are NOT a shitty friend, even when you think you are
  • You don’t need to have it all figured out yet
  • It’s OK to have bad days
  • And it’s OK to hide from the world if you’re having a bad day
  • Because sometimes you just need to have some time to yourself
  • And that’s OK
  • You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to
  • What happened to you in the past is NOT your fault
  • Don’t feel guilty for not being productive
  • It’s going to be OK
  • Breathe
  • Relax
  • Recharge
  • put your health before your grades don’t work yourself into the ground but above all else remember no matter how terrifying missing a due date or not getting a good mark may seem it is far more important that you take care of yourself give yourself a proper break if that means not studying for a while, or not getting a perfect mark on a test it’s worth it


    hey. hey. stop scrolling for a sec.

    breathe. you’ve made it so far this year. you’ve gotten through so many things that you thought you wouldn’t, and you’ll continue to get though this, whatever it is. i know you can. i believe in you, and i’m so, so proud of you. i know it probably seems impossible, but it’s going to be ok. it’s going to be ok.

    breathe in, breath out. and just keep breathing. we’re gonna get there.


    I really like this 😊


    Tumblr Code.


    If I ever see any of you in public, the code is “I like your shoelaces”

    that way we know we’re from tumblr without revealing anything

    I’m just going to say this to strangers until i find a tumblr person

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    Remember the answer is: I stole them from the president.

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    This is an absolute tumblr relic. I feel like an archaeologist right now. This is incredible that this is on my dash.


    If you ever think you meet us without us knowing. 😎


    HIM : everybody needs to know this, I keep walking round telling everyone about their shoe laces hoping to get a smile 😂😉


    HIM : keep this going guys, I’m asking everyone hahaha 😈😉 👌


    Always a reblog…




    Love it!! 😂


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    At any given moment, everything you have could all be taken away. Everything. Without warning, because that’s how life is. Stay humble, treat people with respect, and love the fuck out of yourself. At the end of the day, you’re your biggest fan. Love yourself. You have too. This world is cold as hell, and people are spiteful and mean. Don’t let the world make YOU cold. There’s enough of that. ❤️😘✌🏻


    What this gorgeous lady said

    Some Pokémon Go information

    This turned out a little long so I’ve bolded main points for TL;DR skim readers. This post covers some current issues and some beginner tips.

    As of typing (7/7/16), Pokemon Go has been released in Aus, NZ, US, and JP.

  • The game does not work on Windows OS, or Android versions older than Lollipop.
  • You need GPS location tracking enabled on your phone, as well as a constant stable internet connection. The GPS is a major battery drain.
  • The AR cam decimated my Samsung Note 4′s battery in minutes, disable it for more play time.
  • Data usage is minimal, but more Data is used when battling Gyms from my observance.
  • You can sign up with either a Google Account (or whatever Apple use) or a Pokemon Trainer Club account. Right now Trainer Club is having periodic connectivity issues. (“Unable to Authenticate.”)
  • When starting the game, you’re offered a “starter Pokémon”, its 100% preference as you can catch starter Pokémon later.
  • After capturing your “starter”, you enter your username. Alphabetical/Numeral Characters only, no spaces, Names must be Unique. They cannot be changed, currently, if ever.
  • The game must be actively open for it to find Pokemon, but you do not need to be staring at the phone. Stay safe and be alert of your surroundings, your phone will vibrate if something pops up near you.
  • The “Nearby Pokemon” tab seems to double up as a tracker, tap a “nearby pokemon” in the list, Footprints indicate its distance, and the tab pulses more as you approach the nearest/targeted Pokemon.
  • Small towns have no shortage of Pokestops and Gyms, but residential areas understandably have very few.
  • Catching Pokemon is simple, you start with ~50 Pokeballs, you gain many more from Pokestops, you can carry a limited number of combined items (350) without bag upgrades. Do not buy Pokeballs from the cash shop, they are essentially an infinite free resource.
  • Pokestops go Purple when used, the cooldown is incredibly short but the cooldown does not reduce if you stay near the stop.
  • Battles are not explained, at all. Tap the opponent Pokémon to launch a “Fast Attack”, and accumulate charge for your Strong “Hold” attack. Swiping your Pokémon to dodge attacks is very important.
  • Teams are “Instinct” Yellow, “Mystic” Blue, and “Valor” Red. There is no benefit to joining a specific team, just pick the one you want/agree with.
  • A Grey Gym is unclaimed, simply deposit a Pokemon to defend it and claim it as your own. Warning: Deposited Pokemon cannot be withdrawn from the Gym until it is defeated by the opposing team, avoid depositing your strongest Pokémon when defending Gyms.
  • At a Friendly Gym, you can battle your own defending Pokémon (and the Pokémon fellow teammates have deposited) and give your Gym more Prestige. Prestige is essentially the “health” of your Gym, and if the opponent teams reduce it to 0, the Gym becomes unclaimed. You may struggle to train if you deposited your strongest Pokémon.
  • At a Rival Gym, your goal is to defeat as many of the Rival Pokemon as possible. Your 6 Selected Pokemon will be allowed to assist you in battle, but only two may faint. You may switch at any time.
  • Pokémon defeated in a training session are reduced to 1 hp and can be healed with a Potion, however Pokémon defeated while battling an rival gym become fainted, and a Revive must be used. These items can be obtained at Pokestops from level 5 onwards.
  • You can challenge a Gym as many times as you are able.
  • The Strongest Pokemon in the Gym is the one sat atop the tower on the Map.
  • I do not know if Eggs are Pedometer related or distance related, but you should get off your lazy ass and walk because its good for you. Some lovely Tumblr users have informed me that it has been said Egg counter is Distance calculated with a speed cap, which is great for accessibility! Still, if able, walking is good for you. It took me approximately 7000 steps to hatch a 5km Egg.
  • YOU MUST INCUBATE AN EGG IN ORDER FOR IT TO HATCH. You are given one Incubator to start with unlimited uses. You can buy more, but they break after hatching 3 eggs.
  • Evolution is not level/CP based. They use Candy to evolve. Candy Evolution requirements vary. Pidgey needs 12, Spearow needs 50.
  • Eevee Evolve Randomly, according to screenshots.
  • Each Pokemon gives 3 candy of its species upon being caught, 6 if hatched. You can power up a Pokémon’s CP using its candy and “stardust.”
  • Magikarp makes me cry.