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    Writing a novel when you imagine all you stories in film format is hard because there’s really no written equivalent of “lens flare” or “slow motion montage backed by Gregorian choir”


    You can get the same effect of a lens flare with close-detail descriptions, combined with breaks to new paragraphs.

    Your slow-motion montage backed by a Gregorian choir can be done with a few technques that all involve repetition.

    First is epizeuxis, the repeating of a word for emphasis.


    Falling. Falling. Falling. There was nothing to keep Marie from plunging into the rolling river below. She could only hope for a miracle now, that she would come out alive somehow despite a twenty-foot drop into five-foot-deep water.

    Then there’s anaphora, where you write a number of phrases with the same words at the beginning.

    There were still mages out there living in terror of shining steel armor emblazoned with the Sword of Mercy.

    There were still mages out there being forced by desperation into the clutches of demons.

    There were mages out there being threatened with Tranquility as punishment for their disobedience, and the threats were being made good upon.

    Mages who had attempted to flee, but knew nothing of the outside world and were forced to return to their prison out of need for sustenance and shelter.

    Mages who only desired to find the families they were torn from.

    Mages who only wanted to see the sun.

    This kind of repetition effectively slows the pace of your writing and puts the focus on that small scene. That’s where you get your slow pan. The same repetition also has a subtle musicality to it depending on the words you use. That’s where you get the same vibe as you might get from a Gregorian choir.


    Damn I made relatable reblog- bait post and writer Tumblr went hard with it. This is legitimately very good advice. 


    For more neat tricks (aka figures of rhetoric) like epizeuxis and anaphora, read THE ELEMENTS OF ELOQUENCE by Mark Forsyth. It’s both educational and delightful, not to mention overflowing with wry wit. Great book. 


    These sound like techniques for making prose have more in common with poetry, or even with music. I just put the book on hold at the library!


    Telling someone with a service dog that their animal is enslaved is ableism, babe.


    Do people actually do this ???


    Wait what?


    Yes. Just saw it recently in the comments section of one of FayTheGay’s videos on TikTok, calling her a slave owner for having a service dog. Members of PETA have been known to attack disabled people, trying to steal their service animal, calling them slave owners and saying they’re going to “put the animal down for it’s own good.” 


    They Live is antisemitic propaganda...

    You know how fascists nowadays talk about "the red pill?" Like they turned a pop-culture thing into a dog whistle? Same thing happened to They Live. David Icke basically directly stole the imagery of They Live. Romero himself has repeatedly denounced antisemitic claims about the film.


    We see one of the functions of antisemitism, to redirect valid anticapitalist anger away from its real cause and toward a vulnerable population.


    Antisemitic conspiracy theory seems to be most popular with upper class people and leaders of that “movement” are often rich, powerful, and in control of platforms to spread whatever misinformation they want, genuinely making them the only people in this situation who actually resemble the aliens from They Live.

    “I just wanna remind all my chronically online leftists if youre sitting around debating theory and asking questions like ‘When is the revolution gonna happen?’ um… but you are not at places like this, you’re not donating….

    Umm, you are missing the fact the revolution is happening right now. Water protectors, Indigenous, non-indigenous allies are coming together to protest against a multi-national oil corporation going through sovereign treaty land. So if you’re asking yourself ‘when is the revolution happening?’ I’d say it’s happening right now and you’re just not part of it.”

    What can you do? Watch part 2 where they explain. I’ve linked their Linktree as well since it contains sources on how to get involved & where to donate (as well as the Google doc they mention in the video). (spoiler tho: get involved or donate)

    Other useful things:

  • Red Lake Bail Venmo: Stars_On_Stone
  • Red Lake PayPal: bit.ly/HelpRedLake
  • Learn More & donate: Stop line 3
  • Stay Updated:

  • Giniw Collective
  • Camp Migizi
  • Honor The Earth
  • Lakota People’s Law Project
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    It’s from Reddit so take it with a grain of salt…and you’d prefer to think it wasn’t true, but this sounds so similar to the stories *all* relatives of qanon people have. Heartbreaking.


    Update: it’s real.


    My heart breaks for this person. I can't even imagine turning on my own child like that!


    One sad part is when he says even if the dad got deprogrammed tomorrow he’d still never forgive him. This is just way too big a betrayal.


    Experience tranquility


    Unbothered. Moisturized. Happy. In my lane. Focused. Flourishing.


    no no, this is so funny to me, you have no idea

    1. yes, this video is fake, but 2. that was the whole point!

    this clip was edited by youtuber Alan Melikdjanian (aka “Captain Disillusion”), as a part of a longer video talking about how old news stories and fake videos can easily go viral, despite there being evidence that they’re not real

    his full video on the subject is here, and it shows the video he was criticizing as well as the original footage (of a floating trash bin), and then his process of creating the video seen above

    but! tragedy of tragedies! what this means is that someone saw his video about misinformation and fake viral videos…and then cut this part out of it to misinform people, because they thought it would make a great fake viral video!

    …oof. that’s gotta hurt.