I am incredibly invested in the purely hypothetical relationships between fictional characters.

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    hey whites liking posts about racism is less than useless either reblog them and actually help uplift voices of color or just don't bother lol. yes this includes this post because i know i'm not the only bipoc who is sick of the performativity

    i have thousands of followers. i get hundreds of notes an hour on the stupidest bullshit possible. you have no idea how frustrating it is to be ignored only when i'm trying to make life easier for myself and other poc. it's so miserable and it's the most common feeling in the world on here for us and it's not gonna change unless YOU step up and do something about it

    Outraged Casey Anthony: “Hey, I was meant to be the worst Florida mom ever!”

    From Newsweek:

    Florida medical examiner’s report has raised questions about a 17-year-old Fort Myers resident’s death from COVID-19 complications last month. The teenag<>er, Carsyn Davis, was a cancer survivor with a rare, ongoing autoimmune disorder. She died of respiratory failure after contracting the new coronavirus in early June.

    The medical examiner’s report notes that Davis attended a 100-person church event, where people were not required to wear face masks, roughly two weeks before she died in a Miami-Dade County hospital. During the nine days that followed, she was given antibiotics, hydroxychloroquine and oxygen via her grandfather’s portable machine by her parents while at ho<>me. Her mother, Carole Brunton Davis, is a nurse. The hospital recommended intubation when Davis was admitted to its pediatric unit on June 19, but her parents declined the procedure, according to the county medical examiner. She received plasma therapy and was eventually intubated on June 22, but died one day later.

    The mother needs to lose her license. Nurses are the worst.

    This “covid isn’t real” bs has gone way way way too far. This poor little girl lost her life because of her mother’s arrogance and stupidity. This is so so awful and it didn’t need to happen. But it did. And the only thing we can do is prevent it from ever happening again. But how?

    So my brother bowled with this girl both in school and in on the local youth bowling league. Her step-dad is a PA as well and stood by while his wife did this. Unfortunately her bio-dad was no longer in the picture because he died when she was 10. She was a sweet girl and didn’t dying this way

    The mom is something else Trans people are a threat to her kids but not covid?

    important for AO3 writers

    So a while ago I asked staff at AO3 why it was that I could post a work, update it with chapters, and have it appear no higher than tenth, ever, even with new chapters, on a busy fandom. I finally got an explanation. 

    “If, however, your work is appearing below works that were already visible, it’s possible you’re running into an issue that occurs when a work is posted between 12:00 AM and 5 AM UTC - works posted during this time frame cause the system to believe the work has had a posting date set manually. (Normally you would do this by ticking “Set a different publication date” in the posting form.) This also applies to works that were initially saved as a draft on a date previous to the day they are posted. Works that have been backdated are assigned a default time of day, which may be earlier than the actual time you posted the work.”

    So don’t post during that time. It just HAPPENS to be between 5 pm and 10 pm Pacific time so posting things after dinner is RIGHT OUT if you happen to live on the west coast of the US. That’s between 8 pm and 1 am east coast time.

    So until they fix this (and it’s been going on a LONG time, they’re working on it but it’s a massive code overhaul, apparently) I’ll be posting fics OTHER times.  This means if you’re posting a long, multichapter work, posting the first chapter in the evening can screw up the entire rest of your posting. Posting a draft before posting for reals will also keep you from being at the top of the list. And this probably explains why some of my fics have done better than others.  What does this look like? Someone posts at, say, 4 in the afternoon my time. I come along and post around 8 pm, which is pretty typical for me, but it gets marked as “set manually” and given a time much earlier in the day, and thus appears behind everything posted that day. So it’s never on top, people start reading down the list, think they’ve seen everything that’s at the top, and don’t poke any farther.  So for writers, DO NOT POST BETWEEN  12:00 AM and 5 AM UTC. Google will translate, just plug in 12 am UTC and it will pop up your local time in most places.  For readers, realize this exists and that you’re probably missing something. Scroll back if it’s between those hours, and after those hours. 

    And at some point they’ll fix this to something less arcane.

    The Chronicles of Potato Mole

    <>Other places to see my posts:

    A couple other facts:

    1: They’re part of the Afrotheria group, meaning they’re closer to elephants, manatees, hyraxes, and aardvarks than true moles. They only look like moles due to convergent evolution.

    2: It’s believed their iridescence is a side-effect of their hairs being flattened to allow sand to pass over their fur more easily.

    Nature is so fascinating!

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    eleanor & park is getting made into a movie??? fucking eleanor & park???? miss “deeply racist, homophobic, & fatphobic” eleanor & park??? 2020 really out here

    anyways.... if you weren’t already aware of this book, eleanor & park was written by rainbow rowell, a white woman, about two teenagers that fall in love in high school. it caricaturizes korean characters as “china doll squinty eyes nerds”, in addition to stereotyping east asians living in white communities as race hating, “fenminine men” and only tolerated because they have One Popular White Friend.

    here’s a thread explaining the racism of e & p (full thread by @/naomigiddings here)

    Also, antiblackness.

    There’s passages where the white girl is bullied for being fat and she’s so low on the social ladder she’s “even beneath the Black girls” and the Black girls laughing at her “was Dr. King’s mountain”

    She also has two token Black friends that use AAVE and say things like “ain’t no thing” and “those people are trifling” and also their names, I shit you not, are DeNice and BeeBee

    Also if you know Japan’s history of colonizing Korea, culturally assimilating them, massacring and enslaving them, and its history of violence towards Zainichi Koreans (going as far as the right wing to send death threats to PRESCHOOLERS)....... then don’t bring up “but the movie has a Japanese director!” as a defense

    fucking lol

    this is so fucking funny they just took yandere simulator and remade it from the ground up but better in basically every way and it only took two weeks and $0

    “lewd features are all removed”

    Why tho?

    because theyre uh. because theyre kids

    Ok, but can we stop making the thing we dunk on Yandev for that the game is taking too long? Because at that point, it’s just dunking on anyone whose worked on a project too long. Instead can we talk about fucked up shit he did or said?

    Ok I don’t follow much of what Yandere Dev says or does and outside the obvious underage thing, what fucked up shit has he done?

    He has (and I will evaporate into thin air just from typing this)

    -Said that the age of consent should be removed and be replaced with a “sex license” where people would “take a test to determine their sexual maturity”. He openly stated this by the way.

    -Has had collaborations with multiple porn games despite his audience consisting of mainly kids and that all of ‘his characters’ are in high school.

    -Has made taking lewd photos of students underwear an important mechanic in the game.

    -In the game there are rivals that try to win over your crush. Not one, but TWO of those rivals ARE ADULTS. One is a teacher and the other is a nurse.

    -Has states that all characters are 18 when the game takes place in high school to excuse these.

    This is all I can think of off the top of my head, I’ll edit this if I think of more. If you want a good video summarizing this (and more events) then I recommend Kappa Kaiju and The Right Opinion’s videos on him.

    Edit: I also just remembered he told someone to, in a very graphic manner, shove a cactus of their arse, choke on it, and die in a twitch stream.

    Jesus fucking Christ in hell

    If I were to play devil’s advocate, I’d say that depiction of pedophiles isn’t automatically endorsement. The rivals are, after all, antagonists. As long as their actions are properly vilified and portrayed as the horror it is, it can work. It’d created some evil vs evil story. Those are delicate, but feasible.

    But let’s face it, given his general track record and comments, there’s NO way YandereDev, even if he’s well-intent, would handle it correctly. And I sincerely doubt he’s well-intent.