Slutgirl's Dirty Little Secrets

It's simple. She subs to me, and her boy subs to her. Sometimes I allow her to switch with him. She's a dirty little bitch, and she loves these dirty little things I post for her here...

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2020-01-18 10:26:44

    I can’t believe I’m even posting this 😳

    I nervously ramble on an explanation for 30 seconds or so but: when I got my new vibrator I recorded myself edging, counting down from 100. I started on low and turned it to medium at 66, and high at 33. (I’m super embarrassed by how I sound because it sounds exaggerated but it’s not, my vibe is just that strong 🙈)


    Holy fuck @timiddarling sounds so damn cute!!! Great ending! 🤣


    Let me tell you this…

    She may be strong and smart, self-motivated and educated. She may be well-dressed and cultured. She may walk through a room, stately, poised like a gazelle, quietly aware of all the eyes admiring her.


    When I stroke my fingers down the nape of her neck, and she melts; or I growl into her ear that she should kneel right now, and she drops, without hesitation, to the ground; or I crack the belt across her yearning buttocks and she moans and spreads her legs a little wider, moist and dripping with desire…

    I know she is mine. My artwork. My instrument, to play with all the music of the pain and pleasure and sensation we can create together. This is our secret.

    And more…

    When I clasp her throat with rope and send her into shivering eternity, for eternity, to soar through the stars and the deep, dark colours of the universe, to remind her that we are infinite… eventually to drift back into this temporary world?

    She knows she always was


    My property, to do with as I please.

    Because she wishes it.