GOD I hope The Crown of Tundra doesn’t shadow-drop tomorrow, I don’t have vacation so I can fully focus on it/lose focus from work while hyping about the game, pleasepleaseplease.

    It makes more sense for November release to me anyway, and I feel like by then they’d have taken they time with the content the most satisfying amount. I look forward to the dlc and cannot wait, but I hope the news tomorrow are release date for November (so I can try ask for vacation for that week/to make my weekend longer) and some more details on how to get to the Crown of Tundra. Just not too much info. I already feel like Sonia is there (mentioned by Hop AND considering she IS missing from her lab after you start the Isle of Armor!)

    So, what do others think. Note that the news tomorrow are FULLY about the Crown of Tundra so don’t expect anything else. A trailer is likely.

    Y’know, while I’m happy about the outcome of JN039 in every way, I cannot say that it’s up there as my favourite episode or anything. Mostly I didn’t feel anything special. Except my fav ‘mon Otosupus now freaks me out NOOOOOOOO- Krhm!

    Riolu and Pikachu both did great today but like one, a small part of me is mad at Gou for not letting Kamonegi and Kairyu battle before announcing the trip to Johto to rechallenge Saito, and two, I reaaaaaaaaaaaaally wanted just some form of acknowledgement of Satoshi climbing back. Just something small, bigger than one line. Because I just find the drop to normal class pointless now.

    I KNOW it’s not always possible to write every single detail, but I would have accepted a filler plot with the rank climbing as a side plot (as in just couple mins to show he’s back from latest battle) to showcase that.

    Oh well, considering covid I don’t blame the weird pacing. But I feel like, if I had to compare to some past revenge match plotline, I definitely liked vs Kuchinashi build-up better. Possibly the vs Wulfric build up as well. But those didn’t involve rank building soooooooooo. There’s no direct comparision.

    We don’t even know what Satoshi’s rank is atm so, that’s also a bummer lol But anyway. It’s a solid episode, but with couple issues. I liked it overall, just not among favourites. Then again, I tend to care for episodes like JN038 or JN037 more! Not much into battle-focused eps : D

    There’s one lovely detail I noticed about Saito, which was apparent in the games but lovely to see taken into account in the anime as well!

    Whenever Saito’s battling, her eyes are missing that “spark of life“ that most characters have, as in, she’s VERY focused on battling and doesn’t let any emotions affect her at all. I like how it shows in her movements, her voice, and her eyes!

    Then, whenever she is not battling, her eyes have that sparkle again.

    I love this attention to detail, as it shows how skilled Saito is in controlling her emotions and focusing 100% on battles. Nice, nice!

    I’m not sure we ever see her eyes like this in the games, and I mean outside of the league card. I should try getting her as an opponent in the league rematch I guess!


    ok that mug REEKS of ash’s art style tho… how much y'all wanna bet him and kukui went to one of those arts n crafts labs where u can paint ur own dishware and ash drew a bad rowlet mug and kukui was like ‘i love this and i love you i’ll treasure this forever’ and drinks out of it every morning


    I noticed in the special preview for the darkest day arc that gou has a dynamax band and is preparing to dynamax/gigantamax a pokemon... gmax cinderace maybe since he's coming soon (?)

    Not sure if it will be at that scene but, yes, I think Gou having Scorbunny already confirmed G-max Cinderace for him so this just further proofs : D Which I look forward to seeing!

    When I think about it, whenever I start shipping something, it’s usually just a sudden click from one interaction between the characters that makes me go all “well damn, I like this!“

    Happened with WaterWarriorShipping (SuirenxKasumi), Timelesspromiseshipping (TokioxGou), Amourshipping (SatoshixSerena), and what else... those three definitely come to mind right away!

    Now the Sword & Shield Chapter preview gives us a glimpse at Kibana/Raihan and Sonia and right away my mind goes “...ship!“

    ASjfhjsfh. Is this how it is for others or do you guys tend to warm up to ships before becoming a shipper of the pair?

    this is just the beginning.


    Do you think that the passing (at least Riolu 's development) is a little rushed? I mean he went from a troublemaker to a baby in a couple of episodes and in this one he went full big bro mode when Pikachu lost.

    It’s been 18 episodes since Riolu was born. Right now, I’m fine with the pacing, as it has been shown to grow on many levels.

    I was scared of the pacing being WAY faster so I’m fine with what we have. Had Riolu evolved today, then I would have said that yes, it’s extremely rushed. But now we have couple more episodes with it, once we see how it evolves, I’ll have a better opinion. BUt at most, Riolu is here for... 5 more episodes.

    Apparently Raihan/Kibana says the following here:

    “You shouldn't bother beautiful women“

    Raihan x Sonia shippers, where’re you at XDD