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    Hello I am once again asking. I really need money and I haven't been able to get a job because I've been so disabled from my eating disorder and PTSD also my physical health with my L5 and S1 being compressed and worn down. Which making it really hard to walk to places. I've been denied disability because apparently I'm not mentally ill but I've been hospitalized 16 times and been in rehab twice. Also I've been dignosed with 6 different things by an actual psychologist. I've been getting abused by by parents for years and I can't escape from them. I have no money I have to take care of my brother (who is 16) I'm so worn down. I'm so tired. I need money for survival and food and like so much. Literally anything helps.

    I'm considering doing n*d/es commissions right now on snapchat.


    06/17/2021 8:50am pacific. this video was originally posted 10 hours ago


    Audio ID: [“Hello friends. Quick update from Minneapolis, I’ll try to make it fast. Last week there was another police murder. His name was Winston Smith. Twelve (12) plain clothes cops rolled up on him in his car and shot into his car and killed him.

    We’ve been protesting, and as a result, two days ago at one of the protests, a white man drove through the barricades and hit several protesters, and he killed one. Her name was Diana Marie. When she got hit, cops showed up in full riot gear before an ambulance came, and when the ambulance arrived, the cops were blocking the ambulance from getting to them because there were so many of them.

    Cops have been attacking protesters every time, and the National Guard is coming out in a day or two now.”] /End ID.

    Caption ID: [”there is a full-blown military occupation currently in minneapolis and no one outside of here (that i have talked to) has heard anything. social media posts are being suppressed, the news is reporting inaccurate things, cell service is being jammed, mass arrests being made every night, helicopters circling every night, i am terrified.”] /End ID.


    post on Winston Smith and the past few weeks in Minneapolis here

    Local sources are claiming that police response has been so violent in particular because Winston Smith was a revolutionary and vocally anti-cop and anti-government.


    Just to expand on the above linked post: The initial reporting on the assassination of Winston Smith said he was a murder suspect, then said he had a gun and fired at police, claiming there were shell casings in the car. After a couple weeks we know that he was unarmed and being targeted by a federal and local task force under suspicion of being in possession of a firearm as a felon. All officials have said there’s zero body camera footage of this event. They claim that he was in possession of a 7-shot .380 S&W handgun, which is exactly the kind of handgun that police are known to carry as “drop guns” to plant on the unarmed people they kill. The woman who was in the car with Smith and was injured when he was murdered said there was no gun in the car.

    I’d also like to add on and say that the national guard is becoming a part of routine policing in the twin cities. The mayor of Minneapolis begged the Governor to give him 100 national guard to keep on “standby.” They’ve done this at least 4 times this year, to the point that they’ve set up checkpoints at the capitol and the Hennepin county courthouse, lined with razor wire traps and manned by fully-equipped national guard, completely shutting down traffic in the areas. Air National Guard drones and helicopters are being routinely deployed to spy on protests, even demonstrations not protesting police violence. The Twin Cities have crept into a bizarre kind of “soft” martial law. I’ve heard locals talking about twitter suppressing tweets about this stuff. Pay attention because this is gonna be the future of day-to-day policing in America if you don’t fight it.


    So i hear you like snakes. How do you feel about hognose snakes? Ever heard of them?

    Yes, they are fun and adorable and silly


    This is their best defense. Rolling over,pretending to be dead with their mouth agape. Basically their the possums of the snake world. 


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    You can’t just say that without providing a clip of what it looks like, it’s hilarious