So in the original Oz story, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man were attacked by the Flying Monkeys. The Tin man was badly damaged, and the Scarecrow ripped apart.

    I’ve been speculating after Episode 2 that one of the climactic fights of the volume would be Ironwood vs Qrow, and this makes me think that fight will be the destruction of them both.

    All Qrow does in his first scene in volume 8 is reinforce his determination to see ‘James [take] the fall’, and it dangerously parallels Ironwood’s own determination combined with his detrimental semblance. 

    It’s also worth nothing that the tin man is damaged by the Flying Monkeys specifically by being thrown from a great height - if they stick strongly to that narrative, it could be that James literally ‘takes the fall’ - off the side of the floating city - while Qrow’s self-destructive pursuit of revenge blinds him to the threat of the Grimm and that’s how he goes out. 

    Might as well point out that the Scarecrow and the Tin Man are both put back together, so maybe Ironwood can be revived again, but I’m not sure that would be the case.


    Qrow isn't the Scarecrow.

    Professor Theodore, headmaster of Shade Academy in Vacuo, is Scarecrow.

    Raven and Qrow are the ravens of Odin, Huginn and Muninn.


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