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2021-01-15 20:38:47

    The way Mickey (1) notices Ian isn’t answering him and is overeating in his pajamas when the day has begun, (2) picks up the whiskey bottle because Ian is very much not a morning/day drinker, (3) restructures his “job offer” to weasel past Ian’s pride, (4) very visibly flaunts the gun in front of Ian so that he’ll get fired up over keeping Mickey out of jail, and (5) uses reverse psychology to get Ian to work with him was so wonderful. He systematically galvanized Ian into action so that he wouldn’t wallow in what he felt was utter defeat a few days ago.

    The writers have done so much justice here. Mickey knows Ian: he knows that doing something for him will be hard because Ian does for others and refuses to feel pitied or as though people think he’s broken. What’s the best way to get him working and feeling empowered the way he always wanted instead of working that dead-end, soul-crushing minimum-wage job he thinks he’s trapped into? Make it about Mickey. Make it about helping him, about correcting what he perceives to be Mickey’s mistakes, about keeping him out of prison—make it about being a good husband and protecting Mickey, and Ian is putty in his hands. Stubborn putty, but putty nonetheless.