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    in which General Veers sits atop his Admiral’s la
    and likes it 

    They’re both sapiosexuals and they love cuddling.  After their shift they often work in their shared quarters in the same room in comfortable silence and then afterwards wind down with Dejarik ( or some other strategic game ).  Firmus drinks a ton of caf but Max prefers tea.  Max is a little shy but not in a very apparent or obvious way–he’ll talk about engine mechanics or squad formations or something work related to cover it up.  But Firmus can see through that shit in a hot second.  Firmus has a bit of an edge over Max when it comes to strategy but Max is a master at the long game and making expert predictions.  Firmus sometimes swears a little when he’s off shift.  Max talks in his sleep and sometimes has night terrors but Firmus is always there to hold him. 

    Also, they take turns being the little spoon <3 


    “The best path didn’t have to be quick as long as it was correct.”
    -Grand Admiral

    birthday painting for the awesome@sneakybunyip !  


    I love this art so much!! I can't wait to frame it!! Thank you, Puffyyyyy!!

    Thrawn’s Childhood in 3 Parts

    The Last Piece - Before they were Mitth'ras'safis and Mitth'raw'nuruodo, they were just Ras and Raw. And all they had was each other. 

    Kith and Kin -  Young Thrawn and Thrass adjust to their new home in the Mitth House, and relearn what it means to have Family.

    Chimaera Red -  Young Thrawn shows off his new eyeliner to the other warriors of the Eight House.

    We started talking about these stories in Thrawnation so I figured I’d move them over to my new account! This might get my bum in gear to finally write that Thorrn backstory about his scars. 

    In these stories Thrass is twelve years old, Thrawn is three.


    Brierly Ronan, Assistant Director to Director Krennic
    I   am    b e a u t i f u l
    No    matter   what    they   s  a  y
    W o r d s     can't   bring  me   down….  🎼

    Lee Pace is the loose face model for this, as per a post made by @sneakybunyip here ! 


    He IS beautiful!! Look at that poise, those lips, that BROW. I swoon and so should everyone! Beautiful Brie


    a few non-explicit fic recs

    I’ve been wanting to rec some fics for a while but could not for the life of me decide on any kind of theme, so here are some assorted Gen-to-Mature fics I’ve been reading recently!  I might rec a few explicit ones later but rn this is as Perceived as I want to be.  None of these are pure angst-fests all the way through (though that’s not to say there isn’t some along the way), so enjoy some tales with soft endings.  Be sure to mind the full tags on AO3!

    folie à deux” by novembersmith - Raphael/Merrick (The Bedlam Stacks)

  • Gen, 7k words.  Follows the end of the book from Raphael’s POV, then goes into some slight postcanon.  One can have a lot of dreams over twenty-one years and six months.
  • Downstream” by karanguni - Raphael/Merrick (The Bedlam Stacks)

  • Teen, 7.6k.  Immediately post-canon, Raphael and Merrick find themselves caught in a time loop.  We’re about to get real literal with that “time is a river” concept from the book.
  • Vaster than empires” by karanguni - Raphael/Merrick (The Bedlam Stacks)

  • Mature, 3.8k.  Post-canon, Merrick brings Raphael to England.  Featuring some great Keita cameos and some steamy bonsai.
  • A Shared Vintage” by booktick - Hawkeye/Trapper (M*A*S*H)

  • Mature, 1.7k.  A delightfully banter-filled Hawk/Trap vignette.
  • Heartlines” by kuchi - Zuko/Aang/Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

  • Teen, 41.5k.  Some 10+ years after the show, a disaster in the Earth Kingdom brings these three leaders back together and old feelings come to the surface.  Wholesome poly content feat. fantasy politics.
  • The poets say what we cannot” by sumhowe_sailing - Pierre Aronnax/Captain Nemo (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)

  • Teen, 7.6k.  A short series in which Nemo and Aronnax flirt via poetry.
  • We’ll Haul For Better Weather” by athenasdragon - Ned Land & Conseil (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)

  • Gen, 2.6k.  Author’s description: “Conseil and Ned Land explore the Nautilus and befriend the crew while the Professor and the Captain are off doing…whatever it is that scientists do all day.”  Even submariners sing sea shanties!
  • The Goal Is Not To Fall” by SneakyBunyip - Alexsandr Kallus/Garazeb Orrelios (Star Wars Rebels)

  • Gen, 64.5k.  A long Kalluzeb fic and slight AU covering everything from Kallus leaving the ice moon to him defecting and finally reuniting with Zeb at the end of s3.  Includes space texting and a surprising amount of good Thrawn content.
  • sneakybunyip

    Thanks for the rec and review!!

    The Goal is Not to Fall (Kalluzeb)

    So during this Pandemicky season I’ve been very slowly moving all my SFW content onto Sneakybunyip and off my NSFW AO3.

    The latest is my biggest Labor of Love: The Goal is Not to Fall

    I wish there was an easier way, but I have to ADD myself as a Co-Creator, then Remove my old nsfw blog as creator, and don’t ask me why, but it freaks me out every time. 

    Thank you so the few peeps that have been commenting lately on this fic. You inspired me to finally flip it over!

    So here it is!

    More works will be brought over to the Sneakybunyip AO3 too, including my Young Thrawn fics, which I’m gearing up to add onto considering we are going to get some Ascendancy canon (and hopefully THRASS).

    Everyone stay safe and healthy!

    Also here’s a pic of Steve Blum asking me to sign his copy at Comicon a couple of years ago (I had zero idea what to write lol)

    @dying-suffering-french-stalkers​ this is what I wanted to show you! HE WAS SO SWEET!

    Edit: That art right there is by @goosieboosie ! (Should have tagged that earlier. Sorrry about that!)

    Pryde Loves Starkiller Base :3c

    Pryde: You know, there are some effective upgrades to be found for Starkiller Base on this nearby tropical planet. You should take a look.

    Hux: ...

    Pryde: What?

    Hux: You are trying to blow me up. 

    Pryde: What? Never.

    Hux: You are. You want me to go down to that beach so you can replay your favorite scene in Rogue One.

    Pryde: Preposterous. I don’t know what you mean.

    Hux: Don't think I didn't see you reading and giggling at Catalyst earlier this week.

    Pryde: ...
    Pryde: There is a nearby moon that has great cat toys for Millicent

    Hux: >:-(

    Pryde: :3c

    Written for our Project Stardust discord server :3