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    "Come here, boy. You can even touch them", — he flexes his muscles for you.

    Erick was your one-year younger neighbour who decided to join the same college you were on. In high school he used to be small and skinny nerd. In the school you used to bully him sometimes to stay cool in the eyes of your peers. But now you were shocked seeing him in your college gym.

    Over the last year he must have hit some growth spurt. From being 5'6 he has grown to tremendous 6'4, making you look up to him now. He had also gained much muscle mass over that time. And unlike you he was able to grow nice stubble on his pretty face.

    As you approache him to touch those big guns, he stops you: "No, no. Not so fast. Firstly, you get on your knees and beg me to let you touch my body".

    "What?! Are you jocking, bro?"

    "I'm not your 'bro'. Get on your knees, fag! NOW!"

    "Yes, Sir..."