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2022-01-22 09:26:31

    If anyone is wondering how Iโ€™ve made my boyfriend so fat so fastโ€ฆ uhhhh


    i hate how bc of a couple assholes the feedism community gets labeled as reducing fat people to being sexualized

    no, any decent person in the feedism community respects fat people and knows that the part thatโ€™s a fetish is the act of eating/feeding someone or specific body parts

    being attracted to a body type does not automatically equal fetishization

    whenever i see people talking bad about feedism who dont know anything about it, it just feels like they definitely have some fatphobia going on because they assume that a group cant possibly be attracted to fat people and share their appreciation for them like they can for other body types without it being only a fetish, like they think fat people arenโ€™t worthy of being publicly appreciated without it being taboo but every other body type can be


    still angry about this 8 hours later

    especially when the same people are the ones posting fat positive things when really they cant stand seeing a community where lots of fat people feel happy and appreciated and dont understand that fat body types can be appreciated outside of fetishizationย 

    if a group of people online all saidย โ€œthis guyโ€™s muscley arms are so attractiveโ€ no one would care but if they sayย โ€œthis guyโ€™s fat arms are so attractiveโ€ suddenly itโ€™s fetishization?? there is no difference there. except that people have been trained to naturally see people being attracted to fat people as unusual and out of place so they feel like something must be wrong with it, and make terrible assumptions