3 storey cob house with a thatched roof. painted yellow
    thatched cob cottage
    thatched cob cottage, large
    thatched cob cottage

    These houses are also made of mud with thatched roofs. Locally sourced, abundant materials paired with designs that have stood the test of time MAKE SENSE.

    There is a section of humanity who want this strange kind of uniformity across the world. Houses must be made of brieze blocks and have electric air con and gas heating. Same shops everywhere. Cultural homogeneity.

    Reject it. This world is diverse and beautiful and humans have found so many diverse and beautiful solutions to our problems! Let's treasure them.

    I think more leftists need to recognize the gap between “this should happen eventually” and “this would be feasible to achieve in the near future”

    Like, I’m an anarchist. And I think an ideal world would have no nation states or borders. But that’s not going to happen tomorrow, or next year, or for a long time

    So while I wait, instead of endlessly hemming and hawing over what the would should look like, I try to focus on what I can do right now to improve the world in material ways and to lessen the suffering of others

    I guess friendly reminder that you can't actually judge someone's socioeconomic status based on what they own and the classic republican "they can't be poor they own a smart phone/computer" argument doesn't suddenly stop being complete out of touch nonsense when a poor person makes it.

    Anyway insert "y'all can't be trusted to eat the rich bcs you'll target taco bell shift leaders and people with playstations instead of actual billionaires" post here.