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    wow i wonder if that 300 year gap could be explained by any outside factors…….whoa! for some reason it lines up with the timeline of britain’s invasion and subsequent colonization of ireland! wild, huh? i wonder if the two are connected in some way? i guess the world will never know….


    “why do the Irish hate the English so much? It couldn’t have been *that* bad!!”

    This was in place till 1973.


    Seeing non irish people reblogging this makes me happy


    You can identify a fake redneck by their passionate support of “blue lives matter.” Real rednecks have been in at least one physical fight and/or high-speed chase with police officers and would do it again


    “redneck” is a valid culture, not a euphemism for “bigot”


    So this has probably already been said on this post but I dont wanna scroll through 66k notes to find it.

    The term Redneck gain prominence with striking coal miners in Appalachia. They wore red bandanas around their necks to express union solidarity.

    And they fucking FOUGHT police and Pinkerton strike breaker forces. It was a period called The Coal Wars.

    The poor and working classes have a long history of community support and rejecting police authority.

    If you’re pro-cop, you’re not a redneck, you’re a bootlicker who based your personality on a played out Jeff Foxworthy caricature. Get bent. Your ancestors are ashamed of you.


    In Congo River Basin mythology, Mokele-mbembe (Lingala: mókɛlɛ ᵐbɛ́ᵐbɛ, “rainbow”) is a water-dwelling entity, sometimes described as a living creature, sometimes as a spirit.

    During the early 20th century, descriptions of the entity increasingly reflected public fascination with dinosaurs, including aspects of particular dinosaur species now known among scientists to be incorrect, and the entity became increasingly described alongside a number of purported living dinosaurs in Africa.

    The animal is said to be of a brownish-gray color with a smooth skin, its size is approximately that of an elephant; at least that of a hippopotamus. It is said to have a long and very flexible neck and only one tooth but a very long one; some say it is a horn. A few spoke about a long, muscular tail like that of an alligator. Canoes coming near it are said to be doomed; the animal is said to attack the vessels at once and to kill the crews but without eating the bodies. The creature is said to live in the caves that have been washed out by the river in the clay of its shores at sharp bends. It is said to climb the shores even at daytime in search of food; its diet is said to be entirely vegetable. This feature disagrees with a possible explanation as a myth. The preferred plant was shown to me, it is a kind of liana with large white blossoms, with a milky sap and applelike fruits. At the Ssombo River I was shown a path said to have been made by this animal in order to get at its food. The path was fresh and there were plants of the described type nearby. But since there were too many tracks of elephants, hippos, and other large mammals it was impossible to make out a particular spoor with any amount of certainty.

    Credit: Oliver Titley

    So you know how Jews have joked about how the early life section is to find out if a celebrity is Jewish or not? Yeah turns out white supremacists are using that as a short hand dogwhistle for Jews now. "Early lifers"=Jews. Reactionaries are particularly saying this now about Judge Bruce Reinhart bc he signed the warrant for the FBI to search Trump's house. Just thought I'd let people know, there's a new dogwhistle to look out for.


    When I say “free water, free food, free shelter, free healthcare, free education for everyone” in that “everyone” I even include the people I hate. Too many people get surprised at the idea that I do wish for the people I hate to have better lives.


    ‘only the people i like should have enough’ is the way we got to here, which is how hardly anyone has enough and we keep making up more and more reasons why the people who don’t have anything deserve it. 


    stop what you’re doing and watch this


    For those who don’t know, this is Joe Lycett. He’s a British comedian who’s also bisexual/pansexual (he uses both labels interchangeably afaik), and this isn’t an isolated thing.

    He has a show called Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back which explains consumer rights, exposes dodgy businesses and actually fights on behalf of people who have been scammed by those businesses, often successfully.

    He also legally changed his name to Hugo Boss in protest of the fashion house Hugo Boss hitting a local brewery with cease and desist because they trademarked the word boss. The protest was successful and Hugo Boss receded the c&d.

    He’s a cool guy and I recommend looking him up. I also recommend looking up the notable cases from JLGYB on the Wikipedia link below


    “Sultai Flayer” © Wizards of the Coast, by Izzy. Accessed at MTG Nexus here

    [Commissioned by @abominationimperatrix​. The mahoraga is prominent in Buddhism and found in Hinduism, but is incredibly obscure in English. So much so that its first Google search result is a character from the manga Jujutsu Kaisen. I wanted a piece of art that conveyed size and power instead of “sexy snake lady”, which is what most naga and naga-adjacent art is online, and Magic the Gathering provided in spades.]

    CR 9 LN Monstrous Humanoid

    This enormous creature has the lower body of a serpent, the upper body of a human, and a head that combines features of both. They have muscular arms and their hands have clawed fingers.

    The mahoragas are subterranean serpentine giants. They are similar to nagas in some ways, but are in others their opposites. Mahoragas value physical strength more than magical prowess, are more like boas and pythons than vipers or cobras, are social rather than solitary, and are united instead of divided into different castes based on physical appearance and alignment. Mahoragas and nagas typically do not get along, with nagas trying to check mahoraga expansion to the surface world, and mahoragas working to stop naga plots.

    A mahoraga enjoys combat, and may initiate it in order to show their prowess. They fight with a combination of weapons and natural attacks, and are highly resistant to magic. A favored strategy is to grab a single foe in their coils while battling other enemies; this also allows them a hostage to negotiate with if the fight turns against them. They can strike the ground to make a localized earthquake, and can and do so with an increasingly battered enemy in their coils.

    Mahoragas are good parents and strongly loyal to their extended families. They live in underground galleries that are built as much vertically as horizontally—a mahoraga is an excellent climber. Sources of water are a vital part of mahoraga settlements, and they may charge fees to other subterranean humanoids attempting to use it for drinking, bathing or fishing. Mahoragas are fond of music, particularly percussion, as they are sensitive to subtle changes in vibration. They are quick to anger and take offense, but also quick to forgive, except where nagas are concerned. Mahoragas with class levels are not unheard of; the elder of a mahoraga community is often a cleric or fighter, and mahoraga bards are highly regarded.

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