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2016-03-19 06:09:31

    I just screenprinted more of the Abracadabra back patches and they are available in the web shop again. Great as an altarpiece, adorning a dresser, or hung on the wall as well! 🌙 First used in the third century C.E., Abracadabra is a medieval magic formula believed to have powers of protection and healing. Often written repeatedly in the design of an inverted triangle, it was inscribed on amulets and worn by those suffering from disease or sickness. One would repeat the incantation over and over, each time dropping the last letter and believing as the word got shorter the sickness weakened. ✨ PoisonApplePrintshop.com #PoisonApplePrintshop #abracadabra #incantation #occult #healing #backpatch #altarpiece #handmade #supporthandmade (at Poison Apple Printshop)