The craving to breed....

    I am going to make you cum, a lot, an obscene amount.  Why?  Aside from the fact I get pleasure from watching you writhe in ecstasy, and literally start pleading for no more orgasms.  Only to then make you explode for hours more.  The main reason I need to make you cum so much, is each time you cum, your cervix spasms, throbs, and opens more to receive my inevitable seed.  

    As I am pummeling your little pussy.  My thick cock pulling your tight pussy inside out.  My large head battering your cervix.  Orgasm after orgasm rip through your body, clamping down and cumming all over me, only to be forced back open by rock hard meaty cock.  Delirious and needing my cum.  You beg, not plead, not moan, not scream.  Beg, beg like you have never begged before.  

    Beg as I moan in your ear and kiss you, telling you that I am going to make you a mother and that I am going to knock you up.  Rubbing your belly and telling I am going to make this swell with our child of lust.  That’s it, that’s Daddy’s good girl, beg me to breed you like the little breeding whore you are.   

    As you do.  I will not pull out and cover your beautiful face.  I will not pull out and shoot rope after rope all over your chest or ass.  I will not pull out leaving in just the tip.  NO…..I will slam my cock fully in you, pressing my large head against your cervix.  I will moan your name loudly, and will unleash a violent torrent of my hot cum deep inside you.  Pulsing and shooting a massive load of hot seed inside.  Rubbing your clit as you spasm against my full length balls deep inside you.  I will stay inside you and grab the wand to rip more orgasms from you, ensuring your greedy womb sucks up every drop of my potent sperm.  

    Then and only then will I pull out, kiss you deeply and smile.  As you obediently move down and suck all your cum off my cock and look up at me.  I will tell you how good you were, and how happy I am you are now pregnant…my good little breeding whore.  


    I think some of my biggest fears are not being able to ever conceive or never finding a partner to experience the pregnancy and birth with. Cause of course I would loveeeee to be a surrogate… but there’s just something so ramantic and sexy about carrying the man you love’s child inside of you. I want to fall asleep cuddled up beside him as he wraps his arms around my belly. I want to walk past him in the house and he’ll grab me and pull me in, rubbing my bump and kissing me. I want him to kneel on the floor and press his face up against my swollen stomach. Talk to his unborn child and telling them how much he loves me. I want to have my partner there with me through every second of the difficult moments and every second of the wonderful moments. Someone to hold my hand and cry with me during ultrasounds. Someone to proudly post his child’s sonogram on the fridge. Someone to constantly check up on me and ask me what I need and what they can get me. Someone to hold my hand and cradle me while I give birth and struggle through a hard labor. I want all of this and I’m so scared I’ll never find it.


    A post from a follower reminded me of experience I had in high school. Forgive the grammatical mistakes I am doing this from mobile.

    So I was at her family’s house for movie night, her parents liked me and didn’t know we were having sexy (protected). So they didn’t mind her siting in my lap for the movie snuggled up. I was wearing sweat pants and as everyone was getting ready for the movie she felt me get hard against her. There was a minute out two when no one was in the room. She told me she could feel me hard and wanted me inside her. She quickly adjust her skirt and told me to take my cock out and when I did she impaled herself on my cock bare. She was so damn wet it just went right in. Everyone came back in and sat down and had no idea there daughter had my cock buried deep inside her unprotected pussy.

    Every move she made I felt her pussy grip my cock. She was so turned on her juices where running down my balls. I whispered in her ear that I was going to blow. She smile at me with that look of “so it” I came so hard and it sent her over the edge. As her dad is taking to her mom I was filling their daughter with a massive load.

    By the time the movie was over she had milked three loads from me. She had so much cum in her it was still leaking out the next day.


    The finer things in life 👌🏽


    I’d LOVE to feel a man do this wow.