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2023-02-04 09:39:13

    hello there CT. do you have a fursona

    I do.


    My fursona is a leopard moth named Mattie.

    His wings are one of those old nightgowns that femme fatales in old noir movies wear, and his proboscis is one of those long cigarettes. He's like 5'1'' and veryone hates him.

    He talks with a transatlantic accent like an old movie star and calls everyone "DAHling" and everyone is like "shut the fuck up Mattie you're from like, Encino California."

    He's suspiciously wealthy and lives alone in a huge house. People think he has old money or mob connections but he's actually just a software developer for a medical firm or something. He goes to work in the evening gown and heels and everyone fucking hates it.

    He goes to the gym just to take selfies. He has a TikTok that's just him in his stupidly expensive kitchen microwaving frozen chicken nuggets from a bag and calling them "gamefowl wellington ensemble"


    He mixes Capri Sun with everclear and drinks it out of champagne flutes. He tells people he's a top but he's objectively garbage at sex.


    He's like 23. Nobody ever invites him to things he just kinda shows up.


    "DAHling, you call these potato skins loaded? Lord this town is really going to the dogs. May I speak to the chef?"

    "Ma'am, I mean Sir- this is a Taco Bell."

    "Fine, I suppose it'll do." [He tips the cashier 300$, leaves, and immediately gets hit by a car.]


    He's hot but in a way that makes you want to hit him really hard with a bat


    I could imagine him so vividly