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2023-10-05 01:20:57

    ever since reading addiction by design and vicious games i'm insane about the machine gambling industry. one of the most evil soul-crushing parts of this world


    there's a passage in vicious games where cassidy interviews betting shop owners and literally every single one of them tells her that once they started introducing betting machines (slot machines, video poker, etc.) customers getting violent went from being a rare possibility to being a regular occurence that had to be considered 'part of the business'


    and the pathologization / disease model of gambling addiction is so fucking evil too. these industries are spending millions of dollars to create open air spike traps and invite people to take long walks on the slippery path around the spike traps and when people fall in and get impaled by spikes they say "it's very sad that these people had personalities that were so prone to getting spiked and are now suffering from spikes-impaling-them-disease. we have utmost sympathy and encourage everyone to walk responsibly around our giant open-air spike pits"


    crushing excerpt from addiction by design that stuck with me