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    You are one of the few social media accounts I have post notifications on for because your art is just so amazing, it always makes me so happy to see it!! Love the way you do shading/lighting on your drawings it looks really good and the expressions you draw for characters also look amazing. I hope you're having a great day! :)

    oh my gosh, this is too kind thank you so much!😭bless.. this is really lovely to hear, and i hope you're having a great day too!


    pack it up people the 2-2 liker has logged onnn



    Can I say just how much I love your artstyle? Like everything just looks so soft and wonderful and nice and I adore how you shade as well!! And so true!! Case 2 was so enjoyable!!


    Aaaa thank you so much! 😄 Glad to see there are more people out there who enjoyed 2-2!

    pack it up people the 2-2 liker has logged onnn

    help girl i am stuck in this nitrous oxide mask😂😂

    Happy to show the main characters from a webcomic I’ve been working on for the past year. It’s called Thistletree’s Thieves, and it’s about a group of college kids working with the ghost of an early 20th century criminal to exorcise his rivals, alongside solving a trail of supernatural murders. I plan to release it on Webtoon and Tapastic. The date is still TBA.