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If anything ever appears here, it will probably be porn. This is NSFW, obviously, 18+ blah blah ask me to take something down if you want it down, blah blah blah. I don't own any of these images unless they are of me! I doubt I will be posting any of those, though. I guess I can take requests? Like on what type of pictures to post. And You could just ask questions, I dunno.

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    I remember finding out that the person was going “is this allowed” to the girl bc the ‘guy’ in the photo is actually a realistic sex doll called a “sinthetic” that she was on a date with. They cost thousands of dollars.

    That fucked me up


    i did not need to know that


    @spelviin why would u hide this in the tags lol


    I found the listing for him if y’all want, he’s the Gabriel model from Sinthetics.


    As a reminder, this is what she looks like:


    Also I hope everyone knows that Miette was fostered before she was adopted, and her foster mom loved that little kitten so much and always hoped she'd gone to a good home. this tweet got so popular that she recognized Miette and reached out to her current mom, and was able to share previously unseen baby pictures


    You mean, she saw Miette was kicked like the football and did nothing to help put Mother in jail for a thousand years? I am appalled.


    What the fuck are Democrats, who only control the House, supposed to do about defunding the USPS that the rest of us can’t do? Pass legislation that Mitch McConnell will use to stop another draft in his Senate offices? Which Trump will only veto if it does get signed into law? Do you understand that the House passed $3 trillion in Coronavirus relief BACK IN MAY which McConnell is sitting on? We need to organize and march and demonstrate over the USPS and yes, that means Trump’s stormtroopers are going to bust more heads and no, that doesn’t mean the Democrats are complicit, the elected leadership cannot organize us because that would be astroturfing. Are they to walk out? Then they surrender what power they have.


    You know, this whole “do-nothing Democrats” that I hear coming from some supposed leftists sounds very familiar.

    Where have I heard it before?

    Oh right. From Trump. All the time.

    I’m just saying, when your talking points are indistinguishable from the fascist would-be dictator currently taking a dump all over democracy, maybe you want to examine them a bit more closely and see whom you’re really helping.


    But this isnt accurate. Democrats in the House have repeatedly made the effort to do something but get shot down. Sure there are members who aren’t putting in the same effort, but it isnt true that they’re doing nothing. And many House Democrats are using their political influence to try and stop the slow down, and to fight voter suppression. This is just all around false.


    Trump is gone, it’s almost one year later, and Dems currently control both houses and the White House. What has the Biden administration done to shore up the Post Office? What is the excuse now??

    Biden, while he still has Democratic control of Congress, could “give cause” and fire the entire USPS Board, then replace them with people who support firing the current Republican head of the US Postal Service.

    Read: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2021/03/16/usps-dejoy-what-you-should-know/

    Read: https://nowthisnews.com/politics/why-does-us-postmaster-general-louis-dejoy-still-have-a-job

    But instead, Biden can’t even be bothered to fire people like Sebastian Gorka, a known neo-Nazi who Trump appointed to the 14-member National Security Education Board.

    Centrist Democrats still have not learned the hard lesson that Republicans already know: when you’re in power, do as much as you can while you can. Ruth Bader Ginsburg didn’t want to retire in the brief window when Dems controlled both houses under Obama, because she said she wanted to retire under the first woman president. Obama didn’t fight harder for his SCOTUS nominee because he thought Hillary Clinton would win. They both banked on “tomorrow”. Tomorrow is promised to no one. The lesson? Play hardball and push shit through while its possible. But instead, we are repeatedly told to “vote blue no matter who,” and when that strategy yields deeply conservative Democrats (like Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema) who side with Republicans half the time, we’re told that’s the best we can hope for …. even when more progressive options are often viable. This is a formula for maintaining the status quo. This is precisely how “nothing will fundamentally change.”

    I’m tired of the “we’ve tried almost nothing, might as well give up” mentality amongst liberals. And no, Dems should not be constantly obsessed with how things might look to conservative Republican voters—they’re Republicans, and they are going to vote for Republicans. And when Republicans are in power, they do not worry about what we might think when they push through their draconian legislation.

    Look, I live in reality. I understand that winning all fights isn’t possible or realistic. But JFC, at the very least I expect an honest to God try. Not flaccid attempts followed by more weak excuses.

    And lastly, can we please stop it with calling everyone who has legitimate criticisms of Biden a “Russian bot” or a closet Republican? Can we knock it off with that childish, sycophantic, overly simplistic bullshit? Please?

    Biden is breaking his campaign promises left and right—he isn’t decriminalizing marijuana, he isn’t forgiving student debt, he isn’t trying to block big pharma from price gouging, he hasn’t stopped putting migrant kids in cages, he isn’t pushing to raise the minimum wage… I mean DAMN, these are all legitimate criticisms. People sound like brainwashed lunatics when they keep insisting that everyone should constantly make excuses for Biden, or quietly ignore the failures of the people who we elected to make things better.



    It’s 18 minutes long, but damn it’s worth watching. When watching it, keep in mind how Democrats use “but we just have to follow the parliamentarian” as a fucking excuse to not use the Vice President to tiebreak important legislation gridlock.

    And also think of Joe Manchin, Krysten Senima, and Joe Biden, who all seem married to the idea of “bipartisanship” and “reaching across the aisle” to compromise downward with fascist Republicans.


    I was trying to explain to my sister-in-law that I simply cannot turn on my car headlights if anyone is looking at me and she thought I was crazy.


    Literally nothing more embarrassing than tying your shoes in public like oh look at me I'm a 5 year old because I couldn't tie my shoes tight enough to last a walk through the kroger


    are y’all okay


    nothing more embarrassing than being early for a meetup and being embarrassed that you look weird so you start playing with the notification bar on your phone pretending you're texting someone


    cis people who legitimately questioned their gender and decided they were cis are cis, but theyre not cis about it. i respect that.


    exactly!! even if youre cis, examining your relationship with gender closely like that is only gonna help you understand yourself and grow as a person!!!


    gender is a social construct. You get to inspect your own construction site to make sure it’s up to code.


    Examining my gender led to my conclusion that I am my assigned-gender-at-birth and something else, and figuring out the something else made me very happy, but I’ve also never been happier and more comfortable being my AGAB than since I sat down and decided that yes, actually, I like it, I enjoy it and I’m keeping it. But I am choosing it, I am choosing the ways I want to perform it, and on days I don’t want to, I don’t have to and I am something else.

    Very freeing, highly recommend


    Big agree with all of this!

    Like, okay: I’m a cis woman. For a while I questioned that, because I wasn’t feeling much connection to societal ideas of womanhood—but I came to the conclusion that I’m still Girl, just coming at it from a different direction than is considered the “norm.” I liked being a lady, I just didn’t like the attached societal baggage and expectations.

    And honestly that was such a freeing revelation! It actually made me more inclined to play with presentation and the like, because like…my gender is MY gender, and why the fuck should I care about how other people perceive that? It doesn’t make me less of a girl, and that honestly thrills me.

    I really do think going through a period of really examining your gender identity is something a lot of people would benefit from. I know I did.