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    The New Girl

    Whitmore High School seemed like a familiar place to the naked eye. Just you average establishment for learning, typical teachers and students from various cliques. Yes the halls had jocks, nerds, and many more trying to find their place in life during these turbulent years. But there was a dark secret at this high school that only a few were privy to and that was the true identity of overall poplar girl Amy Adams.

    On the surface the girl seemed to be like any other high school student that would be considered popular. A tall brunette well developed and flawless in every way. Head cheerleader, student body president and on track to be her class’s valedictorian. Amy was not an easy woman to approach because of her sheer perfection, but this had nothing due to genetics, her work ethic, or even luck. The truth was Amy is a witch and Amy Adams was not her real name. The perfect beauty Amy was actually hundreds of years old, but looked like a teen thanks to her magic. She found high school to be her favorite place and after having discovered Whitmore she decided to make it her permanent residence and take on the role of queen bee. She would never truly graduate after four years, she would simply take on a new persona and continue to rule over he domain. This was hardly a chore thanks to her magic that alters the very fabric of reality.


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    His Pleasure…Apparently

    *Anon asked: can you turn me into a hot fat women with a fart problem and a huge ass?*

    And I have to be honest with you here; I’ve never understood the kink for fat gassy women. Not judging, there’s no shame in liking what we like, I’m just laying it out there that I do not understand the processes in your brain that make you want to volunteer for this. But, that being said, it’s admirably selfless and you will provide an invaluable service for the women in your area.

    Because as of now, any time any woman within sight of you would feel the need to fart, you’ll do it instead. Right at the final moment of crisis when she realizes the pressure is uncontrollable, it will vanish, leaving her slightly confused but comfortable and relieved. But for you there will never be any warning, no opportunity to control timing or volume, just a split second of sudden unstoppable pressure followed by whatever sort of fart it was going to be. You might even get to cope with two or three passing simultaneously. Actually we can throw burping into this deal too, right?

    In addition any woman you can see that happens to be eating something not entirety healthy, you’ll get the effect of the excess calories. Just spend one afternoon at a mall food court and you should be well on your way to your adipose goals. Now I know you wanted to be a woman, and I am sorry I can’t do that. But the good news here is that since you’ll be packing on feminine fat, you’ll start to carry it like a woman would. Your hips and thighs and belly and butt will swell with fat, fatty deposits will grow on your chest, becoming huge and saggy, and then your limbs and back and face will fill in, and then it will just continue from there. Like a lot of women you’ll carry most of that weight below the waist, and given enough time cars and doors and chairs are going to become problematic for your colossal cellulite riddled ass.

    Honestly just let your hair grow and keep yourself shaved and no one will ever know the difference. It’s not like they’re lining up around the block to check out your genitals, am I right? In fact, *that* I can do for you! All of your ability to grow hair is now focused on your head. One good body shave and it’ll never come back, plus you’ll grow plenty of hair to play with and frequently style. Or, you know, someone will. You won’t be raising your arms up to your head much.

    Again I’m truly humbled by your willingness to act as a landfill for unwanted bodily functions and excess weight. I really don’t understand how it can, but I hope it makes you happy.

    It was bad enough that she had her running errands all the time instead of working at the restaurant, but they actually had her take a class to learn how to identify mushrooms so they could have locally foraged wild mushrooms for a risotto. Now they expected her to hike around the woods getting dirty and covered in leaves and mud looking for some stupid mushrooms. She didn’t even like mushrooms, or her job for that matter, the whole situation was just pissing her off.

    She wandered around the woods for hours carrying a little wicker basket with a few small yellow chanterelles. The head chef told her not to come back unless she found him a truffle, and she was having no luck at all.

    “This is ridiculous!” She yelled into the woods. “How the hell am I suppose to find these damn mushrooms!?”

    “What kind of mushrooms do you need?” A high pitched voice asked from behind her. She span around to see who was there and saw nothing. “Were you looking for more chanterelles? Or did you need another type of fungi?” The voice came from behind her again, and she looked around in vain trying to find it’s source. “Up here silly!”

    She looked up and took a moment to register and process what she was looking at. It was a tiny woman, no bigger than her hand, and she had large see through pink wings and seemed to emit a soft glow.

    “Wha-what are you?”

    “A fairy silly, what else would I be.” She giggled and did a spin in the air. “And you are a forager of some type?”

    She scoffed at the fairy “Well I’m picking mushrooms… well trying to anyhow.”

    The fairy looked in her basket and frowned “Oh dear, you aren’t very good at this are you…”

    “Hey, it’s not like I want to be here, picking stupid mushrooms in a smelly old forest all day.”

    “You shouldn’t say such things…”

    “I mean, I’m gonna get home and be covered in mud, tired and sore, smelling like crap, just for some stuck up chef to get his hands on some fungus.”

    “There’s nothing wrong with mud dear, the forest is a magical place… Perhaps I should… lend you a hand in picking those mushrooms, would you like that? Do you want a magical blessing to help you find those pesky truffles.”

    “Sure, whatever…”

    The fairy laughed in a way that was strangely… menacing? She spun around the girl rapidly and covered her in a sparkling pink dust. The girl coughed and choked on the dust and gave the fairy a grumpy look before noticing how odd she felt. Her body was so hot feeling, as if the dust was burning her, or was it her clothes. Yes her clothes felt like they were on fire and she quickly stripped as fast as she could, only finding comfort once completely nude.

    “There we go silly, can’t have you ruining those clothes can we…”

    She looked at the fairy with confusion but before she could say anything she started to feel weird again. This time it wasn’t warmth it was a strange heaviness. Her body just felt so… she looked herself over and could swear she looked bigger. In fact, she really did feel bigger, she felt like she was swelling up. She watched in dismay as her body seemed to start rapidly gaining weight. Pounds and pounds of thick fat seemed to come out of nowhere, her belly went from flat and toned to a muffintop, to a pot belly, to big fat gut. Along with her belly her tits started to swell larger, gone were her pert B cups, replaced with a heavy pair of F cups that hung downwards, their weight making them sag slightly. Then both her arms and legs thickened and even her face seemed to get pudgy. The worse part was her ass though, as huge as nearly pregnant looking belly was her ass was bigger. Her thighs had thickened and her hips swelled outwards and pound after pound found it’s way to her ass until it was a massive jiggling booty.

    She tried to hide herself but there was no way to conceal it, she was a fat and completely naked, her clothes seeming to have vanished.

    “There we go, almost done, we can’t have you getting cold now that you don’t have any clothes, these fat rolls should keep you nice and warm.” The fairy pinched her fat and she tried to smack at the fairy and missed, her body felt so heavy and embarrassing.

    The fairy covered her in another layer of the dust and she immediately felt her body change. Her feet cramped as her toes merged together into some hoof like thing, her tailbone stretched and curled into a small tail, extra sets of nipples dotted her chest and caused her to shiver as they stiffened from the cold. She felt her face pull outward as her nose became thick and misshapen, and her ears were growing larger by the moment.

    The fairy slowly circled the girl as she sat on the ground looking stunned. Laughing again the fairy flew closer.

    “There we go, you should have no trouble finding truffles now piggy, and since you cant exactly leave the forest looking like a sow your gonna be here until you learn to appreciate nature.”

    “Y-you… you turned me into a-”

    “A pig! Isn’t it great! Your so fat now, and that nose is adorable, I love it!” The fairy flew in close and kissed the girl’s snout. “I must say, it’s been a while since I’ve transformed anyone, but I haven’t lost my touch.”

    “I… I’m a.. a pig? How long am I gonna be stuck like this!?”

    “Oh I dunno, until you learn to respect the forest, then I’ll turn you human again.”

    “So all I have to do is learn to like the forest and I can turn back to my normal skinny human self, I can do tha-”

    “Woah-ho-ho, I said I would return your humanity, I never said anything about skinny. Your gonna stay fat like that so you remember what you learned here, besides, you looked so cute when you got fat.”


    “No buts piggy, time to find me some mushrooms, or you might end up looking like even more of a pig.”

    The girl let out a deep sigh and stood up on her trotters, the fairy had her good, she had to do exactly as she said if she ever wanted to be human again, and even then… she would never be skinny again, she would always be as fat as a pig…

    Make a wish

    You knew that your life as a man was dull and unfulfilled. If only you could be a woman you though. Everything would be so much easier. Becoming your ideal woman was the only thing on your mind. 

    You tried to court women that met your standards of beauty, to somehow live in their shadow as your wife, but they were never interested in you. 

    “I just wish I could be a thin beautiful woman,” you said aloud. You wallowed into your bed saddened by the lack in your life. 

    Entering a slumber, you dreamt that you were a beautiful woman. Great hair, perfect tits, excellent skin and a wonderful ass. You felt as if you were living this life for years in the dream. 


    But, the dream quickly turned into a nightmare as you saw yourself becoming lazy. You cared so little for how you looked and acted. Playing video games late into the night, binging on pizza and anime on Netflix. The ideal woman you were in your dream had lost control of herself. 

    Soon your body resembled how you treated it, with an ever increasing round gut. You were ballooning of out proportion but motivation was hard to come by, even finding time for showering was difficult between gaming sessions.


    That’s when you woke up in a panic about the dream. You were incredibly sweaty. “The power must be out,” you thought to yourself as you felt the temperature of the room. Rolling over onto your side proved to be a struggle. The sheets clung to your sweaty body. It felt as if a group of pillows were also encrusted onto your body from the sweat. Reaching down to pull them off came to no avail. You felt actual skin, and a lot of it. Just then the power came back on. You reached over and turned on the lamp. Light greeted your forearm and revealed the size of it. 


    Your arm looked huge, and your fingers looked like swollen sausages. Looking down you saw just how fat you were. Glistening thighs peaked your interests as your eyes followed the outline of your body. They were as wide as tree trunks. A fat gut hung low over your genitals. Reaching down you lifted up your paunch only to find chip remains buried underneath. A pair of soggy tits drooped towards your bulging belly, . 

    You rose to your feet and walked past your computer. Your round face greeted you as you glanced at the computer screen. Maybe a game of Overwatch could raise your spirits. Who knows, maybe someone would want to see your tits after you carry there sorry asses to victory. Too bad your social skills weren’t any help. 

    Maybe some food would be a better choice. You looked down and noticed the Doritos rolled up into layers of flab. You picked at the crumbs and tossed them into your mouth. Then you continued to the fridge. This was your new life. 


    I'd love to see a story where a guy is transformed into or gets absorbed into the armpit or chest hair of a hunk!

    I don’t respond to many anons, but this idea is too good to ignore. Just imagine it – the muscleman at the beach catches you staring and swaggers over. 

    “You like this?” he says, flexing. You stare up at him – tall, thick, tan, sweaty from the heat. All you can do is nod, lying down on your beach blanket.

    “You like THIS?” he says, kneeling in front of you. He raising his arm up, sticking the hairy pit right into your face. You can smell it. Musky, manly. The hairs are wet, natural, with no deodorant. Your take a deep breath.

    You weren’t expecting him to do anything more, but as soon as you breathe in, he grabs the back of your head and pushes your face into his armpit. You’re overwhelmed with the smell, the sweat smearing on your face, the salty taste of it. You open your mouth and your tongue makes contact with his armpit, licking and kissing and worshipping him.

    He lets go and you fall back. Is he bigger? No … no, you’re smaller. Your tight swimsuit is loose on you. Your towel is like a blanket. You’ve shrunk.

    “Get in here, shrimp,” he barks, reaching down to you. His hand is enormous, and he picks you up and tucks you under his arm, walking back over to the other bodybuilders – now you’re completely naked and being carried across the gay beach.

    They laugh when they see you. “Caught another one?” says one of his friends. He’s toweling himself off with a man he’d flattened like a sheet, and then folds the flattened man around his waist.

    Your giant muscle man sits down in a beach chair and raises and arm again. The smell hits you like a gust of wind. It’s so pungent and strong, so unclean.

    “You’re mine,” he grunts, once again mashing your face into his armpit. You’re so small now, and you feel yourself shrinking even smaller as you’re buried in the thick hair of his pits. Your body dwindles down and you can only inhale, lick, squirm under his grasp.

    The hand holding you against his armpit pulls your back for just a moment. You stare up at him. “Say goodbye, little man,” he says, then presses you back into his hairy pit. You feel the pressure against your body more than ever, like you’re being compressed from all sides. He lowers his arm, trapping your small body against his armpit. You struggle, but it’s no use. The smell of sweat and musk has made you weak and dizzy. His lowering arm presses you harder. You feel his muscles all around you, and your own body compressing… smaller … thinner … weaker … surrounded by the smell. You give in. You’re flattened. You’re nothing.

    He lifts his arm back up. There’s no sign of you – just hair that’s thicker than ever jutting out from his smelly armpit. He scratches his pits, and you feel his fingers rubbing over you – what’s left of you, at least. You’re just a patch of skin and hair under his arm, nothing more.

    Your master leans in to sniff at you. “Enjoy your new life, little fucker,” he says. “You fuckin’ stink.”

    Read more tales of sexy gay transformation by Douglas Benjamin: http://bit.ly/DBGPlus

    A Demotion In The Office And The Household

    Honey? Could you help me with this please? This shirt isn’t fitting me at all and this is the fifth shirt I’ve had to buy in as many weeks! You’ve been so helpful and supportive through all this though; I can’t believe you went out and bought this weight control girdle for me. Granted it seems to be shifting my weight into my chest and butt, not to mention it’s a little feminine, but you’ve just been great. You haven’t even mentioned how the extra weight has made my dick shrink away to nothing… You’re such a caring and wonderful wife.

    All this weight gain is really stressing me out, it’s starting to affect my work. Mr. Conover says if I keep this up he’s going to demote me to the secretarial pool! Hah, he’s such a kidder. I’m glad he’s been friendly with us though ever since he met you at the office party a while back. You guys really hit it off! Maybe the next time you guys go out you can talk to him about the pressure I’ve been under and he can help me out?

    Oh? He’s coming here for dinner? Tonight??? You want me to cook, but just for the two of you? No that’s fine, I shouldn’t be eating extra food when I’m trying to lose weight. Speaking of, it’s about time for my protein shake. You’re sure this will help me lose weight? I seem to have gained most of this weight since I’ve been drinking it. It’s the same one Mr. Conover drinks? He recommended it to you for me? I guess it will start working eventually then, he’s hot and has a body that I’d just love to… uhhh, what was I about to say?

    Well babe, you better go get ready. Dress to impress because I have a feeling tonight will be a night that changes our lives forever!


    Hi transgirl 25 years old 6'0 A cup breasts and 145lbs. I would like to be transformed by my biology professor who decides she wants me to be her short voluptuous constantly horny baby cowgirl / lesbian sexpet so she can finally be the mommy she wanted to be but can't because she is sterile

    You’ll be working in the lab when your vial explodes. “Everyoneout!”, your professor will shout. “Not you,” she’ll say quietly,putting out a hand to stop you.

    The room will be empty. You’ll feel dizzy. “I want youto know that I fought with myself a very long time about this,” she’llsay. You’ll moan as your tits start to get heavier. Something will be wrongwith your throat. Your shirt will stretch, trying to contain your swellingboobs. “You’re my student. I’m supposed to protect you.”

    She’ll look taller–and then you’ll realize you’re losingheight. “What’s…what’s happening?”, you’ll gasp as you get shorter.Your ass will fill every inch of your pants. She’ll sigh as she grabs it,feeling it get fatter. “You were just…too hot. I’m sorry, my calf.”

    “Your–your WHAT? I'mmmmm not CALF! I'mmmm a collegestud*MOOOOOOOOOOO*!”, you’ll yell. Your eyes will go wide. Your crotchwill be on fire. She’ll rub your huge boobs with one hand and your fat ass withthe other, kissing you hard. “Of course you are, babygirl,” she’llwhisper. “You’re mommy ’s pride and joy.”

    “Mommmmmmy, what are you DOOOOOOOOOOing?”, you’llgroan, trying to fight how horny you are. You’ll never be a student again, butyou’re absolutely the teacher’s pet.


    21 y/o trans girl obsessed with feet and transformation. I like the idea of serving feet and it changing me, preferably into something inanimate

    Thenext time you’re trying on shoes, you’ll feel dizzy. Your mind will fill withfeet, feels, toes, foot porn, shoe ads, socks. You’ll blink and try to focus,but every thought is of wrinkled soles and thick feet and sweaty sneakers aftera run. You’ll drift over to the woman next to you, who looks terrified, andshove her tiny, hot feet in your greedy mouth. She’ll let you, though she won’tknow why. The other women will find their feet stuck to the floor. One by one, they’llbecome yours. Soon, everyone will become yours.

    Trade places


    Hi. Glad to see you came.

    I know I was pretty vague in that message I sent you, so I’ll get straight to the point now.

    Would you like to… Trade places with me?

    You know, as in… Switch our bodies.

    Yeah, I know you think I’m joking.

    But let’s imagine that it could be done.

    Would you be willing to do it right here, right now?

    I’ve been surveying your porn browsing habits for quite a while, you know.

    I know that becoming a fat girl has been a dear fantasy to you for some time.

    Now is finally your chance to make that dream come true.

    All you have to do is accept.

    Our minds will swap places… And my sexy body and all that comes with it will belong to you.

    And then I will walk away like nothing happened.

    And we will never see eachother again.

    Are you ready to make that kind of a leap?

    I promise that you’ll love it.

    Food, attention, sex…

    You’ll love everything about your new life as a big beautiful woman.

    And I’m sure you’ll do a great job at it…

    So what are you waiting for?

    Hurry up and decide before I change my mind…

    A part time job at the local magic shop was the perfect way to get some inspiration for her new book. She had always wanted to write a fantasy novel, but she just couldn’t find where to start. The dusty old shop with all of it’s antique tomes and strange artifacts was bound to give her some ideas. It had been three weeks since she started, and today was the first day that she was manning the shop on her own. The owner had left for the day, claiming some type of spiritual imbalance downtown that require his attention. Today was a slow day, since the boss had left she had only had one customer, who bought some incense so she could use the customers only bathroom. Other than that, silence, which was actually  fine by her. Once she finished dusting the shop, then frowning at how the dust seemed to immediately return, she set up her laptop and tried to write a chapter for her book. As she busily hen pecked at the keys typing out another uninspired paragraph she slammed her fist on the counter and bury her head in the keyboard. Her writers block was immense and she could not concur this beast. What she didn’t see was that her slam on the counter had knocked over a smooth metal cylinder from a nearby shelf, it rolled down the slightly tiled length of the shelf until it fell off the edge. Striking the shelf below it, knocking the lid of the rune inscribed silver tube off as it tumbled top over end toward her huddled form. *Smack* Something hard hit her firmly in the back and she swore loudly as she stood up to see what was attacking her. Nothing and nobody presented itself, she was alone. She closed the lid of her laptop and took a step back from the counter, only to slip in something slick and loose her balance. *Slam* *Splat* She groaned and tried to push herself to her knees only to slip again. She looked around, she was covered in some clear blue liquid, that was as slippery a lubricant as she had ever seen. As hard as she tried to get a purchase she just flailed on the ground further, and got more covered in the stuff. After a few helpless minutes she managed to get herself to her feet, her clothes were ruined, stained all the way through with the goo, which clung to everything it touched. She slowly made her way out back to the storage room, remembering a few spare wizard robes or some such nonsense. As she closed the door to the storage room she started to feel like she was sinking in on herself. the door handle started to rush up at her as she became closer in height to its level, and she tried to cling to anything she could to stop her fall, but for the second time this afternoon she fall backward with a wet thud and splat. As she lay on the ground she watched as her legs seemed to loose definition, melding together into a formless blob, quite similar in color to the strange liquid she had been doused in. Yet more concerning was that the color seemed to slowly spread up her body, and her clothes melted into her, disappearing entirely. Her body seemed to become semi transparent as it turned blue and melted like an ice cream on a summer day. There was no time to try and figure out what to do and within moments she looked like a blue puddle spilled on the floor. For a moment everything was quiet and dark, it took her a second to figure out that she still had senses, they just took a little effort to focus. First her hearing returned, then her sight. Everything looked blue, and the shape was quite disorienting. It was as if she was seeing from every angle of the liquid form at once. She focused harder and her sight seemed to pinpoint from one location. A pair of eyes formed in the puddle and she blinked them. She kept focusing harder for lack of a better plan, and eventually her body started to reform into it’s original shape… mostly. She still looked a bit like an ice cube that had sat out a bit too long, but she had shape, he had curves… hell her head had even returned to it’s original color for the moment. *Later that afternoon* She sat behind the counter busily typing away. The chapters had come to her in rapid succession now, and she was making more progress than she had made in months. She had never had so many ideas before, but then again, she had never turned into a googirl before either. She smiled as she reached out to grab a water bottle from the mini fridge on the either side of the area behind the counter. Her arm stretched and lost definition as it neared the cooler, becoming a firm blue tentacle like shape as it wrapped around the door handle and pulled it open. as her arm moved back toward her it regained its normal color and shape and she opened the bottle and took a long drink. This job was just the inspiration he needed…

    Fat Girls at the Gym

    A request from @michael—johnson

    I’m a pretty fit guy, working on building my upper body, but hey, a little cardio never hurt anyone!


    Each time I push the gym door open I get a blast of cold air, like they keep the temperature lower to help keep people cool. Today it’s busy, there’s no room in the weights area and nearly every cardio machine is taken!


    There’s a girl finishing up on a skiing machine, I gotta snag it before anybody else does. Fuck, she’s a fatty, probably 150lb overweight, probably why the temperature is kept so cold, so lard asses like her don’t overheat.

    The machine hand grips are still warm, I can still smell her perfume. The sloppy bitch didn’t even wipe her sweat off the machine either!


    For fuck sake, I can’t get away from her, she’s moved onto an exercise bike in front of me, looks like I’m gonna be gazing at her fat ass for the next 20 minutes! Gah.

    Her ass is so big, she’s wearing black yoga pants like 2 sizes too small, she’s got such a muffin top, her thighs and ass are jiggling. She’s trying hard though, I shouldn’t be too hard on her.


    My mind wanders back to the skiing machine, ‘I’m really feeling it today’, eyes gaze over the effort level, it’s only set to 8! I usually cruise along at 12! Only 10 minutes in to the work out! My arms and thigh muscles are starting to ache, and the skin feels more wobbly than usual. I need to come her more often!


    Another 10 minutes later I’m gasping, the machine bleeps as I step off. My brand new bright pink trainers slip on the sweaty floor, too winded to use the towel to wipe down the machine I walk over to the water fountain, not noticing the guy behind frowning for me failing to wipe the machine down.

    The cool water was refreshing, I dabbed water on my forehead but was met with strands of hair. I scooped the hair from my forehead up and over and behind my ears.

    Next machine is the stationary bike! But they’re all taken, ‘fucking January gymmers’ I mutter under my breath ‘They sign up for their New Year’s resolution, but never make it past the 3rd week’. Just then the fat girl from before stepped off her bike. Rushing over to snag her bike, still hot and sweaty from the machine before, usual set up… raise the saddle, adjust the handlebars, log out ‘Jen’ from the lap counter.. the fat girl probably didn’t know she had to log out after she finished, punch in 20 miles distance, go!


    After half a mile it got difficult, like, really difficult, gasping for air, thighs, bum, and calves dull, numb aching tired. Thank god I was leaning forward, haunched over the handlebars, the tight lycra top was wearing was itching and rubbing my pecs though.


    After one mile I slowed down to 5mph, each pedal push took so much effort, at least my top wasn’t rubbing anymore, in fact it was drooping loose beneath me, at least in the chest area. After another 3 minutes I had to change my position, sitting upright on the bike, still pedaling though! I got out my phone, I forgot to check in to the gym on Facebook!! and everyone knows that if you don’t check in then you don’t loose the calories, lol! Anyway, back to pedaling, I gotta break my personal best of 3 miles! I gotta hold the handlebars far apart else it looks like I’m squeezing my tits together. I already caught a guy trying to look down my top.


    I could only manage another five minutes before giving up, I was so close to my PB today. Probably would have made it if I didn’t have to keep stopping to lower the seat.

    Looking across for Jenny she was just about to step onto a treadmill, I really admired her, she’s been coming to the gym for about a year now. She’s lost about 100lbs, I’m so totally jealous. Anyway, I head over to the treadmill next to her. She starts running, I set the machine to a fast walk.

    “It’s all about willpower babes” she tells me, barely breathing hard, “you just gotta eat right, and change little things in your life… like take the stairs instead of the elevator, switch from regular soda to diet soda, and cut out the fast food”. I tried to imagine making the changes to my life, but it just seemed too much, I slowed down the treadmill to a slow walk.

    I couldn’t help but admire Jen’s body, there’s no doubt she has what it takes, she’s lost about 150lb so far, when we first became friends she was huge, but since losing the weight she’s gained so much confidence, she’s going out more, she’s even got a boyfriend now, lucky bitch! My feet are hurting now, my trainers feel stiff and are rubbing. I stop the machine, and sit on the edge waiting for Jen to finish up. My top is so tight, and I’m sure my pants are giving me a muffin top. I try to put my elbows on my knees to cover up my belly rolls, I wish I had looser gym clothes, I feel so self conscious right now.


    Jen’s finally finished, In the changing room while I’m trying to button my jeans she tells me it’s normal to feel a bit self conscious the first time I come to the gym, and when she started guys and girls were looking at her ‘the fat girl in the gym’ but it’s important to keep at it because it’s worth it. She even offered to give me some of her old gym outfits she’d shrunk out of, but something tells me I’m not gonna come here again….


    …I guess I’m OK being the fat friend :-( x




    She flipped the remote over and popped in the two batteries and it instantly hummed and let out a beepy jingle as it power on. She laughed to herself at the novelty of the so called “Universal Remote” actually controlling even a TV let alone the universe. If it was actually magic it would have weighed more, or at least she would have heard of Warlock Industries by now, and what were these settings anyway, species, target, size, duration? She aimlessly pressed buttons and watched as the tiny display screen showed the supposed changes. She hit the reset button and decided to test the device out. “Target… me… species… hmmm… well I love dogs, so dog. Transformative Percentage? Uhm… 40%? I don’t wanna go too high I guess…” She frowned as more sub menus popped up. “This is… detailed…” She read over so many things she got a little confused, and before she was done she had set it to make her a little bit more doglike mentally as well. What she didn’t realize was she had hit the wrong button on the duration setting, and until she hit the reset button the effect would remain semi permanent. She hit confirm and instantly felt a sharp shock from the device. A green light flashed from it and she felt like she had just grabbed an electric fence. The device fell from her shocked fingers and clattered to the wooden floor. She felt a wave on energy wash over her and the room spun. She staggered toward the stairs and collapsed as her feet no longer seemed to support her weight. her toes curled and twisted, her very bones seemed to be moving. She wished the stairs had a railing so she could grip onto them as her feet rapidly became pawlike, and her legs took on a digitigrade stance. She kicked out in fear, watching the doglike legs move as if they were her own…. They were her own, she had… paws.. She went to touch them to feel if they were real and saw small hairs on her hand. She held it up to her face just in time to watch it go through a similar process as it to began to become canine in shape. She looked out onto the floor to find the remote, hoping to stop whatever she had done only to see it scattered and three or four pieces on the ground. The cheap craftsmanship that had convinced her it was a gag had proven treacherous and the remote was broken beyond repair, along with any chance of reversing this. She whimpered as her back twitched and her spine lengthened into a thin tail, thickening as hairs grew in. Her ears became pointed and gradually moved up her head as the bones of her skull moved in a disconcerting manner. After the ringing sensation stopped she realized she was panting a little, but otherwise… fine, if you could call having paws instead of hands or feet fine. She braced herself against the carpeted stairs, the feeling her her new hands… feet? Whatever they were, they felt odd as she got up to a standing position. She took a cautious step forward trying to get used to her new stance. It felt… well it was beginning to feel more natural than she would have expected, her tail wagged happily at the thought of the minor success that she could still walk around. Actually she could move pretty fast once she got used to it she thought, the sound of her clawed toes clacking against the wooden floor. She knew that she should try and find the companies website and order a replacement if she could manage to type, but all she wanted was to find something to chew on while she watched some TV. Maybe some chips… or… or some jerky… yeah something meaty… or no… Peanut butter! Or a big bone, yeah that would be awesome… Her tail wagged as she thought of all the tasty things she could eat, all thoughts of trying to reverse her current canine condition banished by a shortened attention span and a empty belly.

    Mike fussed with his hair, and moved side to side, but still couldn’t find an angle he liked. He’d screwed up again. When he found the magic amulet that gave him 3 body swaps, he figured he’d only need to use it once every couple of decades, but within a few months he was on his final one. 


    The first swap was wasted due to his poor understanding of the amulet, when he managed to swap with his sister accidentally. The second swap he’d used to get into this previously fit, toned body. He’d lived it up as a college girl, but old habits die hard. He wasn’t particularly fit as a man, and he’d taken terrible care of this body too. Within 6 months, he’d managed to put on nearly 30 pounds and wasn’t liking the way he bulged and jiggled in his old outfits. 

    He’d decided tonight was the night, he’d go to the local frat party and find a final place for his body. He definitely liked being a girl, but he’d find someone who was already skinny and keep himself in shape from there. Definitely.

    Almost immediately after turning up, he found his new body. A cute face, nice rack, slim waist, and one of the best asses he’d ever seen. Two perfect melons hung out of a skin tight thong. She was perfect. 


    He rubbed the amulet, whispered the incantation and felt his spirit lift away from his chubby body. He surged his astral form forward, desperate with glee which quickly turned to panic. Someone called the girls name, she turned, she moved away. But he couldn’t control himself now, the magic was in motion. He slammed forward and prayed he’d hit one of the similarly attractive girls around her, but watched himself weave through them. He turned his ghostly head back with a mournful glance at the intended body and suddenly snapped to reality as he landed in a body.

    He felt heavy arms, and chafing thighs, and sweaty tits, and cursed as he realised he’d landed in a body not too different from when he was a man…


    “… Turn you back?”

    You foolish mortal.

    Do you have any idea how merciful I am just by allowing you to live?

    The only reason you’re still breathing is because destroying you would make my return to demon realm much longer.

    And you dare to complain just because I turned you into a member of the opposite sex?

    Don’t test my patience.

    I can see the darkest desires of men, you know.

    You wanted this.

    … Oh? So you wanted to be a female, just not a large one?

    Well, that I cannot help with.

    Bodies gotten through dark magic come with their downsides.

    This is the skinniest you’ll ever be.

    But probably not the biggest.

    You’ve lost the willpower to resist the temptations of food and pleasures of the flesh.

    My advice is to just embrace it.

    The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll be happy.

    Become the fattest, sluttiest little nympho this school has ever seen.

    Now send me back.

    If I am not in the demon realm within five minutes, I will give you the worst chronic flatulence problem the humankind has ever seen.