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2019-05-08 06:18:25

    SEE FULL IMAGE AND VERSIONS HERE:https://vincentmcart.blogspot.com/2019/05/v-wins.html

    Some people don’t know how to behave when they’re gaming and then, lose. Ah, bad losers. I haven’t ever feel like that, because I always win ;) Fortunately, Dakari is the perfect partner for a gaming night!

    Thank you very much to Rated L for commissioning such a funny piece, I’ve loved working on it!

    Commission Update, Round 7:
    SLOT 04V-19. Confirmed. Rei & Asuka (Evangelion). Finished.
    SLOT 03V-19. Confirmed. Alita. Finished
    SLOT 05V-19. Confirmed. Vianca x Dakari. Finished.
    LOT 07V-19. Confirmed. Ciera. Current in progress.
    SLOT 06V-19. Confirmed. Aphrodite x Medusa. Sketch approved.
    SLOT 08V-19. Reserved. Valyasha.
    SLOT 09V-19. Reserved. Oboro.
    SLOT 10V-19. Reserved. The futa & the scientist.
    SLOT 11V-19. Reserved. Dawn.

    (“Confirmed” means paid slot. “Reserved” means taken but not paid yet.)


    Nice to finally see Vianca getting black cock.

    I Guess This Is the End...

    So it seems that Tumblr has decided they want to remain a cesspool filled with SJWs and teenage girls that fawn and obsess over dead serial killers by basically kicking off atleast 40% of their userbase. What a shame. Oh well I guess.

    I started this blog in April of 2016, and in the last two and a half years and over 1,040 posts/reblogs later, I’ve had a lot of great faps. I want to say thank you to all 319 followers of this blog (Even if the vast majority of you are probably bots lol), I appreciate you all. And I wanna let you all know that I did this stuff purely for the fun of it, I didn’t care about the numbers, I just liked to reblog any hot IR pr0n I liked for myself and others to see.

    What will suck about this ban is that I’m not sure if Tumblr will delete and destroy all NSFW blogs when this all becomes effective, or if they will let the blogs stay up but just can’t post or reblog adult content. Cus to have over two and a half years worth of content removed and out-of-sight for me to never be able to see. That’s why even when they made tags useless, I still took the time to tag everything I reblogged so that not only myself, but everyone else that would visit my blog could find a specific character or series they were in the mood to see pr0n of. I liked doing this blog as sort of an archive for me to keep going back to have stored material to fap to. I know most of the stuff on my blog you can probably find on most rule 34 websites but the obscure stuff might be a pain in the ass to find later on.

    So incase this blog won’t be here after December 17th, you can add me on Discord if you want to keep in touch and talk pr0n and stuff. My username on there is  SomeDude51#9535. Still undecided on whether or not I’ll make a Twitter or an account on some other site for the NSFW blogging community that might end up taking over Tumblr in the future, but if I do I’ll just tell you/link you them via PM on Discord, so just add me on there for now.

    I also recommend a site called blacked.booru.org, it’s a fairly new but great place for IR pr0n and hentai if you’re into that like I am, and you don’t have to deal with any of the morons and trolls like on all of the r34 sites. And shoutout to the mods there, who always keep the place up to date and organized and are always uploading stuff there.

    Anyways, I’m rambling on here and it’s like 4 AM right now so I’ll wrap this up. Closing words: It was a hell of a ride, wish you all the best in the future, goodbye my friends. Peace P.S. Have a Merry early Christmas.