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    This is SUPER important to spread around, not just because it protects people in this case with this movie, but because it sets a precedent. If we spread this and talk about it and make it clear that we appreciate them sharing this warning, on a movie as big as Star Wars, that tells the film industry that this is a good thing to do on other movies, too.

    Don’t get your sex ed from fanfiction!

    Get it from


    Not even joking, y'all, Scarleteen is an amazing resource that deserves attention and (if you've got the cash for it) donations so they can keep providing thorough education about sex, consent, relationships, etc to folks of all ages who need it.

    @sage-derby Yes!!!

    Here’s a rundown of their general policy, from literally the first article I clicked on just now:

    As you might be getting from that, they’re pretty intersex inclusive, too. Here’s a sample of something that’s a little more directly about sex-specific stuff in case you’re thinking “well but they said that was just about pleasure tho”:

    They have a lot of sections on their site, but number two is Gender:

    “That’s probably just like hetero gender dynamics stuff tho...” Nay nay! Here’s a few of the articles from the first page of their “Gender” section:

    Scarleteen was a huge help to me as a trans person. They have a live chat that has sex-ed type folks giving real-time answers, and even just the staff+volunteers who happened to be attending to the live chat were able to help me with weird niche trans problems - a decade ago, when trans people, it seemed, damn near didn’t exist. They are EFFING AWESOME and want to help you!!!!

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    i am now realizing that that phrase is one of the most canadian things i’ve typed in some time 

    one of us

    what, canadian?? 

    At come November at your lattitude, is there really a difference between Canadians and Vampires?

    These dudes are fucking legit.  They don’t just show up one day in court, either, they actually make friends with the kids and let them know they have a support system and that there are people in the world who care about them and will always have their back.  And less important, but also cool, is that the few times a couple of them have come into my cafe, they’ve been super friendly and polite and when I told one of the guys that I noticed his Bikers Against Child Abuse patch and wanted him to know how awesome I thought he was because of it, he got kind of shy and blushed and said, “The kids are the awesome ones, we just let them know they’re allowed to be brave.”

    The source is long, but so, so good. These men and women are available in 36 states, 24 hours a day to stand guard at home, in court, at school, even if the child has a nightmare. Many of them are survivors of childhood abuse as well, and know what it’s like to feel scared and alone.

    In court that day, the judge asked the boy, “Are you afraid?” No, the boy said.

    Pipes says the judge seemed surprised, and asked, “Why not?”

    The boy glanced at Pipes and the other bikers sitting in the front row, two more standing on each side of the courtroom door, and told the judge, “Because my friends are scarier than he is.”

    Actual tears.. hnngh


    Show me more of people like this, world. I give up on humans too easily.

    where do i sign up for this,i want to be in this gang


    This is fucking amazing. It may be out of character for me to say this but rock on

    Bikers Against Child Abuse was founded in 1995 by a Native American child psychologist whose ride name is Chief, when he came across a young boy who had been subjected to extreme abuse and was too afraid to leave his house. He called the boy to reach out to him, but the only thing that seemed to interest the child was Chief’s bike. Soon, some 20 bikers went to the boy’s neighborhood and were able to draw him out of his house for the first time in weeks.

    Chief’s thesis was that a child who has been abused by an adult can benefit psychologically from the presence of even more intimidating adults that they know are on their side. “When we tell a child they don’t have to be afraid, they believe us,” Arizona biker Pipes told “When we tell them we will be there for them, they believe us.
    ( Article)

    More about BACA, from their site

    My parents are a part of this organization and they are metal af

    They go on runs to protect the child if they feel even the slightest threatened no matter where. If the child needs them to go on vacation with them, they do. Bikers come from across the nation to watch over and take shifts for these kids. And the best part is once you’re adopted into this family as a BACA kid, you’re always one. Even when you’re 40 and the perp gets released from jail, they’ll come meet with you and find your best options for avoiding the person and maintaining the life you’ve built for yourself. Once a BACA child, always a BACA child. In Florida, there’s 100% rate for identifying the perp based on the child’s testimony. Why? Because BACA stands with the child and supports the child so they feel comfortable enough to point out their attacker.

    What’s better than a badass biker gang being on your side???


    it’s back! I will always reblog BACA


    Damn good people.

    I know they wouldn’t consider themselves such, but these people are freaking heroes and the world is a better place because of them. 

    Hey folks, it talks about this in the article but its not mentioned in this post, BACA is a 501 © (3) charity that depends in part on donations to help pay for stuff like gas for their bikes. If you want to help, consider donating

    @copperbadge You like posting about heroes, Sam. Seems like this would be up your alley.

    I love these folks! I’ve reblogged them before but it’s wonderful to see the donation information has been added. 


    Always reblog. Keep doing what you’re doing y'all.

    Guys? This post changed my life. I saw this post. Forever ago. And thought it was only in america… and wished desperately that they could help me. But then I saw it again, during a bad episode, and checked their site. They aren’t just in the USA

    They’re in Canada as well and probably other countries. I met and talked with a native guy who runs the place near me. His name is Shaman. I got in, and I’m considered a BACA child now. Despite being 17, turning 18 when I talked to them. They spent time with me when my abuser was over, they gave me therapy resources. They give you something called a ‘level 1′ where they go to your house with as many bikers as they can, i shit you not a solid 20-40 bikers came from even out of province, and met me. I got to choose my biker name and I got a vest with patches on it and my name on it. They all hugged a Teddybear before giving it to me, and told me if I ever felt the BACA bear was running out of love, to give them a call and they’d refill it for me, and then I got a ride on one of their bikes. Just a day or so ago I went to an annual party with them and they we ate food one of them cooked and had a lot of laughs. 

    I’ve never felt as loved as I did being a part of the BACA family. They also gave me dog tags with the names, and phone numbers of my 2 workers.  So I can call them whenever I feel scared. 

    BACA is an absolutely wonderful group that will do everything in it’s power to help any child whos been abused. 

    And it doesn’t end when you’re 18 either. As long as you get in contact/get your level 1 before you’re 18? you’re ALWAYS a BACA kid. I’m 18 now and they still invite me to parties, ask me if I’m okay, and are there for me. They’re still trying to find me resources for therapy. 

    BACA has changed my fucking life. 

    I hope you all can read this, and reblog it knowing from someone who fucking been with them, that they are absolutely amazing. 

    If I ever don’t reblog this, it’s because I am physically being restrained against my will.

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    Look, reanimation is a Process, okay

    “Reanimation is a process” is a sentence that just makes me want to play a Necromancer as a very deadpan Build-A-Bear employee.

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    If only if only the woodpecker sighs the bark on the tree was as soft as the sky why the wolf waits below hungry and lonely he cries to the moon if only if only



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    Ppl be like “ I want an actual male gem, not just Steven.”

    Jeez, it’s like having only one character

    to represent your whole gender

    in a group composed all of another gender

    is a bit upsetting huh?

    I wonder


    that’s like

    no really

    can you 

    even imagine

    what this lack of representation









    none of the listed shows are named after the one female character, either

    it’s actually physically impossible for me to not reblog this post.

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    it’s almost

    as though

    this happens

    almost constantly

    But normally you don’t notice, because it’s not about you.


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    it keeps 




    Fun fact! This has a name. It’s called the Smurfette Principle (because Smurfette is probably the most obvious example of this imbalance).