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    yknow at this point if gou isnt confirmed to be crushing on ash id be VERY surprised. obviously its not the main focus of the show (and it shouldnt be) but all the little things the staff has thrown in is very good evidence. if gou was female/had a female companion in his place, all those things he does would very easily be accepted as a girl crushing on him. why not a boy too? in this essay i will


    Happiness Will Come To You.


    when tho


    When You Least Expect It. Probably Late March


    reblog for happiness to come for you in late march!


    I reblogged this last year and I hung out with blink-182 backstage on March 30. Reblogging again because it worked the first time.


    honestly, last year one of the best days of my life happened in late March


    Hey, I’ll give it a shot!

    I just realized something

    I just love how Gou is like the calm, rational and collected one and Ash is the usual hotheaded, energetic, sunshine boy.

    But when they are in battle (or catching pokemon, yes Gou I am looking at you specifically) their personalities switch and they act like complete opposites. They balance each other out perfectly.

    Now that’s what you call a great dynamic!