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    “BW- Throbbing in Mouth”

    Yes, keep watching as your boyfriend cums in my mouth. Tell yourself you’re being open minded by agreeing to an open relationship. Convince yourself it’s a good thing that there’s someone else to handle his constant demands for sex instead of him always pestering you for it.

    Don’t think about what happens when he stops asking you for sex because it’s easier to get elsewhere. Don’t be upset when he doesn’t cum with you because he too recently came with me. Don’t worry about what it means when he acts annoyed when you have to start begging him to fuck you. Don’t assume the relationship is over just because he treats you like an intrusive roommate any time you’re in the same room.

    Just remember to keep convincing yourself this is a good thing.

    “Anyone who is observant, who discovers the person they have always dreamed of, knows that sexual energy comes into play before sex even takes place. The greatest pleasure isn’t sex, but the passion with which it is practiced. When the passion is intense, then sex joins in to complete the dance, but it is never the principal aim.”

    Paolo Coehlo….Eleven Minutes (via texassiren)