Sonic Sophie
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2022-01-21 21:58:31

    I love it when you run your hands all over my body, grabbing & squeezing my rolls. I adore talking about how much bigger I am, hearing your shocked voice as you tell me how much I have grown. It’s something that truly arouses me, I just cannot get enough of it! Seeing you jiggle my fat & watching your eyes light up as everything jiggles & wobbles. My entire body is just consumed by fat! A complete blubbery mess & we both love it!


    Pls ***REBLOG***


    Your witch really needs to start being careful about her weight. Her big belly squishes out below her corset now, needing somewhere to escape as she desperately pulls at the laces.

    And every time she binges...she can barely hold back...it's like the spell that went wrong is just turning her into a completely different person...

    ...a fat, gluttonous slob, to be exact. Someone who clutches at the roll of fat escaping from her corset after a binge, bending over in pain as it digs into her overly full gut...

    ...and then desperately jostles her soft, fat gut until she's freed up enough room...for now. As you watch her play with her massive belly and belch right in front of you like the pig she's becoming, you find that you're very happy you accidentally mixed up the ingredients for her beauty potion.


    Soooooooo good