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    Oh you give author comment?? You give author little kudos on their fic?? LOVE FOR READER!! LOVE FOR READER FOR ONE MILLION YEARS!!


    What was the first property/media you read fanfiction online for?  🌈


    Sometimes I forget young people exist. I’m seeing people saying that their first fic was for FNaF or Good Omens or even MLP and I’m like “Haha wow that’s all pretty new, you must have been on the internet for a while before encountering fanfiction!” 

    And then the “oh no” hits. 

    So I have a follow-up question: What’s the first website you read fanfiction on? Mine was Quizilla, which doesn’t even exist any more! 


    What would the Obey Me characters have you or your OC/MC listed as your contact name? Feel free to play along!

    Contact names for Altaira (my oc):

    Lucifer: My Love💝

    Mammon: Bestie

    Levi: Player 2

    Satan: LOML

    Asmo: 💄🛍

    Beel: Salty Alty

    Belphie: Pillow Pet

    Diavolo: My Wife❤😍🥰

    Barbatos: Miss A

    Simeon: Sweetness

    Solomon: Experiment 666

    Luke: Smarties


    My OC's contact names for the OM! Characters:

    Lucifer: Luci Baby❤️‍🔥

    Mammon: Bestie

    Levi: Player 1

    Satan: Sherlock Holmes

    Asmo: Fashionista

    Beel: Teddy Bear

    Belphie: Blanket Stealer

    Diavolo: SUGAR DADDY😍😘🤑🥵💖💫

    Barbatos: Chef Barb

    Simeon: Sweet Angel

    Solomon: Mad Scientist

    Luke: Cherub

    @pandasfoxes05 let's see what you got! And anyone else who wants to try, go for it!


    @sassykattery thanks so much for tagging me!!

    I love yours!!

    Here goes mine!

    Contact names they have for me:

    Lucifer: Amber ❤

    Mammon: Lovable brat

    Levi: GOAT

    Satan: My Other Half

    Asmo: Dimples 😘

    Beel: Pudding

    Belphie: Snuggles

    Diavolo: Beloved

    Barbatos: Mistress

    Simeon: Apple of my Eye

    Solomon: Sunshine

    Luke: Mom


    My OC's contact names for the OM! Characters:

    Lucifer: Luce 💙

    Mammon: Brat

    Levi: BFFL

    Satan: My love 🥰

    Asmo: Bestie

    Beel: Beelzabear

    Belphie: Snuggles

    Diavolo: Prince Charming

    Barbatos: Master

    Simeon: Key to my Heart

    Solomon: Mischief Maker

    Luke: Son

    This was really fun 😆

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    Akskfjd I've been tagged so much today I LOVE IT! <3 Thanks, Pandas! :') And your names were so creative omg! I love them!

    Contact names they have for Muse:

    Lucifer: Muse // gotta keep it simple for business ya know?

    Mammon: Muse the Human -----> Favorite Human🕸🍂🎃🔮🕯

    Leviathan: NoTaMuSeD // a.k.a Muse's Devilgram name :)

    Satan: Meowse🐾🐈‍⬛ -----> My Heart💙🐾🐈‍⬛

    Asmodeus: ♡~Muse~♡

    Beelzebub: Muse😎

    Belphegor: Edgey Insomniac -----> Try Me Bitch // Muse changed it after they found out what Belphie put as their contact name lol.

    Diavolo: 🖤Muse💙

    Barbatos: Coffee Addict

    Simeon: Dove🕊

    Luke: Best Friend! (Muse)

    Solomon: My Muse <3

    Raphael: Muse☔️ -----> Love💙

    Thirteen: 🔮Witch Bxtch🔮

    Mephisto: ❤️‍🔥Ignore This😒 -----> ❤️🔥Hot Mess❤️‍🔥 // Mixed signals much, Mephisto? 👀

    Contact names Muse has for them:

    Lucifer: Lucifer 💙

    Mammon: Mamms (Big Bro💛)

    Leviathan: 🐠Leviachan🐠 (BFF🧡)

    Satan: Literal LOML💚🐈📖

    Asmodeus: ♡Asmo♡

    Beelzebub: Beel 😎 -----> Beelzeburger 🍔

    Belphegor: 💤🌌 // No actual name here, just emojis lol

    Diavolo: 🖤Dia❤️ // They purposefully matched their contact emojis to their respective color themes... :') <3

    Barbatos: Coffee Police >:( -----> 💚Coffee Police :) // Barbatos changed his own contact name in Muse's phone bc he didn't like the angry face lmao

    Simeon: Light of My Life❤🫂

    Luke: Luke (Little Brother🤍)

    Solomon: 🕯My Other Half🕯 -----> ✨️Teach🔮 -----> Solo Man 4ever -----> Fuck You Belphie Stop Changing My Contacts -----> No :) Love Belphie <3 -----> 💫 The Husband 💫 // Little bit of a war going on there...

    Raphael: Raph⚔️ -----> Boyfie❤️

    Thirteen: 💀13💀 (Claire's GF)

    Mephisto: Don't Answer It -----> 🔥Flaming Dumpster Fire🔥

    Tagging @3vocatio @our-destiny @princiere @rinsuh annnnd anyone else who wants to join! <3


    ahh thank you so much @simeons-hot-cocoa; this is so exciting...! i had trouble narrowing everything down, haha


    LUCIFER.༉﹒a-uuuu!! — a wolf's howl

    MAMMON.༉﹒tico-tico — (<- say it really fast!) fast birdy

    LEVIATHAN.bi’bua — bubbling noise, like a fish

    SATAN. ༉﹒miiyaav :3c — a cat's meow

    ASMODEUS.hi-ooş — cutesy way of saying 'hi hiii!'

    BEELZEBUB.﹒ayçe — part of the word for 'sunflower seeds'; all you can eat

    BELPHEGOR.﹒çizi — cheese cracker eaten at tea time

    DIAVOLO.༉﹒prăpădită — lightheartedly(?) described as shithead

    BARBATOS. ︱✧༉﹒🍵 cri-cri-cri ♡ — the beautiful singing of a cicada's song

    LUKE.༉﹒piu piu!! 🐣— the cute chirps of a tiny chick

    SIMEON.༉﹒şimmi şimmi (๑╹o╹)φ — a play on simeon's name

    SOLOMON. ︱✧༉﹒ monSOLO — han solo from star wars

    ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ<|:•) solnuşko — a play on solomon's name

    RAPHAEL.༉﹒spoinki doinki — spoinky doinky :)

    THIRTEEN.boo! >:D — a word said suddenly to surprise someone

    MEPHISTOPHELES.chochom — wiseguy (affectionate)


    LUCIFER.aurum. — gold in latin; the treasure of his family

    MAMMON.﹒mom🙄 mom /mäm/ noun INFORMAL•DIALECT 1. one's mother. "my mom gave us each a slice of pizza"

    LEVIATHAN.༉﹒🆙seraphina IRL🆙 — a divine character mentioned as levi's figurine

    SATAN. ༉﹒thy lady amalthea — the unicorn's name from 'the last unicorn'

    ASMODEUS. ︱✧༉﹒ honhon!!💗 — cutesy abbreviated nickname for 'honey'; coincidentally sounds like laughter if you were french...

    BEELZEBUB.aurelia 😊— the only normal person here

    BELPHEGOR.༉﹒the idiot written by fyodor dostoyevsky — the idiot written by fyodor dostoyevsky

    DIAVOLO.༉﹒AURELIA. — her name in all capitals; could he be upset? or maybe he's excited! frustrated... enthusiastic!

    BARBATOS. ︱✧༉﹒ nykin ♡ — a term of endearment; (platonic) dear, darling

    LUKE.༉﹒aurelia aurita!🎐 — scientific name for moon jelly

    SIMEON.༉﹒miss delarivière (゚ ω゚//)♡ — derived from her psuedonym, bellamy delarivière

    SOLOMON. ︱✧༉﹒ aurLEIA — princess leia from star wars

    ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤʕ •ᴥ•ʔゝ☆ metuka — sweetheart; sweet like honey

    RAPHAEL. ༉﹒ weird telenovela person — she likes telenovelas & keeps sending him weird telenovela memes. help him.

    THIRTEEN.༉﹒kirby super star mass attack 9999 — powerful machine but in a respectful 'she' kinda way

    MEPHISTOPHELES.﹒AAA — triple A; name needed on top of contact list

    i tag

    ㅤㅤ⤹ ❝ @nyoureii, @chaosinterlude, @sevensigils, @sophieoflhant, @i23vhs, @raazberry and you! the person reading this, too! double you if i tagged you!! if you're my mutual and i didn't tag you, chances are i was very shy to tag ;w;;

    (no need to participate if you don't feel like it! you could use yourself instead of an mc or oc, too!)

    honorable mentions

    ㅤㅤ⤹ ❝ @rinsuh!

    (im SO obsessed with your answers for junie [anguished disappearing emoji gif here /pos] ... major 'the metamorphosis' by franz kafka vibes does that make any sense? and the matching contact names im so dkjscfndskj the little aranara smile :] for juno & barb and the moomin and the sonic and the greek legend for juno and the specific meme for sol & juno i am YELLING.)


    Thank you @3vocatio ! I'm terrible at nicknames and such, but here goes nothing!

    Their contact names for my MC:

    LUCIFER -> Human Exchange Student Kumira (and he never changed it after day 1...)

    MAMMON -> My First

    LEVIATHAN -> The Other🤝Nerd

    SATAN -> Kumira🐯

    ASMODEUS -> 👁👄👁!!!

    BEELZEBUB -> 🧸🤲

    BELPHEGOR -> 🤖💬 (because almost every time I express my true thoughts in-game, he tells me I'm boring💢)

    DIAVOLO -> Human Kumira!!!!

    BARBATOS -> Lady [insert surname I never thought of smh] (I like to headcanon Barb as someone who'd call the exchange student Lady/Lord/similar title until being specifically asked otherwise 😊)

    SOLOMON -> My Apprentice🪄

    SIMEON -> The Third Angel (set before S4 ; disillusional? probably.)

    LUKE -> Kumira 😇🍪 (they made each other cookies back in early S1)

    EDIT: I forgot about Raphael, Thirteen and Mephistopheles syajsbkamqma but let's go with this:

    RAPHAEL -> Kumira [Surname] (I know a fellow uninspired namer when I see one)

    THIRTEEN -> Old wizards f*cker (jk, she'd probably just register me as Kumira)

    MEPHISTOPHELES -> Kumira [Surname], Human Exchange Student, she/her, 23, House of Lamentation (yes, all of that is the contact name— he'd find a way)


    MC's contact names for them:

    [There is none. My MC is just fictional me, and I'm the type to put people's full names on my phone, including siblings, friends, and LI. 😔🤦‍♀️]

    Tagging: Anybody who feels like participating.


    Ten Characters, Ten Fandom, Ten tags

    @sparkbeast20 thanks for the tag Tia!! I had to cut the reblog because it was getting long!

    1. Diavolo (Obey Me)

    2. Alastor ( Hazbin Hotel)

    3. Chevalier Michel (Ikemen Prince)

    4.Sirius (Arcana Twilight)

    5. Noe (Vanitas no Carte)

    6. Satoru Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)

    7. Tengen (Demon Slayer)

    8. Dean (Supernatural)

    9. Ayato (Diabolik Lovers) [this was hard to decide because I also like Shu a lot!]

    10. Tokiya Ichinose (Uta no Prince-sama)[my absolute favorite reverse harem anime. I love Tokiya so much 💙]

    Tagging: @bunna-does-stuff @simeons-hot-cocoa @vonnez @delphi-dreamin @kannra21 @sassykattery @itsmeninerz

    Ahh I don't know who else to tag. I know it says ten and I don't even know if the ones I tagged want to do this. X.x so sorry you don't have to play along if you don't want to and I apologize for tagging you if you don't want to be tagged 😅😅😣


    Ooooo I get to think of ten characters! Let's go!

    1. Eugeo - SAO

    2. Samwise Gamgee - LOTR

    3. Vega - Arcana Twilight

    4. Yoosung - Mystic Messenger

    5. Solomon - Obey Me

    6. Darius Morgan - Tears of Themis

    7. Dipper - Gravity Falls

    8. Wirt - Over The Garden Wall

    9. Riku - Kingdom Hearts

    10. Kofuku - Noragami

    So glad @pandasfoxes05 tagged me so I can show some of my lesser known favs some love! I hardly ever talk about these guys (with the exception of Solomon + Vega lol), but I love them all SO MUCH!

    Tagging: @3vocatio @our-destiny @12am-motivation and anyone else who wants to do this!


    thank you @simeons-hot-cocoa! i already answered this not too long ago, but i'll put down the list again for you (☆^ー^ ) you have such good taste, ehe~ mainly looking at samwise because no one gives him enough credit!

    ₊ solomon -- OBEY ME.

    venti -- GENSHIN IMPACT.

    ₊ sypha belnades -- CASTLEVANIA.

    ₊ padparadscha -- HOUSEKI NO KUNI.

    angel -- CHAINSAW MAN.

    qifrey -- WITCH HAT ATELIER.

    ₊ rengoku kyoujurou -- DEMON SLAYER.

    ₊ yuki rurikawa -- A3! ACT, ADDICT ACTORS.

    ₊ dimitri alexandre blaiddyd -- FIRE EMBLEM: THREE HOUSES.

    ₊ n -- POKEMON.

    i tag …

    ㅤㅤ⤹ ❝ @rinsuh, @raazberry, @catboysolomon, @nyoureii, @chaosinterlude, @sophieoflhant, @alpine-forget-me-nots, @mee-op, @i23vhs, @sevensigils, & @pen-observing !!

    on the last post i mentioned that if anyone else sees this, they're free to chime in, too! this still applies ♡ especially because i don't know if all of you want to play or not >w>


    Thank you for tagging me @3vocatio >w

    The order doesn't matter.

    1. Hubert von Vestra (Fire Emblem: Three Houses) => Best FE3H boy. Go take over the continent for our Emperor, you tall man you.

    2. Solomon (Obey Me!) => I am not breaking the chain; Solomon shall be part of my list too. Also best OM! boy.

    3. Paimon (Genshin Impact) => Hesitated a lot for which GI character to pick but Paimon is an amazing companion so there she is.

    4. Kaworu Nagisa (Evangelion) => My boy finally finished his character development in the fourth movie; good for him. The dead half of my first actual OTP.

    5. Tamamo-no-mae (Fate/EXTRA) => Bisexual awakening. Need I say more?

    6. Colette Brunel (Tales of Symphonia) => Best girl from my first Tales Of Series game. Made me realize that people who are just casually nice deserve the universe.

    7. Ace (Heart no kuni no Alice) => The character who made me want to research the OG games after reading the Hoshino manga. Best choice of my life: I made great friends.

    8. Sandalphon (Granblue Fantasy) => Sad angy angel boy going on a trip with MC while his sad dead angel boyfriend learns how to make coffee. (they'll meet again)

    9. Saki Uno (Mahou Shoujo Ore) => As a magical girls enthusiast and an enjoyer of absurd humor, this manga/anime is peak quality. Also underrated and traumatized my friend.

    10. Takiko Okuda (Fushigi Yuugi: Gembu Kaiden) => Good girl best girl fighter girl girlboss; such a massive improvement from FY's Miaka. I dropped the Byakko manga because it wasn't good and refused to get better so the only FY heroine that matters to me is this wonderful role model from my teenage years. Also underrated manga; go read it.

    I have no idea whom to tag so if anybody wants to join, consider this an official invitation to do just that.

    HoYoLAB has so, so many aggressive anti-shippers it's crazy in a gross sort of way.

    Thinking about the aranara quest with the researcher investigating the remains of the ruin golem.

    More exactly, that moment when the game made a joke about the aranara being Paimon's imaginary friend, and the researcher tells the Traveler to be patient with Paimon (or something like that) because she must have been extremely lonely in the past.

    At first, I wanted to laugh at the joke – because that's what it was, a joke – but then it suddenly hit. Paimon's past is a mystery, she doesn't seem to have any specific goal of her own, and she clearly has separation anxiety...