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    You have nothing in common with that multimillionaire, even if you're both women... Believe me.


    And if you’re prepared to viciously defend some multimillionaire woman even and especially at the expense of the countless normal nonrich women who dare to criticize her, to the point where you are often EAGER to react hatefully & w genuine hostility toward these women allegedly for the sole purpose of “proving” that your favorite multimillionaire woman is actually a feminist who fosters an empowering community in which feminism thrives & meaningful change is possible........you are being played. You have been played! And you’re now so deep into it that you’ve actually started playing yourself. That isn’t feminism. It’s delusion

    this has been said before but I feel like it is very important to view being kind as something you do rather than something that you are because all people have the capacity for meanness and cruelty and often use it inadvertently but the point is to change your behavior and your attitude and practice paying attention and being selfless and sincere and vulnerable and putting kindness and warmth into your actions and words instead of being like oh I value kindness and thus I am such a good person. like it’s about the attempt

    Edits for people who don't know!

    1. Periods:

    When we have periods, we cannot fast in Ramadan, but we have to pay the lost days back by fasting in another month immediately!

    2. Medicine:

    Medicine is taken in Sahur or Iftar, the meals before and after fasting, however if your illness requires you to take it during the day, it's okay to not fast, but you still have to pay it back if you heal again.

    Point 1 and 2: it's done like this because your health comes first. Fasting requires you to be in optimal condition, and Allah will not force you outside of your own limitations.

    3. What if your Illness is so bad?

    If your illness cannot heal and you're sick all the time, you can pay Fidyah instead of paying the fast back. Fidyah is donating to feed the poor.

    4. Music

    Depending on different Madhabs or opinions, many people have debated whether or not Music is haram. It is often discussed due to some music having the ability to arouse sexual feelings or hinder worship in general. Ofc you can choose which opinions works best for you, you must know that if you do consider music not haram, don't let it hinder your prayers, fasting, or Quran reading.

    5. Swearing

    It doesn't officially break the fast, BUT it greatly reduces the rewards. Fasting is about self control, some say swearing makes your fasting useless even though it doesn't break it.


    i spent $32 on this fucking bowl at the moma and at first i felt bad buying it bc it was so expensive but ive had a terrible day today and every time i look at my lil bowl im like :o) you know what. i can get through anything with this bowl by my side


    i literally get what marie kondo was talking about now


    bc everyone keeps requesting to see it filled :)


    i think it’s really amazing how total strangers who have nothing in common but their shared love of a work of fiction will come together across distances and dedicate their time and energy working collaboratively to build an extensive, richly detailed fanon that completely fucking sucks


    you guys are so committed to being bad at interpreting things you’ll just straight up decide this post means the opposite of what i wrote and reblog it anyway