Wow Bro, that high pitched scream is embarrassing. It’s just a wedgie, it’s really not that bad. Not that I’d know from first hand experience, but I’ve dished out plenty of wedgies and only complete wimps react like you. If you squeal like that in public everyone will know you’re a loser for sure. If people find out how weak and pathetic you are, do you have any idea how bad that’ll make me look?

    I guess my only option is to be the one instigating your public ridicule. That way people will know that we aren’t equals even though we’re bros. I’ll have to be extra harsh so everyone knows it’s not just friendly teasing, but I think I can pull that off. Sure, it’s really going to suck for you, but what choice do I have? You see, if I yank on your underwear like this…you squeal and moan like that!

    Totally unacceptable Bro. Also, what’s with the briefs? What are you? Five? These are super lame dude.

    Of course, you’re super lame. A complete and total loser. No wonder you don’t even wear a real man’s underwear. Instead you wear fucking…underpanties! Haha, I like the sound of that: little boy underpanties.

    Now, I’m going to release your underpanties, and you’re going to immediately drop to your hands and knees to start kissing my shoes. If you don’t, my shoe will end up making direct contact with your ballsack. I know your balls aren’t as big as mine, or as productive as mine, but you still want to protect them, right?

    Now, get down on your weak, pathetic knees.