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    So long and thanks for all the fish..

    Lately, in light of the sex crimes being revealed to have been committed by various high-profile men, I’ve been struggling with some of the content on my blog I have finally come to the decision to deactivate. 

    I can’t control who sees my blog and if the “fantasy entertainment” I share serves to make even a single person feel validated in their disgusting thoughts towards women, then I bare some measure of responsibility for this toxic culture.

    To the rest of you, have fun and thank you for supporting this blog over the years.


    i wish my daddy would use me as his little cum slut and get me pregnant with my baby sister. i just wanna stay home all day waiting for daddy to come home and have his way with me but he hasn’t made any moves toward me even when i wear short skirts and no underwear and “accidentally” don’t wear bras around him (and sometimes no shirt

    He probably just thinks you’re normal slutty. He needs to understand that you’re slutty for daddy’s cock. Sit on his lap and ask him to cuddle.


    I honestly love premature ejaculation its so cute when guys get too excited and just cant help it.. i personally love when a guy is fucking me and his orgasm sort of takes him by surprise and hes left winded and confused


    I love seeing a young man fighting his orgasm back as hard as he can to no avail. It’s the ultimate control and tease, just knowing that he is on the edge as you slow your stroking, sucking, or riding to a snails pace…. and watch his face as he can’t control himself.


    Friendly reminder that allowing underage littles/pets/daddies/mommies/etc your blog if you post NSFW or kink material can get you up to 10 years in prison and can get you on the sex offenders registry for the rest of your life.

    It’s called “corruption of a minor” and “pandering obscenities to a minor” and it’s a third degree felony in the US.


    This is exactly why I don’t want any minors following me. Please, I don’t care if you’re 17, 17 and ¾, or anything less then 18. Stay off my blog, don’t follow, and don’t browse my page.


    Be gone 18 and under!



    We Are Expecting

    It has been a crazy few days. When Tom and I decided to naturally be intimate I always had the thought that this could happen, but didn’t think that it would be this soon and with us being a little careful. For the past while I haven’t felt like myself. So I had a feeling that I should check and after a few tests they each came out to be positive. I am pregnant. Thats where we are at right now. I hope to know more soon. Tom and I found out 2 days ago from now. We are both excited and very nervous about this but I have hope that there is a way for this to work. For the past few days we have talked a lot about the situation and we are going to go through this together. I am making sure that he is aware of whats happens from here. I really don’t know what else to say. Over a year ago I caught him peeking when i was taking a bath, 11 months ago we started being intimate and now our relationship takes a new step forward. Again, thank you everyone for supporting us.


    I hope one day incest relationships are not only excepted but encouraged and it is the cool thing to do and you can be like hey everyone I was riding my son way before it was cool 😎 and everyone will be like oh you are so lucky and they be jealous

    I agree and everyone should be able to be with who they want. Its always important to stay humble though. I am not much of a bragger anyway.Thank you for the message!


    A Note to Minors:

    I see a lot on tumblr lately regarding the defense of underage participants in a certain community, as well as the underage participants expressing anger that they are not welcome on NSFW blogs. As a NSFW blogger, as well as someone who has come to know various sex laws due to their career, I thought I would clarify some things:

    1. It doesn’t matter what the age of consent in your state is. Age of consent refers to the age that you are able to consent to sexual activity only.

    2. Even if you are able to consent at age 16 or 17, by law you are still a minor. Pornography cannot be sold or viewed by minors.

    3. If you are under 18 and you post explicit photos of yourself, you can be charged with creating and circulating child pornography, as the images contain a minor.

    4. It is normal to have interests in sex and kink, regardless of age. There are safe spaces on the internet to seek these out and ask questions regarding your interests. Spaces where you can communicate with other teens, that are well moderated and do not allow adults to freely graze and prey.

    5. As a minor, showing purposeful disregard for another blogger or a website’s request that no minors be present on the site (and for some explicit material, 21 is the age for legal viewership) puts the owner of that blog and/or website at risk. No one wants to see awesome sex bloggers get shut down or sex friendly spaces on the internet get hit for having underage members. Think about more than just yourselves.

    If you’re under 18, unfollow me. Don’t argue, don’t flame me, just unfollow. I’ll be the first person to high five you when you turn 18 and we can reminisce about how much it sucked to wait. Until then, peace out.


    Anyone under the age of consent please read and unfollow me.




    If you not of age of consent, please unfollow me. Feel free to return when you reach that age. Thank you


    Worth re-blogging


    If you are under 18 years of age, please unfollow me


    This applies entirely to my blog as well. Thank you.


    This applies to this blog as well.

    Please unfollow. Mature adult audiences only.


    The same applies to my blog too young ones, you will be more than welcome once you are 18


    Same here.  If you are a minor, GET LOST and don’t come back until you’re legal.


    If you’re under 18 and reading this please leave my blog and return when you are of age.