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    I had been going to book club for a few months and had struck up a friendship with Sasha. She was extremely beautiful and when we would go for a coffee after class it was difficult to ignore the attention she got from men. One time she was talking about the things her boyfriend would do for her in bed and I had to admit my husband never used his tongue on me. I asked her for advice and she suggested I dress sexy. I got to looking for plus sized lingerie that might do the trick. The next week she never showed up for book club. I checked my phone in the break and was confused to find a message from her of her perfect ass. She had also written …

    “I managed to do in a few hours what you couldn’t get from him in years. No way could your plus sized body fit into something like these. I am going back for more attention from your man’s mouth. Do you know I dont even have to do anything in return! My slim body is treat enough for him. Enjoy the poetry book at book club tonight. I wrote one especially for you so you never forget. You want to hear it?” I text back yes and almost instantly she replied:

    Men seldom lick asses

    of the fat wives in their houses,

    And they never make passes

    at pigs with lard asses.


    Perfect wife


    Oh, wifey… I already have your husband wrapped around my little finger. It WAS innocent, but you went out of town and left him alone. Now I’m here, in what’s about to become MY house. I’m laying in what WAS your bed (hell, you can keep it, it will be out by the dumpster, We’ll get a new one!) and about to fuck the man who is now MINE! My body is firm and perky, my holes are tight and wet, and my womb is FERTILE and ready for his seed! Can you say any of that? He tells me you’re flabby and fat, that your holes are loose and dry, and that you can’t have his children! He deserves to be a daddy to a growing brood, and a stud with a young wife he satisfies EVERY NIGHT! See you when you get back!


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    I’m perfect! And you, tubby, are definitely not! No wonder your husband can’t keep his hands off me, but hasn’t wanted to touch you in weeks!


    My husband has been spending a lot of money on coffee recently. So I decided to stop by and have a cup. Now I see why he is suddenly into americano


    I wish we had one of these. My husband doesn’t drink coffee but he damn sure wouldn’t forget to bring me a frappe as a surprise at least once a week.


    A few weeks later and your husband has gotten distant. He starts staying at work later, and is always “too tired” for sex. A few months later it’s “poker night” or “guys weekend” all the time, but he comes home smelling of unfamiliar perfume. It’s been a year since he got hard for you when he moves out and serves you with divorce papers. You see him out with his new girlfriend one night. She’s gorgeous , and they are so into each other they don’t notice you alone at the bar. You watch as he gets down on one knee.


    Hi, me again. So last night I gave my fiancé a bj again and this time I nonchalantly left Facebook on one of my red headed friends’ profiles (I saw he had been stalking her in the history) He had a porno playing in the background (we’ve been doing that lately, he loves it & says nothing about it) my redhead friend recently posted a bikini pic (I’m too fat for a bikini) & I left it on there...he unintentionally pulled out & came in my hair which I hate. He’s def different lately, seems distant.

    Well that's because he's now thinking of other women instead of you. Have you thought of roleplaying as your redhead friend? Letting him call you her name.


    Omg this is such a great idea! Glad I found this.


    We were at lunch earlier and my husband couldn’t keep his eyes off her. Tan, beautiful, long hair, and perfect body. She noticed too. So fun to meet mean girls sometimes. Let me tell you she didn’t bat a pretty eyelash at me. She went out of her way to not even acknowledge me. My stomach was twisting in knots and my face was on dead fire, it was like he had forgotten I was even there, and he left our table without speaking a word to me. He walked up to her and told her how beautiful he thought she was. She finally looks at me and I know my face has utter humiliation written all over it. She just giggles And looks away. My now smiling husband offers to pay for her meal. She Smile’s so cute at him and looks at me again, he doesn’t look though, and she says “aren’t you having lunch with your wife.” Well she has seen the rings. He laughs not looking away from her. He says “I’d rather be having lunch with you.” I spend the rest of what was supposed to be lunch for me and my husband watching them flirt, soaking my panties and wanting to vomit I’m so furious. They leave together and I’m left to get an Uber to Get myself home. Now all I’m doing is fingering myself waiting for him to get home to give me a play-by-play and hopefully some pictures or a video.