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    Kept Boy — COMPLETE

    I thought I would compile all five parts into a single post, for convenience. Hope you enjoy!

    Summary: My longest story to date, following a handsome houseboy as he settles into a pampered life of idle hedonism, with some unforeseen consequences.


    Daniel groaned, lazing on the beach, bloated stomach cradled in his hands. He stifled a burp, knowing he’d overdone it… again. It was just so hard not to, when he had a mansion to himself and no company but a personal chef (who was happy to whip up whatever meals Daniel could think to ask for). That chef—Leon—was a little older than Daniel and incredibly talented, having trained at top culinary schools and in elite kitchens… it would be a crime to let his skills go to waste.


    Imagining a priest so overcome with lust for you that he's kneeling before his godly shrine, stroking himself with one hand and praying with the other. He can't fight the way his hips jerk as he thrusts into his palm. His hard cock throbbing as he brings himself closer. Stuttering his prayers while a thin veil of sweat coats his brow and his mottled cheeks. Those desperate prayers are cut short by sharp sucking breaths and moans. Still he manages to choke them out as he finally comes, spilling into his hand. He begs for forgiveness, feeling dirty and ashamed as he cleans himself. He asks for strength, knowing that if he has to see you again he'll break his holy vows. He prays again, but thoughts of you are all consuming and it isn't long before he's hard again.


    Bro Code

    Oscar sighed, coming out of another entertainment interview and feeling completely drained after pretending to be upbeat about the show’s season finale and its renewal for season four. His jaws ached from the smiling and he ran over in his mind the questions he had stumbled on, again and again. Every interviewer, no matter who was conducting it, seemed to want him to address the rumours about the on-set tension. They’d brought it on themselves in a way. His chemistry with Dean on the screen was something all the early reviewers had applauded; the media were always going to be out for blood at the merest hint of tension behind the scenes.

    The show had always been an unlikely hit: a romantic, crime-drama series, featuring a gay superhero and his male love interest. Oscar had been thrilled to get the part three years ago, although the production company had been clear that he hadn’t been their first choice. After the pilot, there had been an outcry that the original actor for Oscar’s part was straight. LGBTQI groups had petitioned and made their voices heard loud and clear that that sort of casting was not something they were willing to take lightly. So, only days before full production was set to begin, Oscar had been shipped out to Los Angeles to take over the role and, as far as he was concerned, it had all been downhill from there.



    Another great story by Feeder86!