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2020-11-24 22:30:51

    Please enjoy a giant chunk of pink candy. Photo was given by gracious courtesy of @bearflavoured and the talented Christian Trippe. Humongous butt courtesy of Kraft Mac & Cheese #bear #bears #daddy #daddybear #daddybears #bearflavoured #candyass #bigbutt #inflatabear #bearsofinstagram #bigass #spandex

    I’ve been having a huge crush on Torbjorn ever since Overwatch released in 2016. And what’s not to like? A bearish Swede with big bushy beard, even bigger belly and thick muscular arm(s). We caught a glimpse of his barrel chest with previous pirate and viking skins (viking skin also has a nip slip), but this summer Blizzard gave us Torb in his full glory with Surf n Splash Torbjorn skin. The could’ve gone an extra mile by giving him skimpier swimsuit, but I guess they’re keeping speedos for the big lug Roadhog :)