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    reminder for myself and any other creator who may need to hear it: just because you’re not popular doesn’t mean that people don’t enjoy your work. i’ve had quite a few people mention that a story or series i have is their favourite, and while they all got less than 100 notes, some less than 50, it’s okay because something i made is someones favourite.

    so keep doing how you do, baby, because your stuff is someone’s favourite, and that’s a little bit like a gift.


    i'm writing a hacker character, but i dont know whether or not its required for me to know some basics of hacking? because i have no knowledge of that and all, though i can already picture the character's background and personality and all.

    I think like with anything, knowing the basics will only ever help you, not hurt you. Getting information accurate (as much as possible) can help prevent little things from distracting your readers 

    Here’s a wonderfully simple introduction to hacking and writing it. I like this webpage because it gets straight to the point on some basics, such as what programs actually are, how firewalls work (hint they’re not actually walls), and more

    This webpage gets more into the culture of hacking/hackers, which I think could be important info to have on hand no matter how small the character is in your work. It also gets into some more specific but still pretty basic elements, like how punctuation is used or Hello World 

    I think those are some good places to start. Honestly, unless you’re book is more about hacking than the person doing the hacking, you don’t need to drown yourself in research. We don’t need to trip up over super technical terms, and won’t be held in suspense by paragraphs upon paragraphs of repetitive processes

    Good luck!



    could you recommend any of the aro/ace blogs? and thank you for the answers! ^^

    No prob! I know Tumblr’s search system is shit but I do recommend doing a bit of searching yourself to find some aro/ace blogs that fit your needs. As a starting point, I for sure recommend @fuckyeahasexual. And from a quick search of my own, @aromantic-official seems like a comparable blog for aromantics. Seeing where these two blogs reblog from might give you more suggestions?

    I’m sorry I don’t actually follow a ton of these blogs so I don’t have a long list for you. Following hashtags for things like asexual, aromantic, and aroace is also a thing you can do.


    can a aroace person date? like have a lover/partner?

    Short answer: yes. 

    Long answer: If they want to, yes. Aroace only refers to a lack of romantic and sexual attraction. While many aroace people aren’t interested in romance or sex, there are many that are.

    I’m a writing blog so tbh I’m not sure if you’re asking in order to write aroace characters, because you’re figuring things out for yourself, or out of plain curiosity? Either way, I suggest doing more research (there are dedicated aro and ace specific blogs that may be able to answer this better than I can). It might also be worth looking into queer platonic relationships.

    I hope this helps you out a bit. :)

    here's your reminder that you shouldn't have to have close proximity to a cause for you to care about it; you shouldn't have to have a gay brother to care about gay rights, you shouldn't have to intimately know a trans person to care about trans rights, and you shouldn't have to have a black bestfriend to care about black lives

    the inherent fear that people won’t get the foreshadowing you build into your work

    corresponding fear that people will see the foreshadowing and immediately guess where you’re going, ruining the surprise

    As a reader, I feel the need to point out I’ve RARELY been disappointed by guessing the story early on! (And let’s face it, we’ve all been backstabbed by so-called “plot twists” that we would never have guessed in the first place because it makes no sense for the characters and was clearly pulled out of someone’s ass for Shock Value)

    So if your story has a twist, don’t worry about whether or not people guess it! Just make sure it’s the sort of twist that would make the average reader:

    A) feel very galaxy-brained for connecting the dots

    B) shriek with joy and shout I knew it! I was right! I knew it!” when the time comes for the Reveal

    Also, keep in mind that you can have more than one twist! I can’t count the number of surprises I’ve completely missed because I was so focused on one thing and completely ignored the signs of the second thing.

    i love children’s literature because i always find it’s written with such kindness… like since the books u read as a child are so formative to your entire being i like that so much of children’s lit is abt bravery and empathy and determination, and that it comes outright and states it, is unabashed about it, is emphatic about it. it’s must be so lovely to be able to write stories that are so didactic and meaningful + so enjoyable and exciting for children at the same time

    - Angelica Schuyler was a slave owner

    - Alexander Hamilton rented slaves

    - Do I really need to say anything about Washington, Jefferson, or Madison

    - Alexander Hamilton was not an advocate for immigrants. In fact, he pushed laws that would harm immigrants because he feared the effect they would have on his political career

    - Angelica Schuyler was actually friends with Jefferson, which is its whole separate thing

    - The Schuyler family had their fortune built off of slaves, which Hamilton benefitted from when he married Eliza

    - Hercules Mulligan owned a slave (His name was Cato. He was a spy in the Revolution, and you should definitely look into him!)

    I love the musical, but please remember to treat this subject with respect. The musical characters are fictional counterparts to their historical ones. View the fictional characters how you want, but remember how horrible the real people were. Angelica would not have fought for slaves rights, she owned her own. Hamilton wouldn't help immigrants because he was one, he created laws that still harm them to this day. The musical is beautiful, but take off the rose tinted glasses when you analyze the historical figures and their actions. Enjoy the musical, remember the history.

    Y’all better be protecting Anthony Mackie with the same ferocity you have for your white faves. He put everything on the line to say this.

    a psa!!

    if you are tagged in tag games/ask games/games of any kind, and you do not want to partake, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and there is no reason to feel guilty for not doing them. I feel like a lot of people overlook this, but it’s as simple as this: if you don’t want to do a game, just ignore it. no need to apologize. no one’s going to get offended.  also know that if i ever tag you in tag games, you don’t need to do them and i won’t be offended if you don’t! again, no need to apologize.

    also: just, don’t pressure people to do them. just don’t. don’t be that guy.

    when i was depressed those “reasons not to kill yourself” lists never helped.. maybe they do for some people but for me they actually made me feel worse. it was like….here’s a reminder that there are all these things other people find joy in that you can’t. with a sprinkle of guilt because “your family/friends will miss you.”

    what i needed to hear, and so what i’ll tell any of you reading this who are in the same situation, was: a lot of people recover from mental illness and go on to live full lives. it’s quite likely that with treatment, a time will come when you won’t want to die anymore and you’ll find joy in everyday life. yes, you. stay alive for that possibility.