How do you make these? The link for your tutorial doesn’t work for me.

    Take a cumshot picture, copy and paste it over a celeb photo in GIMP as a layer, Erase everything that isn’t cum. Add a bit of transparancy to the layer, play around with colour, Temperature, Saturation, Lighting, Brightness and contrast to make it blend in. Mostly that.

    My Discord channel has been a safe heaven for fakers for sometime and, while i started it for me and my fans, we are now a lot in here to post our stuff and i make place to every fakers who join in. If you are a fakers and want to join with us, You can contact me or check my main page for the link. You are all welcome in. You’ll have your own board to fake all your stuff Fans of Fakes are welcome too, Even more if you are the type of people who participate, comments and like the stuff we do instead of just lurking the nasty stuff we make

    Well Tumblr decided to die, killing all the adult content on the site. So this will probably be me last post here Thank you to all of you who followed me and liked my stuff over my time here. I’m will not quit faking. All my stuff was already and will still be uploaded on my personal image board I was in the need for a big clean up of this board and then end of Tumblr my give me the kick in the ass to finally do it!

    You can also communicate with me via my discord
    (link on my 8ch board and on tumblr main page under my name icon)

    Farewell Tumblr!


    Hello, first I wanted to praise your work, my question is could you, completely new fake, create photos of Bonnie Wright, I love love the british redhead, divine, beauty from which Harry Potter is filming, if you had no photos i would give you photos that you can fake, thank you!

    Will work on this one... you requested that sometime ago and i thought about it. I’m a big Potter fan and love Emma Watson. I always thought Ginny from the movies was a far cry from Ginny in the books. Never been that much into Bonny but, i guess she deserves one of my work at least.


    Ever do any with a really large amount of cum?

    sometime i do, but i prefer doing fake that looks realistic than over cover.

    I normal use One cumshot picture to fake unto a celeb. Sometime i take cum from more than one cum pictures but the more you do the less real it might look. You also have to match the cumshot color and it can become a chore when you do to much.


    Can u do a sorry fake of streamer daphnitomic

    maybe, as of now, i don’t take request. Will be back to them on my image board soon. Problems is that Youtuber, Instasluts and Twitchers don’t have a lot of workable photo for fake most of the time