"We Dont Have A Chimney." "what????"
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    It's so funny (not funny HAHA) that supreme court justices can pile up these kinds of conflicts of interest but a juror who looks up a Nazi logo that the prosecution was lying about leads to a mistrial :)


    Anyways the queer community isn't just what's on the internet. You'll find transgender people who call themselves transsexuals because that's what they called themselves 40 years ago, you'll find bisexual women who have been in the lesbian community since before bisexual women were forced to make their own community, you'll find gay men who call themselves femmes, you'll find trans women who were drag queens for decades before calling themselves trans women (and still are drag queens). The queer community is big and colourful and beautiful and doesn't have set boxes, and it never should.


    happy 1 year to this post. its never leaving my notifs huh


    “This site unusable when you dont care about the new joke” that’s great honestly. I like when people here suffer over inane stuff, it’s funnier than the original joke, let’s keep it going


    this is the same as when the word ‘blorbo’ went big and I found it kinda dumb and corny, but then there were people who were fucking furious about it and wrote angry posts whining about how they hated this site because they couldnt avoid seeing the word blorbo. so I felt like ok I changed my mind I hope people keep saying blorbo forever


    Look, I wasn’t into eeby deeby OR the plinko horse OR blorbo. It was a rough month. But that’s the price you pay for getting fresh local memes delivered to your door within hours of having been harvested. Not everything can be in season all the time; sometimes you just gotta add some flavoring to the current meme, and know that it’ll be Cask of Amontillado season soon


    Some flavouring, you say?

    Perhaps some extract of a certain variety?… nay, I shan’t say it