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    The Descent of..........Knickers

    I get a number of requests asking to see my bare bottom and also comments on posts about how my knickers should be down. This got me thinking about the different stages of the descent of a naughty girls knickers during a spanking.

    Some daddies/sirs care very deeply about the girls modesty and just lower the backs of the underwear to roughly the sit spot. This is very much appreciated by the sub however I do find it extremely rare.

    What is much more common is that they are lowered either to mid-thigh or knees, while stood infront of daddy/sir holding up our skirts. This is far more popular as it provides quite a degree of humiliation that many find a very important part of a punishment. It is also common to hear the words ‘don’t let those fall below your knee’. That leads to a very careful shuffle back to the corner I can tell you

    Another frequent and usually inevitable place that they end up is of course around your ankles. I personally think this is very cute and almost symbolises the end or the fact there is nowhere else to go.

    You do of course get daddies/sirs that simply like to remove the distraction altogether and require the knickers to be hung up in plain sight. This is quite often the case if inappropriate knickers are worn

    Would love to hear your preferences when it comes to knicker location



    I pull them all the way to the ankle by the spankings end , and it adds to the spanking when they have to go pick there panties up off the floor right next to the spanking chair

    Harriet Gladstone easily held the young miscreant across her lap as she continued with the rather long and severe spanking. The 9 year old boy had finally surrendered and succumbed to her punishment and as such his feeble writhing and kicking was barely noticed by the matronly disciplinarian. There was a slight rosy glow in her facial cheeks as she continued with her righteous duty. Naughty boys were always to be spanked. The self-gratification that resulted from her execution and expertise in this peculiar art form quelled up a white fire within her very soul.

    My older sister Kayla spanked me more than my Mom. The time I didn’t clean the bathroom to her expectations was one in particular forever embedded in my mind. It was a thirty minute affair that left me a blubbering baby. I was one sorry red assed boy sobbing miserably while I scrubbed the bathtub under her scrutinizing glare.