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    God this is such a mood (I've never been to an Ivy League college like this guy but I've been exposed to the same logic taking econ in community college lol)



    here's why i left economics. so, when i was a freshman at brown university, i took an econ class called "income, wealth and health inequality in the united states." this class was taught by president of brown university, christina paxson, and we spent the entire semester learning how to study inequality. and then, at the end of the course, paxson invited us all back to her 2 million dollar mansion, pictured here, for a nice catered dinner, with literal servants. and this experience, this irony, taught me that economists fundamentally view inequality the wrong way. they think about is as a natural fixture of our environment, something that we aren't implicated in, something that we can study for a semester and then go back to our mansions and enjoy dinner. something that is just there to study as scientists. and that is not true. inequality is a product of specific actions, behaviours, structures, and systems, just like this house, and the way that econ focuses distracts from the question of what the fuck we're supposed to do.


    living in the united states is supremely fucked up cause we're one of the richest, most powerful juggernauts on the planet, but your average citizen has relatively infinitesimal access to that wealth and power, and very little they can do to improve things.

    being poor in the US still makes you rich by some global standards, but often times The American Experience is like..... you're a passenger locked in the baggage hold of a very long train that's going very fast. and the people driving the train are running it off the rails and shouting CHOO CHOO MOTHERFUCKERS CHOO CHOOOOOOOOO as they thoughtlessly bulldoze this train through everything in its path. you want very badly to get off the train or bludgeon the conductors with a crowbar, because you don't like where it's going, but you're handcuffed in a duffel bag and the conductors have barricaded themselves in the engine cars with all the food, medicine, and tools that could be used to help you out.

    and UNDERSTANDABLY the rest of the world is like "what the FUCK is wrong with that train??? it must be stopped! there are so many people on the train why is nobody breaking into the conductor's booth and stopping it??!" but most of us are just squirming for basic survival in the last few cars while billionaires sit on top of the train sniping anyone brave enough to crawl up from the cargo hold, all while shouting that you're lucky to be on such a luxurious, successful train at all.


    I’ve never seen being an American explained so well.

    How can I save the Earth?

    In the wake of recent natural disasters over the past few years, it has become more and more obvious that humanity needs to take environmental action. However, if you’re not a political leader of well-known activist, it may seem that you have no power to help the earth or prevent climate change.

    In actuality, you have more power than you think. The following are some simple tips to take part in the fight against climate change:

    1) Turn the lights off when you leave the room, or better yet, don’t use electrical lighting as much as possible! There’s nothing wrong with opening those blinds/curtains and enjoying the natural lighting the sun provides for us. Just being aware of the energy you spend when using lighting can go a long way!

    2) Turn your air-conditioner/heat down or off when you leave your home/room. It may be nice to come home to a pre-cooled or pre-heated home. However, the energy and money you are saving from this simple task is much more worth it, I promise.

    3) TURN THE WATER OFF WHEN YOU DON’T NEED IT!!!! Thanks to the American educational system, many people seem to be unaware that water is not really a renewable resource. Despite the natural water cycle of the earth, less fresh water is falling everyday, meaning that eventually, humanity could run out of fresh water. It is debated that the next great wars will be over natural resources such as water. So be considerate towards the Earth when you use her resources. It’s not really unlimited.

    Some may question whether small green acts can have any effect on the preservation of our environment or climate change. The answer is YES. You DO have the power to help change the world. Your small efforts, combined with the other small efforts of other people results in a large change. One soldier doesn’t win the war, but one soldier can make the difference (I mean, just look at Mulan!). Make that extra effort to save energy and spread the GoGreen word.