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2021-02-25 04:29:44

    would much like  to point out that the people publishing these articles are trying to needle millennials into treating gen z with the same disgusting vitriol we were treated with.

    don’t buy it.

    our younger brothers and sisters might eat a tide pod and get us blamed for it, but we have more in common with them than we ever had with boomers or gen x.

    they are terrified of the things we can do together. remember that.


    The Kids are Alright.


    after a collision with a car, this red-tailed hawk was brought to the chintimini wildlife center. the bird wasn’t abnormal in appearance, other than its feet- it has an extra toe on each foot. the ‘polydactyl’ mutation, where extra toes or sometimes an ‘extra foot’ are developed, is common in cats but can sometimes be found on birds, mainly chickens.


    each foot has an extra back toe! hawks typically have 3 forward-facing toes and one back toe!