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    This pic - which Militarymenrbomb included in their recent montage - deserves its own posting.

    A nice example - always good to see a military trussed-up - of a buck-tie combined with one of the gagging methods that the older versions of FM 20-150 used to teach.


    Have to admit the process they are going through seems quite intriguing and, having watched it a number of times, felt needed to write-up some comments and repost so as to not ‘lose’ this in the churn on here.

    If you view the video, you can work-out it’s a set of instructors/NCOs either punishing or initiating a squad of soldiers or recruits - leastwise the troops are not actively resisting so must be consenting enough, if only through obedience to their superiors or a need to prove themselves.  There is a process as the footage shows two groups of five being worked-on - evidently the maximum number the instructors/NCOs wanted to handle at the one time (and that’s with, initially, one instructor/NCO pulling-on the ‘bridles’ of two of the soldiers on the ground) - in turn and then a final group of three.  Also, you notice that effort is made to make sure each soldier being torment is shown identifiably face-on - maybe to provide proof of having undertaken the process as part of their training or to show they took part in an initiation ceremony?

    As the instructors strain-back the first group of five you, can just glimpse (at about forty seconds in) where the one of the next group is already on the ground and hog-tied and is having to listen-in as the soldier to his immediate right is made to struggle.  (Either there are other instructors/NCOs getting the next group secured-up or, maybe, some of the participating soldiers (that last three?) have been instructed to prepare the next group.)  Like how the instructors/NCOs, at about a minute and twenty seconds in pose to the camera with their ‘trophies’ - and, again, you can see some of the next group waiting, especially when they close-in on the released soldier at a minute and quarter…  Also, you get glimpse those already prepared and waiting with the bit of their bridle in their mouth.

    The second group seem, though obviously participating enough to let themselves be trussed-up and readied to be bridled-up, are obviously more aware of what’s going to happen.  They appear (where the footage goes portrait) more apprehensive as the instructors/NCOs ready them and each is eyeing downwards less eagerly to the bits waiting before them to be used to bridle their mouths.  They also seem to react more readily - maybe, to placate the instructors/NCOs (like the one that pats his ‘trophy’ on the head at two minutes fifty)? - or, even, ‘play’ to the camera as they are strained-back.

    Again, at three and a half minutes, you glimpse the next group (the last three soldiers) being prepared and can see how they readily position themselves face-down and hands into their back to be trussed-up; at three and a half minutes you can see at the edge of the frame one soldier getting-down onto the ground unprompted to wait his turn.  Possibly, it seems that some of those doing the trussing-up may not be instructors/NCOs - who have their sleeves rolled-up - but soldiers/recruits (who are wearing their sleeves down), maybe those that have already been ‘processed’ and ready to make sure others suffer as equally if not more?

    You have to admit the situation must have been intense for that last group of three - who are processed in the last minute of footage - having to wait-out and watch the other two groups being hog-tied, bridled-up and then being strained-back and then knowing what they will have to then go through themselves.  And knowing that, with them, there would be enough instructors/NCOs to ensure each of them got personally work upon and that the instructors/NCO might be make the full use of their last chance to torment and get footage of their ‘trophies’…

    Would like to find-out - if anyone out there knows anything - more of the purpose of the process/ceremony, as it seems to be something that the Bangladeshi forces indulge in enough for there to be a number of sets of footage other there (as well as that still of the blindfolded sniper, which was that is used as the opener on this footage, which shows its used in other contexts).  Is it a part of a training package (maybe capture awareness), an initiation (to prove martial stamina?) or a group-punishment being meted-out?


    Hi! I've always (irrationally) desired to remain in metal restrains for a long time... Could you describe how it feels to wear, for instance, cuffs attached to belly chains, hinged cuffs, cuffs in blackbox, etc. For how long can you endure these? Which are you preferred ones? Thanks.

    Great question!

    I want to start off by saying that my favorite is a leather restraint belt, tightly cinched aound an orange jumpsuit. The guard can grab that belt and guide you anywhere he wants. If properly secured, your hands are cuffed at your waist and only mobile enough to sign your sentencing order in court.

    Hinged cuffs are ok. I am not a huge fan. I use them when cuffing hands in a stacked configuration. It is highly effective and uncomfortable. The cuffs bite into the prisoner's wrists. You have to hold your arms in just the right way to avoid the wrist pain. But, in the process, your shoulders start to ache. It is exquisite agony.

    The black box is like hinged cuffs on steroids. I had a friend lock me into a black box over cuffs secured to a belly chain. We drove from Las Vegas to LA while i was shackled. I was a miserable bitch towards the end. I sat in that truck imagining being taken to San Quentin to serve LWOP and watching the free world go by for the last time! Terrific restraint and experience.

    Lastly are leg irons. I am an absolute believer in the need for either a short manacle chain or, and this is my preference, a connector chain between the cuffs and the leg irons. The short steps AND the sound of the chains clanking is mesmerizing.

    In any situation, i believe the prisoner should have a belly chain or restraint belt if cuffed in front. An alternative is cuffing behind the back. I prefer a connector chain between leg irons and handcuffs.

    The longest i have personally been restrained is 36 hours during prison role play. Sleeping and eating and bathroom was miserable!!!!


    I very much agree with Mus1g4

    The ideal mode of restraint is leather restraint belt or belly-chain, front-loaded with cuffs with a connector-chain down to a pair of leg-irons.  Not only does this constrict the hands, keeping them down towards the waist, the connector-chain means that when being walked there is a natural pull downwards as the connector-chain pulls upon the chain of the leg-irons; this soon give a prisoner that convict gait as they hobble with a restricted stride along with a naturally subservient stoop as the shoulders are hunched-down by the waist-restrained hands.  Also had the benefit of arching the arms, so providing their escort a nice hook to grip and keep a hold to direct and control the prisoner.

    And, of course, both the connector-chain and the chain of the leg-irons - as well as the zip of the connector-chain’s ring as at runs along the leg-irons’ chain - provide that essential convict soundtrack of clanking metal.


    A pair of Chubb Escort handcuffs, 625g in weight, in formal UK HM Prison service - prisoner (dressed in standard HM Prison grey sweatshirt and jogging-pants) front-cuffed and then coffled, with a second pair, to the escorting prison officer. (Chubbs Escorts are only used by the UK prison service by its prison officers on high-security prisoners to court or prisoners already in its care on sentencing. Lower categories of non-sentenced prisoners in the UK are transported mostly by commerial, under contract, prisoner transit companies who use more standard chained handcuffs but in the same manner with and escorting officer cuffed to ensure security.)