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    Capitalist innovation 😩👌


    Why do people only say capitalism when they mean "megacorp protected and subsidized by the government" which is almost the opposite of capitalism

    Also, burn google down lmao


    Hey stop-stalin-and-suck-my-dick, can you explain to me why the capitalist class in the US voluntarily chose to tamper with government policy once basic safety regulations were introduced during and post industrial rev? That's really interesting that capitalists decided authoritarianism was the most profitable path, don't you think? I wonder if a profit-motivated competitive market economy in which monopolization, eliminating consumer choice, is easiest path to success could have something to do with this development in every single core country introduced to capitalism that now has a mixed economy. Or maybe all businessmen are just fake capitalists. You tell me. As for corporations, here is a renowned documentary on the history of them and their development in and outside government.



    """Capitalist class"""


    Class = Socioeconomic class.

    Capitalist = Person who own the means of production and employ workers.

    Capitalist class = Class of these people. Also known as 'ruling class' or ~the 1%~.

    You need help with anything else in this reply?


    Fun Fact, thats, more or less, something that wealthy people in China and Japan did, they were called “musical floorboards.” Designed to squeak when stood upon. A person could make noise all the way down a corridor.

    The residents and servants knew which floorboards made a sound and avoided them. But a burglar, or assassin didn’t. If you heard the creaking of floorboards, you knew danger was coming.

    Even better, despite what movies may show, a lot of the old west was founded by Chinese immigrants, so there could have been carpenters around who knew how to make the musical floorboards!


    They were also called Nightingale Floors, and looking up to make sure I had the right term, I found they were super clever! They were more than just ill-fit boards or whatever makes floors creak normally, they actually used little metal bars under the boards placed into small holes in the boards to cause the creak.


    The best things on the internet are when someone makes a joke and then Miss Frizzle rolls up for an educational adventure.


    NYC mayoral candidates asked what "should be banned" in the city and bench appearo came in this with BOILING take


    Twitter did not leave him unchecked


    as a non-American, every time I see Ben Shapiro my first thought is some ancient shopped headline meme about how he pulls his pants all the way down at public urinals, and that's genuinely been a useful time saver over the years


    wait here it is:

    every time I see his name

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