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2021-05-06 22:42:50

    Here you can see two bees dancing in the same direction for about the same duration, meaning two votes for one potential new home. They are dancing quite vigorously and consistently, meaning they strongly believe that this should be the colony's new home.

    If enough scouts return and do the same dance, the swarm will take a vote and if a majority vote on the new location, they'll pick up and head that direction!


    So cool! Idk enough about bees to id the dancing scouts. There's so many bees all moving around! Could someone point out the scouts for me?


    They'll be doing little circles/8's around there^

    Straight up is towards the sun. Any deviation is the approximate degree away from the sun that they are pointing to. The duration of the little waggle dance tells you how far away the potential home is. How long they repeat the dance and how vigorously they waggle determines how confident they are that it's a good home.