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    “Lacron was also behind a Tumblr account, “CharlestonChurchMiracle,” according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. That account, which is still live, contains hundreds of images that glorify mass killings.“ 

    No female presenting nipples though I guess.

    White violence has to be named so it can be changed.


    no offense but this is really why i cant find it funny when white girls act woke by making fun of mass shooter fan blogs like that culture is terrifying and violent and we shouldnt be joking about freak ass girls that want to fuck dylan roof bc its really REALLY isnt funny

    i’m not on here like virtually at all anymore anyway, but if you’re all making an exodus, hit me up on twitter and/or instagram. my handle on both is:  @s_owczarzak

    venus in leo longs to shine bright enough to be seen, but they only really want to be seen by that one person. they want to be star in your life, they want to be your heroine, they want to be the one you loved more than you ever have before. it’s less image or appearance focused than other leo placements because they respond more to the way that somebody desires them, relishes in their presence, and makes them feel like the only person in the world, the only you chose from all… and that is how venus in leo can play the starring role in your life. you can have nothing, but if you make venus in leo feel like they are your world you give them everything


    Sufjan Stevens is so many people. Compiling this list, and hopping from holiday jams to S&M-club electronica to acoustic musings on death, was a complete and utter joy. Let’s get into it! Pace yourself!

    Please note: This list includes every officially released song which credits Sufjan Stevens as a primary artist. It excludes live recordings, remixes, demos, and covers. This is a real tragedy, because man’s done some great covers, but I had to draw a line somewhere. Check out “Free Man in Paris” and “A Little Lost,” especially. Also excluded: the piano solos from the D-side of the vinyl edition of All Delighted People, his work with Sisyphus, and “Majesty Snowbird,” which never got an official release, quelle tragique. I should note, too, that Sufjan is co-credited on Planetarium with Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly, and James McAlister. If I’ve missed anything, if you see any glaring omissions on this list, please let me know.

    Please also note: My mom’s dead and I’m gay, so you’ll notice some bias.


    I’ve never really understood sufjan Stevens appeal that much and so I read this to understand, and what I got (after about 3 hours of reading) was an incredible diaristic piece of writing on death, grief, self love and acceptance and transition

    hey in case anyone wanted to know, i finished my undergrad a few weeks ago and i’ve been dating one of the kindest souls i’ve ever met for one year as of today. life is going well and i couldn’t be happier.


    Understand, Rocky Horror has been making trans women ashamed and uncomfortable since it’s inception because the creator of it LITERALLY hates trans women. Please Sit The Fuck Down when you here us complain about this movie and LISTEN….   

    Rocky Horror- “A  -Recursive, -Verbose Transvestite from a transsexual planet goes on violent rampage when their forced non-consensual sex to “tame people” is met with resistance’


    hey this is part of why rocky horror fuckin sucks!



    As if you know the story of Wallowa Lake Leviathan first hid in the deep where her children sleep She kept them hidden from the plague But have you heard the story of my mother’s fate? She left us in Detroit in the rain with a pillow case Fortune for the paper weight

    We followed her to Joseph, near the Indian raid She wept among the weeds, hide and seek, for the fallen chief Spathiphyllum on his grave And like the cedar wax wing, she was drunk all day We put her in the sheet, little wreath, candles on the crate As the monster showed its face

    As she waits for her children in the shade Demogorgon or demigod the ghost parade No oblation will bring her back to our place

    She stayed within the deep end of Wallowa Lake The undertow refrained with the flame of a feathered snake Charybdis in its shallow grave She gave us one last feature, the fullness of her face In the shade of Hin-mah-too-yah… (Red Napoleon) As the demon took her place As we wait for the waters to reside Her remarkable stoicism and her pride When the dragon submerged we knew she had died