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    If you’ve not made at least one My Beloved GIF and reblogged at least five others, are you even living?

    Oh no. Oh dear. You’ve all been busy trapping your beloveds in heart lockets—fandoms, objects, this tiny shrew that’s being picked up. They’re neat because you can put anything in there. I don’t know how it works—magic or something.

    Anyway, it is important that these be preserved. Don’t ask questions. Our hands are tied. So here’s a bunch of corny hearts that open and close and open and close and sometimes don’t open at all.

    ♥️ Stay weird, little ratties ♥️


    every instance of love from my newspaper’s community announcements (obituaries, memorials, births, birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations) - saturday, august 29, 2020


    Yup, two days ago belonged to another holiday of consumerism cloaked in the warm fuzziness of the love we feel for our friends, lovers, families, pets, postal workers, etc. If you are given to celebrating it, that day might have looked a little different for you this year. The good news is, of course, that you can show your pals some love every day. So heres a little message to you, especially if you’re missing someone right now.

    Want to join in? Add a cute message for someone special, tag your work #tumblr tuesday, and we’ll reblog our favorites through the week. Let’s make one big, chaotic love poem. Like fridge poetry, but on Tumblr. With pictures.

    XOXO, Tuesday


    Celebrate Black History Month with Tumblr!

    Here's some of the songs we're vibin' to at Tumblr. Serving you jams from some of your faves, some new hits and some songs you forgot you loved — giving you Black Excellence from start to finish.

    : @everlastingrandom


    “Giving you Black Excellence from start to finish.” and we would except nothing less!✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿


    The perfect soundtrack to your daily Tumblr scroll.


    Illustration for Goodnight Moon, Clement Hurd / Class of 2013, Mitski


    Who doesn’t love a good old fairytale or a cute new friend who goes out into the world to have adventures and lives to tell the tale?

    The first full week of February celebrates the children’s authors and illustrators who made us love reading when we were smol, and those who are doing the same for the good little ones of today—and big ones, too!

    So, whether you have a golden ticket, tumble down a rabbit hole, or find that your wardrobe holds a world of winter—click here to (re-)discover dreams, stories, and characters, old and new, that we can all enjoy, again and again.

    Reblogs, likes, replies, @mentions—these interactions already show up on your desktop activity screen. You knew that. What you might not already know is that you can now filter different activity types on mobile.

    Want to see @mentions, replies, or reblogs separately on the go? Simply tap “All Activity” in the app, and pick from the drop-down menu that appears. Want to see how folks are interacting with your post about frogs in the kitchen? It’s all here—choose the “Custom” option and tailor your activity screen to suit your lifestyle. That’s really all there is to it. ✨


    What is the weirdest thing you had to account for when building the perseverance rover?


    The Mars Rover Perseverance touches down on Mars in just over two weeks. They've programmed her to send back tones indicating that she is functioning well, as well as to mark her process during the entry, descent, and landing. They programmed her to sing. I know we all need to work on some stuff, but it helps to be reminded that there is such childlike joy in our explorations and that we can tap into that joy in ourselves everyday. Be kind. Make the table bigger. Have patience. Remember that out in the vacuum of space there is a small robot singing her way down to a planet.



    Check out the rest of @nasa’s latest Answer Time right over here.


    Bet you thought we forgot about this little project. Not so! It just took this long for staff to forget the taste of the tomato soup tuna… mold… aspic… thing.

    Welcome to Eating Indiana Episode 2: Chicken-Ham Mousse! 

    In this series, LCPL librarian David finds recipes from Indiana’s past and feeds them to his co-workers, who are very good sports about the whole thing.

    This installment’s recipe comes from a little book called Brown County Cookery (1961). Recipe below the cut!

    Keep reading


    We are impressed this series continued after the tomato soup tuna. But maybe some things in Indiana's past should stay in Indiana's past.

    So anyway, thank you for the birthday wishes...*

    ...and a happy belated birthday to our birthday twins @intelligent-raccoon and @softiebangtann; what up <3

    While, yes, it is our deepest ambition to breed frogs in another dimension, we return to the usual program with another Tuesday. It’s Groundhog Day, but we’ve probably all had enough of that recently, so here’s a little something to take your mind off the monotony of tomorrow being Wednesday because today is Tuesday. Watch these talented people do art for fun and relaxation or learn how to do art for fun and relaxation by watching these people. Let us know how that goes. May tomorrow not be the same as today.

    *that was our blog’s birthday, tumblr itself will be turning fourteen on February 17. Stay tuned for that.


    Happy Black History Month!

    We are back with our third year of #BlackExcellence365. Now that we are the BIG 3, it seems only right to launch a blog dedicated to BLACK EXCELLENCE. 

    This blog is about all things BLACK and EXCELLENT, showcasing the Black community’s contributions to the world. From music to fashion to literature to historical spotlights—we’ll be featuring all of it.

    We will lean on the past, revel in the present, and create a vision for the future. Black history is every day, so we plan to celebrate it every day. And, with your help, we can make this an even bigger celebration. 

    Are you a Black Creative?

    Then keep an eye out for opportunities to have your work featured here on @blackexcellence, as well as other official blogs such as @art, @music, @fashion, @entertainment, @books, @gaming, @kpop, or @staff. You can also tag your work #BlackExcellence365 to help us find it.

    Before you go

    Don’t forget to follow the #black history month tag to see what the Tumblr community is creating. 

    This is #BlackExcellence365. Stay tuned ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽!


    Third year running for our #BlackExcellence365 celebration! We thought it was time to level up and give our favorite tag its own home.

    Go on and give @blackexcellence a follow for all things Black and excellent. You won’t regret it. 

    A Month To Remember

    It’s the last Tuesday of this month of January in the year of the mitten, 2021. What has January given us? A new Bernie meme stole our hearts and entered the fandoms at large (seriously, pick a fandom, any fandom; there’s a Bernie for that). A chapter of Heat Waves melted the internet for a hot minute. And sea shanties returned with a vengeance—may all sailors get to where they’re going soon, for all our sakes. Here are some of our favorite edits and artworks you have made to mark these historical happenings.

    🍿Ready for a Snack?🍿

    We’re celebrating the simple joys of popping corn this National Popcorn Day (today is apparently also national archery day, but we went with the corn if that’s alright with you). Whether sweet or salty, finished before the movie starts, or enjoyed while watching your enemies blunder: pop your corn, add your flavor, and peek at this corny content while you eat your cereal (corn is, after all, a cereal).

    Name three things on your desk that don't belong there...

    Yesterday was National Clean Off Your Desk Day. We cleaned off our desks, and all we got out of that was this draft. Anyway, consider clearing your workspace. That way, you’ll have tons more space to fill up again with whatever your heart desires but doesn’t need!

    Apparently, some of you do not struggle with cluttered desks. Click here to enter a world of the perfectly ordered desks of the eerily productive (and some kinda messy ones we liked, we’re only human!).


    I had a dream that the Tumblr staff said there was going to be a big update and we all started complaining but then the day of the update came and everything looked the same and everyone started scrambling to find what changed and then someone posted a supernatural gif about the situation and was immediately and publicly executed and it turns out the update was “if you mention Supernatural in the year of our lord 2021, we will kill you” and then we were like “this is the only good update we’ve ever gotten” and then we just. continued sh*tposting