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    I adore rick riordan but if anyone still has doubt on how he can have such big potholes in his stories, let me remind you that this man was originally going to title the Lightning Thief “The Son of Poseidon” and it was his middle school class that pointed out that if he named it that that the “mysterious and unknown identity” of Percy’s godly heritage would no longer be mysterious and unknown and rick was like “oh, yeah.” 


    Me as a writer


    I saw this tweet about how things don't always "occur" to adhd people and I thought I could relate to it as well, although I'm autistic and not adhd.

    For example - if I have a headache, it simply won't occur to me to take pain meds. I know I have a headache. I want the pain to stop. I am aware of the existence of pain meds. But the idea never occurs to me to take them until someone else suggests it.

    The example they gave in the tweet was that if someone says hello to them, it may not occur to them to say hello back and yep... I do that as well.

    I just never realized that other people may not do these things.


    This is called executive dysfunction and it’s very common for both adhd and autistic people! <3


    I was under the impression that executive dysfunction was being unable to transition between tasks. Like that feeling when you're trying to get up and make some food, but your brain won't let you no matter how hard you try. Is that something different?


    They are both forms of executive dysfunction! Executive dysfunction simply means one of your executive functions isn’t working. The executive functions are:

  • Emotional control
  • Task initiation
  • Working memory
  • Self-monitoring (interoception, something a lot of autistics struggle with)
  • Flexibility
  • Organization
  • Planning & time management
  • Self control
  • What you’re experiencing and what you already considered executive dysfunction are both issues with task initiation, and I think what you’re experiencing is also an issue with planning.

    The reason ADHD and autism are so similar is that the executive functions are impacted; among other symptoms and traits, they are both executive functioning disorders. Which is why you experience this thing that a lot of ADHDers experience, and why ADHD and autism have such a high comorbidity rate.


    That makes a lot of sense. Thank you!





    This is why people who stay in my life are neurodiverse like me!


    this!! I swear I lost like all my friendships bc of this, like I had a group of friends in hs that one day I realized "huh I haven't talked to this people in a while" and popped in to say hi and they were all awkward?? because they hadn't seen me in a while?? and that's when I realized that friendship works different for them?? I was like yeah I haven't talked to you in like four months but it's not like I've forgotten about y'all why would anything change, and they were all like we haven't talked to you in four months why are you here again acting like nothing happened? and it was really confusing for me



    Also I have a thing where I just put the people on pause. If I don’t see them or contact them, my brain kinda put them in stasis. I don’t think about them nor misses them, and I stay on what I last knew about them (how they look, what they study/work). So when we meet again I’m like “wait, you’ve aged?” and I have the same familiarity with them thanI had before.


    The ShotBlocker

    I’m a trypanophobic, meaning I am afraid of needles. My phobia has caused me to put off or completely avoid injections out of fear. However, recently I found something that helps immensely, the ShotBlocker, by Bionix.

    From Bionix’s website,

    Bionix ShotBlocker® is an innovative device that instantly alleviates the pain and anxiety of needle injections. ShotBlocker® works through a novel application of the gate control theory of pain management. It is a plastic, C-shaped device with small bumps on its back. When pressed firmly against the skin at the injection site, ShotBlocker® saturates the sensory nerves and distracts the patient from pain signals caused by the needle poke. The device is both simple and easy to use, bringing comfort to users of all ages.’

    The bumps aren’t sharp. Here’s a picture of my hand after I pressed the ShotBlocker to it:

    Here’s a picture of the instructions that come with it:

    My doctor had no problems administering the shot, and I felt no pain. I don’t mean that as in ‘just a small sting’, I mean that the needle felt just like one of the plastic nubs. Absolutely no pain at all. I was stunned.

    Of course, it doesn’t get rid of the anxiety/dizziness/nausea that I get during injections. But with time, I think I’ll be able to train myself out of that.

    You can buy them on Bionix’s website for 5.99 USD, I think I got mine from Amazon for a few cents less. They’re reusable and relatively inexpensive. I’d recommend them to anyone.


    Coming out of our pandemic-induced hiatus for half a second because this is quite timely and so dang useful for anyone struggling with balancing a phobia over a desire to get the COVID vaccine ❤️

    more of this crossover cause the idea is driving me insane aaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!

    The idea is that The Unknown is one single car, and no one knows how to find the exit. Many passengers have gotten stuck there over the years, and eventually just settled down and had children who were destined to live their entire lives on the train. The Beast would just be a really fucked up denizen.

    Because it's so insulated, much of the attire, architecture, and technology remains unchanged from the passengers' time periods, even though time passes on the train as normal. Beatrice would still be dressed for the Regency era even though in this setting, she would've been born around the same time as Wirt.

    I like the idea that Wirt's number changes erratically with his moods, and Greg's doesn't change at all until the very end. Wirt and Greg would somehow manage to get their exits at the same time :)