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    Thank you so much to all of you who liked my designs and decided to follow me! 💞✨✨

    and to thank you, I'm going to make a simple challenge. what you need to do is comment on this post along with the image of your oc, and then I'm going to make a draw to choose each person to put in the drawing!

    On the 29th will be the day I will post the drawing

    well, that was it. I hope you have a good day or night! 💫

    [GIF Description: A GIF of a digital drawing of Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw from the Warrior Cats books. Hawkfrost is a white cat with brown tabby patches and blue eyes. Brambleclaw is a brown tabby with orange eyes. Brambleclaw is standing looking shocked, with Hawkfrost on his right smirking evilly. 

    In front of them is a video game style text box, with a small picture of Hawkfrost’s head in the upper left corner, opening and closing his mouth. The dialogue box says “What are you waiting for? This is what we wanted all along, remember? Kill him now!” with two options: “Kill him” (written in bold) and “Save him.” The words “all along” are highlighted in red.

    Behind them is a forest background. End Description.]

    Day Seventeen: Betrayal.

    (i’m using the prompts from last year, which can be found here.)

    Oc 1 é a LeafStar a líder do clã da pena, ela tem cores de uma folha de outono

    Oc 2 é a Pata de Corvo ela é a aprendiz de LeafStar, ela tem cores escuras azuladas ela tem um olho verde é o outro meio rosa

    Oc 3 é o BrokenFeather ele e tio da Pata de Corvo, ele está cuidando de sua sobrinha pois sua irmã é seu amigo acabaram morrendo na guerra de clãn

    English: Oc 1 is LeafStar the leader of the feather clan, she has the colors of an autumn leaf.

    Oc 2 is Crow's Paw she is LeafStar's apprentice, she has dark bluish colors she has one green eye is the other half pink

    Oc 3 is BrokenFeather he and uncle of Crow's Paw, he is taking care of his niece because his sister is his friend they ended up dying in the clan war

    yesss!!! I got into another fandom about animals that fight 😎✨ I went for a walk in the mall with my parents, when we passed by the bookstore my father at the time came with me, he told me to choose a book and here it is... the legend of guardians or guardians of ga'hoole :)

    I am very happy <3

    Send an emoji and a character/oc ill drawn them to the listed prompts:

    🐣 Character as a child

    💘Character with romantic partner(s)/pining or being lovey dovey romantic

    ✂️Character with a different haircut

    👔Character with a different aesthetic/ outfit

    🔞Character wearing something spicy

    🦄Character as a fantasy creature/Character as a nonfantasy creature

    🐾Character as an animal/animal as a human

    💧Character crying

    🌈Character celebrating their identity

    🌼Character with symbolic flower(s)

    👩‍👩‍👧‍👦Character with their family members

    🔧Character doing their job or hobby

    👗Character dressed up for a fancy party

    🧑‍🤝‍🧑Character with their friend

    🐶Character with a pet

    🧓Character as an elderly person

    🧬Fuse two characters together

    🎮Characters as a dating sim romance option

    🧃 Character as a product/merch