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and yes green is my favorite color, plz no buly me

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    Do you hear the buzzing of spring? The desert lily’s sweet fragrance attracts many types of bees and butterflies. The flower grows in southeastern California and western Arizona, and this photo was taken at Bureau of Land Management’s Desert Lily Preserve. Desert lilies grow from a bulb deep within the ground, with a thick stem of 1-4 feet tall. Its large flowers are cream-colored and funnel-shaped and appear in clusters that can be up to a foot long. When spring hits the desert, these blooms are a welcome sight. Photo by Bob Wick, Bureau of Land Management


    i hate how the vaccine has made ppl so snobby like iv heard so many people like "oh if u dont get the vaccine ur irresponsible " and shit like that ?! im not getting it cuz im too scared lol its so new , idc how many tests theyv done on it i dont feel ready to get it . also tons of companies giving rewards for getting it like my work is giving everyone who gets the vaccine $100 gift card which is funny bc they couldnt even give us hazard pay like wtfs this


    this is exactly how i feel about it. because of so many people having allergic reactions, miscarriages and other fertility issues, and strokes with the only possible cause being the vaccine, i am already very warry of getting it. and combined with the fact that nobody knows what the vaccine will do to your body in the long run, the fact that the vaccine is for covid-19 (the symptom) and not for sars-cov-2 (the disease which causes the symptom), the constant hyperbole of how deadly and how infectious it is, and the behavior of government officials which goes directly against what they tell the people to do in regards to the pandemic, i quite frankly do not think i will be changing my mind on this any time soon