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    So when I started looking for more diverse models a few years ago I found Stefania Ferrario. She’s not plus size (I believe she used to model for size 12 before which is why some people still label her as plus but she’s a size 8 now) which is why I don’t often use her as a reference BUT she’s one of my favorites because she has a particular shape that most people don’t really value: the square hips.

    Everytime I try to find references to do anatomy drawings of, I try to get different body shapes because even when drawing fat women, most models in pictures that actually show off their figure are hourglass with rounded hips. Finding women with visible hip dips or any shape other than hourglass or the rare pear shape is next to nothing. And when you try to look up hip dips all you get are articles on how to get rid of them! Stefania is a wonderful example of someone shapely with a very defined hip dip/square bottom and I think it’s lovely so here’s some references where you can really focus on the hips if anyone needs any.

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