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    the happy ending


    oh this comic shows up in a really cool anthology i bought a few years back (and was just rereading in fact) called No Straight Lines. it covers the last 40 years of LGBT comics and the various phases, influences and unsung heroes of the zine scene and more. (such as a chapter that focuses heavily on what art and stories resulted from the AIDS crisis, the clash of the gay sexual revolution and the rise of homosexual monogamy, and more.) highly recommended if you’re interested in LGBT history and comics!


    hell world hell world hell world



    Anyway this is your reminder to STOP BUYING SMART DEVICES THAT AREN’T NECESSARY.

    Your soap does not need to connect to the internet. Your fridge does not need to be able to track the temperature in other countries. Your stove shouldn’t talk to you

    This is not “technology bad” this is “these corporations are tracking you and your movements at ALL TIMES OF THE DAY.” They know your every move down to when you wash your hands after you take a shit. Alexa and Siri were the first introduction to this, and once people got used to them on their phones, they put them in their own little gadgets for your house.

    And then they connected those gadgets to the lights. To the doors. To the window locks. To the thermostat.

    You should be TERRIFIED at how many things are becoming “smart” these days. It’s yet another way for companies to sell to you, and, in a worst case scenario, it can be the thing that puts you in harms way.

    Imagine you’re running a little late on your electric bill, and your fridge is a “smart” fridge. And because you’re running late on your payment they just….lock your fridge. Not shut the electricity off. Lock your fridge. Because fridges can now be locked remotely. You can no longer access your food until you pay them.

    Cops want to know if you’ve been to any protests recently? They can track that handy dandy smart watch you decided to wear, even though you left your phone in the car. They can tell if you were home all day or lying.

    Abusive partner or family member? They can shut off your support systems everywhere. Decide when you get to eat, if you do. Decide how hot or cold the house should be to make you suffer. Turn off the oven in the middle of you cooking dinner bc you upset them. Lock you in. Lock you out.

    Your appliances, your LIFE, should not be surrounded by smart tech. Buy normal clocks. Get normal soap dispensers. Keep a pen and paper on the fridge to write down your grocery list. Set a manual timer for the oven. Wear a normal watch that only tells time. Get a step counter that clips to your belt.

    Phone, laptop, TV. Those are the only things that make sense being “smart.” Everything else is one step closer to a dystopian novel that you don’t want to be in.

    Your phone already tracks your every step. Don’t give every other thing in your life that ability.


    And here’s the thing! It’s not only something that can cause you problems if you’re late to pay bills or have abusive partners/family or are doing something the government may not take kindly to!

    Let’s say, hypothetically, you do literally nothing. Well, turns out there’s a bug in the fridge software that sets the temperature to 60 degrees when it receives some unexpected input from your fridge app. Or the manufacturer pushes out an involuntary fridge update and now, while the update is downloading, sorry! your the fridge doesn’t open until the update is done.

    And these are only the issues that affect you. Generally, Smart Device manufacturers do not think for even one second about the security of their devices. So, this means that hackers will see well known and publicized security holes that have been easily available for literal years but the manufacturer is simply too lazy to fix, use those holes to get into devices, and use those devices as bots to attack whoever they please (and, as a bonus, it look like it’s coming from your home!)

    You’d think that this sounds like something out of a horror movie but this is the reality we live in RIGHT NOW. Many of the largest botnets (e.g. the Mirai botnet) in the world consist largely of compromised smart/IoT (internet of things) devices.

    So uh just give it some thought before you buy the SmartChair3000 – it’s probably not as cool as it sounds :P


    A few “fun” smart device things I recall off the top of my head:

    The smart grill that had an automatic update pushed out on Thanksgiving so this guy couldn’t start cooking dinner.

    A smart washer a reddit user found was consuming 1GB of data a day due to a bug.

    The LG Home Hack which allowed hackers to control a variety of LG smart devices.

    Hey @TraegerGrills - who the HELL sends a software update on thanksgiving?!? pic.twitter.com/17Yv1jDLUO  — Hard Pass (@HardPass4) November 25, 2021

    Ring devices enabling police overreach by creating a surveillance network that allows police to circumvent warrants and spy on people who have committed no crimes.


    do kids these days know about grace kelly by mika




    1. i can’t believe there are people in the world who haven’t heard this

    2. go check out mika he’s great - important to note is that he’s mlm (he’s come out alternately as being gay, bisexual and ‘not interested in labels’ for a while) and a huge amount of his songs are about being mlm so in particular if ya need good mlm artists check him out


    Seriously Mika is a gift and sunshine unto this sick sad world


    mika is wildly popular in europe but his north american fanbase is like, six people and a napkin, and it’s killing me. 

    ALSO, he came out as bisexual/‘not interested in labels’ like a decade ago, but much more recently he came out as gay, so he’s gay! his latest album, No Place In Heaven, is almost completely about being gay.
    its got a song abt his sexuality and his religion, a song abt pining for your straight best friend, a song abt the music world that includes the lyrics “where have all the gay guys gone?”, a song abt gay and lesbian solidarity, a song abt heterosexual expectations from family, and two songs that are just abt being super ridiculously in love w your partner.

    please listen to Mika’s entire discography because there are a LOT of classics that i’m 100% sure you’ve heard at some point in your life, all the love songs are implicitly gay, it’s great, but ESPECIALLY listen to No Place In Heaven (2015).


    it always surprises me to remember that mika isnt actually a part of the global populace’s general consciousness

    because his debut album, life in cartoon motion, was such a huge part of my generation’s tween and teen years

    like, i guarantee you, you can walk up to any swedish millennial, and they will still know every single line of his song lollipop

    it was just a part of our upbringing;

  • become a crippling anxious mess
  • develop an attitude problem
  • and memorize all of mika’s lollipop
  • sarahsyna

    This is the song of his I remember being popular here in Ireland, Love Today!




    Grace Kelly was such a big song for me… It’s hard for me to believe it’s considered an older song now. Bless, Mika. He’s just a wonderful person.


    He also has a vocal range of FOUR octaves.

    The average is about 1.5-2 octaves.

    Hello hello! I’m Mod Jack (of the Lantern), a changeling working with our lovely unnamed fae, and I’m here to tell you a bit more about this fun little jar!

    It’s very simple. See, the Fae love names. Names have power. Now, sure, there are some fae that want your true name. Theres a lot of power behind that. But my Fae…well…

    This Fae wants your deadname. All the history, and the weight behind it. The weight that never belonged to you…it’s got its own power, you know? So, if you need to get rid of a name and its history, we’re here to take it off your hands.

    There’s an actual real jar, and we’ll be taking those names from you, popping them into the jar, and when my Fae wants a Use name, a name that others can call them by…Boop! A whole persona. Someone who never was. And when the Use name is done?

    …We set it on fire. Fwoosh. (Safely, of course!)

    Some come to us, oh human child, to the woods and waters wild…and leave your deadname behind.


    Honestly you don’t even have to change the genre much. Guy probably went through quite the ordeal because of all the people trying to get to Indy.

    Day 1: “Professor Jones, hate to bother you but there’s an assassin trying to kill me, do you have...yes I see it...*gunshots* just to make sure, is there any paperwork I can file or should I just call the police?”

    Day 85: “Oh fucking try me, I have 84 papers to grade because that lazy asshole went off to fucking Burma in the middle of fucking finals week, if you don’t leave right the fuck now I will awaken that ancient artifact in the corner and turn your intestines into fucking snakes.”


    also, don’t forget: the movies are set in the 1930s-50s

    so please imagine this 20-year-old girl who’s had to practically fight god to convince everyone that, no, she would NOT be happier with a degree in home economics and yes, she DOES want to be an archaeologist. she’s had to deal with male grad students trying to steal her research and constant patronizing questions about whether she can really handle the dirt and insects out in the field. even Indy, who stands up for her when the department leadership tries to pull Some Bullshit, sometimes treats her like a glorified secretary just out of habit

    when the bad guys show up, they are therefore faced with a young woman who exists in a permanent state of simmering rage. she has a sensible wool skirt and practical oxfords and a baseball bat and you can fuck right off if you’re trying to pull this nonsense right after one of her professors just called her “sweetie” for the dozenth time


    Okay idk if the timing and logistics match up at all but i just have a fever thought that his TA is none other than Mrs Evelyn O’Connell. Just think about it.

    Jones: Are you sure you’re up for this position?

    Evie: Dr Jones I assure you that despite being a woman I-

    Jones: No no it’s not that, it’s just that there’s a lot of… weird artifacts that come through my door

    Evie: Oh, well I actually have some experience with weird

    Jones: and sometimes it can get dangerous…

    Evie *smiling*: I can handle that as well

    (Later in the school year, during a shoot out)

    Jones: You weren’t kidding! *gunshots*

    Evie pulling out a grenade and chucks it: These ruffians aren’t half as bad Imhotep, and he was nothing compared to midterms *explosion*


    Evie: Oh dear they seem to have brought more friends. Pass me my bag Professor Jones if you’d please. 

    Jones: Sure Evie *hands her the bag* 

    Evie: *pulls out an old fashion pistol with a large bell* 

    Jones: I don’t think that’s going to be enough. 

    Evie: Oh it’s not. I’m phoning my husband *fires a flare through the window* 

    Jones: I doubt stiff upper lip gent is going to help us right now Evie. 

    Evie: I whole heartedly agree Professor Jones.

    *A moment later Rick crashes the car through the wall and pulls out a tommy gun. He screams at the top of his lungs as he rushes the bad guys* 

    Evie: Luckily my husband is American.


    This continued to get better and better as I went.


    Just to make it EVEN better....

    The Mummy Returns is set in the early 1930s. Raiders of the Lost Ark takes place in the mid 1930s. So it's not entirely inconceivable!!!!

    I understand that infantilism is a huge issue in our community. I hate when abled people see us as children and not disabled adults/teens

    But I am /so/ tired of low support disabled people speaking over everyone, to the point of claiming my accessibility needs and other high support people's needs being met is infantalization.

    Some people /need/ things to be broken down and explained in simipliar words to process the information. That need being met is not treating them like a child

    Some people learn to read through children's books because they didn't or can't currently learn to read at an average level, this need being met is not treating them like a child

    Some disabled people need part time or full time medical caretakers, some need help grocery shopping, some need help with everyday living and showering

    Just because youre disabled doesn't mean you know every disabled experience and doesn't mean high support needs aren't valid.

    Some disabled people do need similar things as a child like daily care and simple sentences and its honestly insulting to claim their being infantilised for having those needs

    I sometimes need things broken down and explained more simply to understand. I'm currently thinking about adult assisted living programs that would help me with housing and daily needs and shopping. Because I /could not/ survive on my own in an abled person world my support needs for both my chronic disabilities and severe mental illness range from mid-level support to extremely high support.

    And those needs being met does not mean I'm being infantilised


    Anyway ive been thinking about this all day theres something truly beautiful about the way love echoes


    The first thing my mother said after we met a distant cousin was that some of her mannerisms were just so similar to my sister that she loved that kid on sight and I realised that in the brief two hours that we talked that i had unconsciously fallen into the same kind of teasing with her that i did with my sister for the same reason and i loved my best friend because he would randomly burst into singing just like my sister does at home and the thing is i will unconsciously always be attuned to the way my sister echoes in other people and i will love them on sight and be quietly grateful for it


    the other day someone told me i reminded them of their older sibling because i teased her for the way she avoided spicy food with the fondest smile and i realised i could be a place where people could find their own echoes too

    :3 was wizard!!! ✨

    I was trying to go for a dusk and dawn vibe but I guess it feels more like day and night (the right side of the dress is dark purple and the right side is peach, white, and light blue.) I should have just stuck to one because it lost me so much sleep, but I found really good sheer material for the puffy sleeves :

    The gif is of me throwing axes just to blow off steam. I got 2/3 on the wall and won one of those little beaded mardi gras necklaces :3