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    “When I held him, all I could hear was my own heart beating.
    Did he hear it too

    Moonlight (2016) dir. Barry Jenkins
    God’s Own Country (2017) dir. Francis Lee
    Black Sai
    ls (2014–2017) created by Jonathan E. Steinberg
    Pain and Gl
    ory (2019) dir. Pedro Almodvar
    Fall (2013) dir. Stephan Lacant
    My Own Private
    Idaho (1991) dir. Gus Van Sant
    wood (2020) created by Ryan Murphy & Ian Brennan
    ekend (2011) dir. Andrew Haigh
    Brokeback Mou
    ntain (2005) dir. Ang Lee
    Happy Toge
    ther (1997) dir. Wong Ka


    I am obsessed with WWE Superstar Cesaro. Could you please write up a scenario involving him getting rough with me---forced deepthroat, face fucking, making me savor his load---while I blow him?

    You sit waiting in his dressing room. Its become a usual thing, before every fight he uses you like a cheap whore. You're ready for his thick cock. He walks in, sweat dripping from his amazing pecs. You know what to do next. You crawl on the floor and start nuzzling his big bulge. He smirks and grinds your face in it. He pulls down his trunks and his thick semi-hard on fell out. You took the head in your mouth and you swirl spit around it. He groans and pushes your head down on his now rock hard dick. He piston fucks your face over and over again. He loved to take out his stress ok on your throat. His cock swelled before shootin hot cum in your mouth. The salty, masculine taste was maddening. He pulled out of your mouth and crouched he pulled your bottom lip down, cum dribbled down your lips. He scooped it with the side of his finger and put his finger in your mouth. "Taste it..." he said staring at you at eye level. You're so hard. He pulls up his trunks and leaves... a few seconds later you hear in intro song playing in the distance. You can masturbate now with Cesaro's tasty cum coating your throat.


    Always worth re-visiting

    The Warehouse Hangout

    Gray was pissed. The contractor they hired to install the air conditioning had just told him that he couldn’t make it again; making this the third week he flaked on them. Had they not paid the hefty safety deposit, they’d have changed the contractor. Other than that The Warehouse was coming along great. The skating room was basically complete. The trampoline came in yesterday and the Sponge Pit came in two days ago. The biggest problem was the sheer heat in LA. The twins stayed in thin tank tops or shirtless and wore basketball shorts to beat the heat. The Warehouse’s windows helped a little as did a few electric fans. The Warehouse had a distinct boy musk in the air that the twins produced. Today was extra exciting; Cameron Dallas is coming over to hang out for the day with the twins before he jets off to Milan for a photo shoot. Gray was sweaty and smelly due to the horrible humidity. His light blue tank clung to his chest and the edges of the sleeves were soaked with his pit sweat. Gray had no idea where Ethan was, but he wasn’t too concerned with that. Gray waited for Cam to arrive.

    Cam pulled up to the Warehouse. He paid his Uber and knocked on the door. Grayson ran to answer the door. Cam dressed in a camo tank, black basketball shorts and a bag pack over his left shoulder. His constant travel and modeling meant that he acquired a gorgeous golden tan. The blond in his hair was fading and little bang hung onto his face. The mid-afternoon sun lit him up amazingly. His sweaty tanned skin glowed in the sun. Gray and Cam bro hugged. Both Gray and Cameron got a face full of the other’s sweaty pit stink, being so close together. The muskiness went straight to their dicks. The separated and Grayson led Cam through the Warehouse. They made small talk until they reached the expansive room. Cam whistled. “Fuck Gray this place is awesome!” Cam looked around in wonder. “Shit you got a board?” Cam said as he walked up to the indoor ramp. Grayson got two boards. He handed one to Cam. Their hands touched and their eyes met for a moment. They quickly resumed with the skating. They skated for a long time, most of it filled with laughter and taunts. They were having a great time. Sweat poured from their bodies. Gray’s shirt went dark with his sweat. The smell between them was delicious. Both boys certainly enjoyed the cloud of stink they produced. Once they had done enough skating Gray went to the mini fridge and got out cans of La Croix. “I could use some ice…” Cam looked at Grayson with puppy dog eyes. Grayson gave a cute laugh and went to fetch a cup of ice. Cam eagerly took the cup of ice. He took the biggest chunk and started rubbing it on his neck. “Fuck dude it’s so fucking hot!” he said in an exhausted voice. Grayson’s mouth went dry. This was so hot. Cameron Dallas- the Cameron Dallas- was in front of Grayson rubbing ice on him. Cam lifted his arms and took a sniff of his pits. “Fuck I know stink dude. I know you won’t mind though, you smell just as nasty” Cam teased Gray. Grayson decided to go along with the joke. “Lemme see?” Gray said as he leaned down to sniff Cams sweaty pit. Gray could now see the wet hairs curl. The smell was maddening. It was a sweet and almost leather rich scent. Grayson took a big huff of the pit. His head was spinning. But he realised he needed to stop. “Hah dude I know why your hair is like that now, you stink. No wonder you got skunk hair.” Grayson said in a low teasing tone. The boys were so close to each other. “No way dude you’re way smellier!” Cam said with a small laugh. Gray felt bold: “See for yourself” he said and lifted his arms, making his biceps bulge. The dark hair was soaked with boy sweat. Cam nuzzled the pits. “Cam what are yo-“Gray said when he felt Cam’s lips on his pits. “Ummm dude chill!” Cam said as he slowly removed his head from the smelly pit. “Just making sure I get a good whiff of you” he said as his cheeks reddened. He sniffed himself “nah you’re right I do stink more”. They were close now. Cam closed the gap between them and they started kissing.

    This was an aggressive kiss lead by Cam. Grayson’s eyes widened at the development. He was shocked but soon melted into Cams soft lips. Cam caressed Grayson’s stubbly jaw. The kiss deepened as Cam pushed forward; Grayson fell backwards. They reclined on the soft carpet. Cam was on top of Grayson. Grayson loved the weight of Cameron on top of him. Their erections rubbed against one another. Grayson moaned while kissing. Cam broke the kiss after what felt like an hour. “I could taste my sweat on your lips.” Gray said as he rubbed Cam’s hips. Cam peeled off the tank top he wore and helped Grayson peel the blue tank off too. Grayson is so much more muscular now, Cam remembered meeting the scrawny twin a few years ago. He is a man now. Those washboard abs and his hot as fuck stubble proved that Grayson wasn’t a kid any more. Cam rubbed Grayson’s pecs. “Dude you’re so fucking hot…” Cameron was enamored. Grayson responded by rubbing Cams waist. Cam picked up Grayson’s tank top and took a sniff. “Fuck dude you stink so good.” Cam’s voice was muffled in the fabric. “You smell great too dude” Grayson’s Deep voice sounded so sexy laced in lust. Cam lowered himself to continue the making out. Grayson kissed Cam hungrily. Cam moved downwards, he nipped at Gray’s jaw and neck. He shifted his whole body down to peck at Grayson’s clavicle. He met the round erect nipples on the smooth chest. Cam licked in between the pecs. The salt from the sweat danced on his tongue.

    He latched onto Grayson’s left nipple. Cam grazed the nub with the front of his teeth, causing Grayson to inhale sharply. Cam licked the nipple and swirled his tongue over it. Grayson looked down at Cam with such need in his eyes. Cam maintained eye contact as he over exaggeratedly licked the hard nub. Cam moved to the other nipple. Grayson was clearly more sensitive on this one. The first little bite cam paid caused Gray to moan “Hooooo fuuuuuck Cam”. Grayson could feel Cam’s smile on his chest. Cam dragged his lower lip on Gray’s chest when he finished playing with the nipples. His eyes hung heavy with lust and their lips meet once again. Grayson feels up Cam’s muscular arms not breaking the kiss. Cam broke the kiss to pose. He lifted his arms and Grayson had a palm full of Cameron Dallas’ bulging biceps. Grayson lowered his grip to Cam’s stinky pits. Grayson brought his sweat wet hands to his face and lewdly sniffed them. “That’s so fucking hot man” Cam said to Grayson rubbing Gray’s chest. Grayson licked his forefinger and moaned at the sheer salt and musk of the armpit sweat. Cam moaned at the sight. Grayson pulled Cam down to kiss again. He flipped their positions so that he was on top. Gray broke the kiss and ground onto Cam’s thick erection, still trapped in the thin basketball shorts. Cam closed his eyes in pleasure. Grayson spied the cup of ice. He picked up a melting cube of ice and placed it on Cam’s hard nipple. Cam gasped at the amazing sensation. Gray rubbed the ice over Cam’s taught chest. When the ice completely melted Grayson bent down and licked the wet chest. He tasted the salt of Cam’s sweat. Grayson enjoyed the faint chest hair cam had grown. Grayson’s hands were at Cam’s hips and Cam’s hands were pulling Grayson closer. Grayson kissed down Cam’s chest to Cam’s impressive six pack. He shuffled lower on Cam, Cam’s hard cock pressing onto Grayson’s hard chest. Grayson kissed each ab. He licked over cam’s stomach. Cam moaned at the sensation and put his hand on Grayson’s head encouragingly. Grayson looked up at cam and gave him a goofy a goofy smile. Cam smiled too. Grayson motioned to kiss and Cam hunched over to meet Grayson’s swollen lips. As they kissed Grayson’s fingers scraped Cam’s toned waist until it he came to Cam’s white Calvin boxer-briefs. Cam and Grayson smiled while kissing knowing what would happen next.

    Grayson shuffled further down Cam’s toned frame. His head was leveled with Cam’s cock. Grayson palmed Cam’s bulge. He looked up wickedly at Cam, who bit his lip in pleasure. Grayson nuzzled the sizable bulge Cam had. Gray’s eyes were shut as he mouthed the bulge. Grayson pulled Cams shorts and underwear off in one smooth motion. Cam’s 7.5 inch cock smacked against his abs, thick and sweaty. The pink head leaked precum, which left a smear of precum on Cam’s abs. Cam had some pubic hair, not too bushy but not too sparse. The smell wafting from Cam’s crotch was electrifying. It was sweet and woodsy. Grayson wrapped his fingers around the shaft. The shaft hardened at the touch. “Fuck dude, you’re so fucking sexy!” Grayson said as he pressed a kiss onto Cam’s v-line. He jerked Cam’s cock painfully slowly. Cam bit his lip harder and keened. Grayson’ slurped the pearl of cum that dripped out of the piss slit. Grayson nursed on the dickhead while Cam’s breathing increased. Grayson stopped sucking on Cam’s dickhead. Grayson then buried his nose into Cam’s pubes. The smell sent Grayson’s brain (and dick) into overdrive. He slipped his tongue out to lick the sweat trapped in Cam’s wiry pubes. The small licks were like electricity to Cam. “Fuck babe you smell so fuckin’ good” Grayson said in a deep voice. Grayson moved his nose into the crevice of Cam’s crotch where his thigh met with his crotch. The smell was more concentrated in this area. Gray loved the scent; he licked and mouthed in the crevice, while still jacking Cam’s thick Cock. When he was done getting high on Cam’s stink he stared at Cam’s pretty cock with intent. His lust blown eyes slowly trailed up Cam’s torso and met Cam’s equally lusty eyes. Cam puckered his lips in pleasure and gave a tiny nod to Gray.

    Grayson wrapped his lips around the middle of the thick cock. Cam groaned at the velvet of Grayson’s mouth. Having only sucked one dick before this Gray was an amateur. He felt Cam’s vein on his lip. Precum dripped onto the back on Gray’s tongue. Inches disappeared into Gray’s mouth. Gray’s drool ran down Cam’s cock. Gray felt the precum wet head hit the back of his throat. He still had a sizable amount of dick to take still. Cam had his right hand laced in Gray’s hair, while he rested his head on his left arm, exposing the smelly, wet pit. Cam sniffed his musky pits while the twunk swallowed his cock. Cam’s tongue hung out his mouth in bliss. Grayson started to bob his head. He was slow and deliberate. His tongue drew circles on the underside of the cock, making Cam moan. He bobbed and gagged on the dick. The smell emanating from the crotch horned Gray up more. Once he was comfortable with what he had taken he decided to push himself. He inched in more he loudly gagged on the cock. Cam massaged his scalp and said “Fuck you’re doing so good babe. You can do it, go slow. I’m not rushing you. You’re so fucking good. Fuuuuuck.” Grayson keened at the encouragement. Grayson managed about 6ish inches. Drool accumulated at the corner of his mouth and soaked his stubble, he looked so sexy. Cam sat up to kiss Grayson. The thicker saliva mixed with cum coats Cam’s mouth. They kissed roughly. Grayson went back to sucking Cam off. Grayson was energetic in his sucking, slurping, sucking and moans echoed in the room.

    “Oooh, ooooh, aaahhhh” Cam moaned. Grayson was flushed. He ground his hard dick onto the ground. His underwear was soaked in his precum. Grayson was also soaked in sweat. The scent surrounding the two of them was masculine, sexy and raunchy. Cam groaned. He grabbed Grayson’s hair roughly and he pounded Gray’s throat. Gray gagged hard. Cam cummed hard. Three hard ropes on cum flooded Grayson’s mouth, four smaller ropes of cum added to the mouthful. Grayson got up onto his knees. He was about to spit out the cum when Cam grabbed his wet chin and whispered breathily “No, no, give it to, me.” and pulled him into a deep kiss. Cam drank his own cum from Grayson’s mouth. It dripped down Cam’s chin. They broke the kiss and stared into each other’s eyes. “Hey Gray is Cam here I was at the gymmmmm…..” Ethan walked in. Ethan’s dripping in sweat, his tanned muscles shone. He looked fucking orgasmic. His hair suck to the sweat on his face and the tiny workout shorts did not hide the bulge that was growing. Ethan’s jaw dropped as did the towel he used to wipe up his sweat. Grayson and Cam stared at Ethan in absolute shock. They were caught red handed and they were petrified. Ethan smirked and reached for his waistband…


    So its my birthday today and this is my gift to yall! Thank you all so damn much. Seriously THANK YOU. Yall don’t even know how much all the support on my previous fic means to me. This was an idea I had after POST CONCERT but a follower requested this from me. I’d like to thank them for their absolute splendor in allowing me the time to lose my mind over two months. This may not be the kinkiest or good fic I’ve written but I hope it’s enough. Don’t worry part 2 is coming soon. Please feel free to suggest fics for me two write on either my asks or DM me. I’d love to hear from you!!! THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING AND SEND IN YOUR REQUESTS!


    We ordered lube and rubbers online and because we spent more than $20 they sent us a free (too-big-to-use) dildo. So…


    to big to use….?


    You know, I’m glad you asked, because it allows me to print a correction.

    I originally said it was too big to use, but yesterday I learned an important lesson about determination and believing in yourself.